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What do you do to help the environment?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

on earth day i put alot of moltch around trees and clean up in a buliding and got a prize for helping

ferretlover my bro's are at least 15 min. long. Mine 5 min. lol. :o)

i was on tv once, for planting trees. Mine came up for, like, at least 3 feet. (:o)

I do'nt hve anything to say except that ugly gremlins are green.:|

conserve energy. turn off lights. -Mrs. Yang-Chang

I hate showers,so...If I don't take them much anymore then I can save water!!! (>...<)

I take a World Wildlife Fountation bag to dance to tote my shoes.

Ferretlover, mine are 5-10 minutes!

ferretlover mine are an hour LOL sometimes it is but usualy its 45 minustes

I Recycle

My family and I buy organic foods, use reusable waterbottles, and recycle.

i recycle evry day and i am in the recycling club at school, which is led by my amazing art teacher. btw @newcreater i also read the judy moody books and that gives me great ideas to help the planet. me and my friends sell stuff made of recycled candy wrappers and foil that we made by hand. BTW IF ANYONE TRIES TO COPY US WE WILL KNOW SO PLZ TRY 2 B NICE AND DONT PLAYGERISE!!!!! sorry i hate it when people take other peeps ideas and say they thought of it first. anyone who does that should go to jail... sorry i got carried away but dont think of makin stuff of candy wrappers and pop tabs. oh and my art teacher has a couple pairs of earrings that r made of racycled soda cans. its really cooooool.......

I tried playing the eeko house game but it is so easy and every day i am #1 in the high score list. :0

I help the invirment almost every day read judy moody saves the world for some cool facts and stuff about the invirment.

Hi i love to clean up outside your estate half of the time has a clean up day you would never know how much fun we recycle anything we get you wash it and use it agian

ferretlover my showers are 20-30 minutes or so.

i help meme save alumunum cans

Heheh...One thing to help the earth is that I could take shorter showers...Not that they are SUPER LONG or anything,but they could be shorter if I tried.My showers are about 25 minutes long.How about you guys?

we recycle sometimes. we dont throw away plastic bottles most of the time, and we shred old paper and recycle that, but we arent like, green freaks or anything like that.

i try 2 pick up trash in fron of my house.

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