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What do you like best and/or least about being home alone?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

OMGoodess,I is soo good to be home alone! You can do anything that can think of doing.

i luv being home alone becuz i can do WHATEVER. watch TV shows, no comp limit, i can sing and dance, i can jump on the beds, just about anything. i can eat stuff i'm normally not allowed 2...lol. it was really scary one time tho, becuz these 2 guys were fighting RIGHT outside our bedroom window and my mom wasn't answering her cell...2 get rid of them i put on some really loud music ^-^. but wats really terrifying is when your parents r late and u keep hearing drunk people in your apartment building. whenever that happens, i grab some sorta weapon like a racket or rake or smthing and hide in my closet. lol.

I got really scared when in the morning, a dude thrown a paintbrush into our car and broke a window i swear the paintbrush is still there my neighbor put something to protect the window. every time i see the window i get a scary memory i can't stay home alone murderers come in

What I like best-- no bossy mother, I can sing as LOUD AS I WANT! I can cuss as loud as I want (don't tell anyone teehee). I talk to myself and my pets. 😊 and I make videos.

Well I always thought bigfoot would run in my house and get my sister and I. So that's why staying home alone is scary. I also thought a murderer would come. My sister doesn't mind being alone.

My least favorite thing about being home alone is that I just hate being lonely and I'm always bored with nothing to do especially since my phone is out of service right now becos I'm on punishment. But when my phone is in service I just talk and text and stay on FB all day. So yeah I just hate being bored.

@ferretlover217 I hide too. But I lock myself with my cellphone in a bathroom near the front door lol

What I like least is noises.. So I just get a knife, my cell phone or any phone, and my iPad or iPod and I lock myself in the bathroom that's downstairs until my mom or dad comes home. Oh sometimes I bring a snack too... I hate being home alone! :( btw I'm almost 13

The first time I was home alone my dog was sniffing all over the place in the hall, and I'm all like " MISSY! DO NOT PEE ANYWHERE!!!" Then the phone rang, I answered it, and it was just breaths! I was SO SCARED!!!!

not a lot because my older brother is very bossy and Is sometimes mean. Eveyday he tells me to clean the dish and he water the plants. He told me if he's done then he'll help me. 30 min. latter he's on xbox live while i'm doing the dish.>:(

i am never home alone although all my friends do. but sometimes my mom gives me *practice* staying home alone she would fall asleep and lock the door to her room so i would be *alone* in the house *without* an adult

It's SO AWESOME! *mom* by honey! *me* KARAOKE TIME!

As for the issue concerning strangers at the door,our rule in our house is that we have to stay out of sight of the door.Then when someone comes,they can't look in and see us.If they think nobody's home,then they walk away,soooooooo...Yea,I'm not worried. And UndeadSoldier,I have a plan similar to yours,although mine involves a ferret instead of a pan...;P

Something I like best when I'm home alone is that I can sing out loud and talk on the phone to my friends without someone eavesdropping. What I like least is when someone knocks on the front door because I just moved here and friends of the people who used to live in my house, still think they live here :S

everyday my mom leaves me at home for 5 hours.

@tmyersrocker yes,yes yes! 1,000,000 times yes! i love doing things at my own pace when I am home alone. :{D! x)

When I'm home with no one there it scars me I'm not yust to it yet.

when a wierd number is on the phone and the leave a scarie voice mail

I don't really stay at home though , but once i did . I did NOT like it because I don't feel safe ! Also sometimes I just think about it , what about if someone is a stranger and they knock on your door or ring the door bell , I mean I wouldn't know what to do !

The truth is that I am never home alone!Besides, my parents aren't even ready.

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