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What's the coolest thing your mom has done for you recently?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

The coolest thing my mom has done for me is when I was in grade 3, she read stories to my class :)

The coolest thing was that my mom helped me do a science fair project and was a big hit with my new friends from my science club!

The coolest thing my mom did is dance

The coolest thing that my mom has done is that she took me and my sister and brother to the circus.

My mom is so much fun !!!!!!!!!


i agree with you tsaritsa they can be annoying some times and other times they can really cool. i'm just happy i have a mom who loves me for me likes the way i dress takes me places and is pround of me and calls me her own. :) i can't believe i'm saying this but i love you mom so much. <3


My mom built my wooden bed with a stair case leading to the upper bunk (there's only one bunk, under it is an area for activities). My mom also redecorated my bathroom amazingly, and also rearranged my livingroom. She helped me to transfer rooms, and she created a playset in my backyard from scratch-wood she bought. She helped me a lot, and I'm very thankful of her as my mom. :-)

Totallylinz, you lucky, lucky, lucky girl. I want to be you, I seriously do.

Randomly brought me and my best friend to marine land. Let me buy a new outfit for the dance. Gave me crush advice. Said she was going to buy me an iPhone. Said I might be able to get a lip piercing. She let me dye my hair blonde

My mom is not that cool to tell you the truth


My mom turned on a song and danced to it.The wierdest part is she hardly even gets up from her computer!

Bought me clothes from the Ross.

ekogirl, my mom homeschools me too! she does everything, like washes clothes, cooks, cleans house, moms are cool. annoying sometimes, but cool.

She let me on her laptop and made me a favriote folder and another thing is,she took us to SIX FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That was the COOLEST THING MOM DID! -Deathly Monst! :) ;D

ferretlover, yeah I was SOOOOO ticked off at that!! PockeyChan, thanks for the color advice.. :)) But mom won't let me get white, purple, blue or black. She won't let me get pink or blond either.. So it's between orange or red. And red didn't work. Unless I get a better red. idk.

CNDG(told you I'd still call you that) It really depends if that color just fades out maybe something like purple or blue, I'm going to my best friends mom when i get the money (she charges me less than half price :D) to go and get my hair dyed, but I have no idea what color either, I'm thinking about dying it blue, white and purple like Minzy from 2NE1 but that might be dangerous DX

CDNG,Awwwwww...Poor cell phone...I would be STEAMED if my Mom did that to me...I'd...I'd...I dunno.I would scream at her.But,since she wouldn't do that,then I have no point.Your Ma sounds a little...Loopy,no offense. Have you ever tried having a serious sit-down talk with her,when you have her full attention?

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