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Are you more like your mom or dad? Why?
--From Heather

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Here's what other kids had to say:

im like my dad because we both luv music XD

I'm more like my mom

my mom,my dad says i'm a little Susan.

I'm like both of them.I LOVE math, science, football, and basketball because of my dad, but I also LOVE reading, music, writing, and my culture like my mom. I'm in between, but I'm proud to be who I am!

both i think because i have thick hair from my mom but i'm tuff like my dad but i am always tan like my dad...so my dad?...

i'm more like my dad

i am more like my mom and dad cuz i look just like my dad n i do things like my mom

I more like my mom than my dad because my dad doesn't come to see me any more so that is why I more like my mom than dad.

Dad! Looks, sensitive (TRUST me), and how he .. um, I forgot ..

Maybe my Mom? We're both organized and like things in order, but my Dad's kind of like that, too...

I look like my mom and i act like my dad. xP I have bipolar disorder like my dad does. I have my moms face except my eyes and nose. Stewwpid dad gave me his huge nose. D: It's not that bad I guess. haha. But yea, i dyed my hair so i don't look much like anyone anymore. and i wear contacts sometimes. C:

That's funny.... I said my hair and eye color again and metioned 'Snow White skin'. I suppose I do look like Snow White. ;P

Sort of like mom. When I read Maus 1, there were some parts that made me bawl my eyes out. I gave it to my mom to read, and when I asked her if she cried, and she did.

I really look like my dad. We have the same color hair, the same color eyes, same color skin. My mom looks nothing like me!

I look like my mom. I have the same shaped eyes, nose , and lips. My younger sis is JUST LIKE MY DADA.

maddy76651, apperantly, my father has brown hair and blue eyes. I've always wanted the combo, however I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. :P Quite odd on almost Snow White skin.

i'm just my dad. we have the same hair and eye combonation(brown hair, blue eyes) and we a both smarty pants

Apparently I look just like my mom, I wouldn't know; she died when I was 3 and I only have two pictures of her from her wedding which doesn't help (Khmer weddings; the girl wears tons of make-up so its hard to believe who they really are)

1lily920, Don't.... hurt.... me..... I'm four foot eight..... you.... are taller...... then my...... stepdad Darrian......

I don't mean to sound false, but I'm so sorry, RamonaGirl.

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