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What did you do after your parents told you they were divorcing? What did you do when your friend told you that his/her parents were divorcing?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i sobbed

I cried by the time I thought about it,because I was only 5 by the time my mom told me. the reason why is that my dad replaced me and my family. yet I still cry about it. Even right now.

I hated it when my parents divorce.It was to hard to handle.

me,my brother,and my mom and dad are christians,so they told god:No matter how ANGRY we are at eachother,we will NEVER IN OUR LIFE get divorced. -allum888 posted on: 5.30.12

my parents had been seperated since I was 5 and my mom had been trying to file for a divorce so my dad would have to pay child support, and they had just gotten divorced last year, which was actully a good thing. we were literally jumping for joy

i cried realy bad,jancey

well my best friend parents have al ready divorced but my parents got devorced when i was little so and try to get vist every once and while to your other parent

i was little when they divorced, so i never knew until i was older. my friends parents never divorced/

Hey, if your parents are getting/are divorced don't blame it on yourself. It could be for different reasons. So don't hold all of that pressure on yourself. It's not good for you! :)

i hate when my mom and dad was about to kget a divorce

My parents are divorced, and I know how it feels to think that it is all your fault.

I was kind of guilty when my parents got divorced because they started fighting when I was born and they kept together because of me for a long time

my parents arentlegally divorced, but they are seperated... and KPOPstar, i am SOOO sorry! i wish we could be freinds in real life and help eachother through hard times...

Did you know bill gates quit school? Just saying...

My parents told me this and I went back to my bedroom and cried for hours. I was so sad I couln't believe it! Well that's all I have to say! Bye! :)

>>to work for a living, so they end up with a McJob (look that up in the dictionary, I'm not kidding, it's there!) But the nerds..scientists, doctors, you name it. Bill Gates, remember him? a nerd. Oh, yeah he's also a millionare. Sorry, I got off track again. Boy, you really got me going!! Hope I helped...Did I? No, I probably didn't..sheesh...Did I help anyone else? *embarrased sighs* I should stop now...

@joelchloe080 I'm not gonna go all therepist on you but, I' m gonna give you advice. My mom had this very talk with me today when dad ranted at me for not cleaning the dishes. Anyways...off the subject. If they made bad decisions, then maybe it's a good thing that you are away. It would be very hard if you were with them to not follow in their footsteps. I have a friend in the exact same position:she lives with grandparent, and her parent had made bad mistakes. She just holds her head high, works hard, and isn't too embarrassed to pray, no matter where she is. My motto is this:Trust in God, Stay Away From The Following: Drugs Cigarettes And If You Are Under 21, Stay Away From Alcohol if You Are over 21 Do Not Drink To Excess. Anyway, back to the point. Pray, hold your head high, and ignore the 'cool crowd' at school. You're safe bet is the nerds:the cool people (generally) end up in jail or a gutter because they were too lazy>>

my parents are divorced and live far away from me; i now live with my grandparents. they made bad mistakes and i have too,but, i dont know what to do. can you help me?

My parents are divorced i was sad at first and I am kind of a cry-baby so sometimes i just totally break down because i dont talk about it but sometimes i feel guilty because i dont talk to my dad all that much i a feel i cannot trust my mom! How do I bond?

I shut it out and started directly telling my step-dad to drive me home. At this point, I had to explain to my father everything that had happened, and then he took custody. I'm not even going to go into detail about how bad my life got after that. More fights, my possibly-drunk mother starting to cry because I wouldn't watch a movie, me having to hide from my mom with all the lights off in the house because of a doctor's appointment, and all the scars. I avoid contact with my mother when I can now. She's scarred me forever. I cry when I smell alcohol now. I'm in therapy, and everything. The only thing that kept me from suicide was my best friend. She was the only person to make me feel important. It all started with the divorce. Be prepared to go through a lot. But hopefully, your life won't stink like mine. So use my life to make yours look better. Sorry this is so long. I haven't really vented it. It feels good, though.

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