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What is your birth order and how do you think it affects your personality and relationships?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I'm the oldest of two. Yeah, I know I only have one sibling. I wish I had an older sibling so I can look up to them to help me. Sometimes I feel like hiding behind my younger sis, but sadly I can't!!

My family order is.My Dad,Me,My Mom,and my Brother.My Dads birthday is in April,My birthday is June 16,My Moms birthday is September,and My Brothers birthday is September.P.s ChickaNCoco happy birthday.

i'm the oldest (13), then Jonathan (11) then Gabriella (9). i luv being the oldest but my little sister HATES being youngest she just can't grasp that I get 2 do more stuff SOONER than her but its still fair and that she just needs 2 wait a little bit and she can do and wear all the stuff i do\wear.

I am the oldest. I'll be 15 next month on 7/10. Then there's Na'Tajia who is 13, Tiyanna and Kiyanna who are 11, and David who is 10. All of them have a birthday coming up in Dec-Jan. I think by me being the oldest I feel like I always have to be protective of them and I have to be a role model. So sometimes I am tough on the twins when ever I see them. I live with our Biological mom, the twins live with my Grandfather, and David and Na'Tajia live with an adoptive family. So I'm the oldest but yet I'm the only child.

Here's an excerpt from diary of a wimpy kid(sorry Jeff Kinney)"You see nobody warns you you've got an expiration date.One day you're hot stuff and the next day your a dirt sandwich." definitely me

im the 2nd youngest out of five

i am going to be the oldest because my mom is pregnant

I'm the older sister in my family. I have a younger sister. She's really kind and caring. I do have more responsibility, being older, and sometimes I feel like my parents use me to test things in school, so they can give my sister a better experience and learn from the mistakes they made with me. @Aster22 Hey, my name's Amy, too! Tell your sis I said hi!

Mom(35)Dad(38)Me(11)Zoey(1 1/2 Days)

I'm the 3rd youngest out of 10.

I'm the youngest of four. There's my oldest brother Ryan who's twenty, my sister Lauren who would've been nineteen, and my other sister Amy who I'm really close with and she's eighteen. I'm thirteen, fourteen pretty soon. I actually never met Lauren because she died before I was born. Some people don't believe me when I tell them that which I find really offensive actually. I mean, I know how many siblings I have and I wouldn't lie about one dying. Anyway I always tell people I have three siblings instead of just two. I'm completely a youngest though- I'm really outgoing and always messing up :p

@chevyra123 You are so lucky. I am a middle child (the oldest middle child) so i feel like my opinions don't matter that much to everyone else.

I'm the older sister. sometimes i feel like I'm the one who has to do everything! I always have to clean up after her! some times i get really frustrated, but i still love her.

I am the oldest of four. To me, it seems like I'm the one getting blamed for some things, like fights. I'm also one that has sort of a short-term memory loss, so sometimes I forget to do a chore that my parents told me to do, and they get mad at me for that. But I also think it's great being the oldest, because I get to watch my siblings and learn how to baby-sit them a lot of the times. This doesn't really affect my personality, though. But I am more of the shy, independent one.

I am the youngest. To me, it doesn't make a difference they are still my family.

I try to not fight with my brother but sometimes he's really stupid most of the time. I almost have nothing in comman you know.

YES!!!!! I have NO siblings ! I am a ONLY child !!!! YAY !!!! ; ] But, I am sorry for you guys ! Thats really mean no one pays attention to you guys ! sorry ; [

I agree, hoc06.

I'm the youngest in my family. Nobody pays attention to me. Everybody also blames me for things I didn't do. Sometimes I feel nobody appriiates me!

I am the second child out of four and i think this effects my personality because my older sister lets me learn from her mistakes and if i was the oldest whos mistakes would i learn from?? Since I had a bad older sister I think i might have good or bad relation ships. It really depends.

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