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Do you or someone you know have a family member in the Armed Forces? Is he or she deployed overseas right now? What's your experience like?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

My dad is serving in the Navy SEALs.(SEA, AIR, LAND)My dad is called frogman because he has green and black paint on his face. DLPL

um.. no. but my dad's dad was a plane flyer and in the milatary so..but no, MY dad and mom are just...mom and just...dad.

my dad was in the airforce for seven years

my uncle is in the armed forces. he is not deployed overseas yet. my experience is like that he's here then next thing you know hes gone serving our country. its sad seeing him leaving and when he comes home your happy to see him and hes happy to see you.


My dad was in the US military for most of my life. The deployments were hard on me and my dad. He missed us growing up a bit more, all of my little sisters first year, and a whole lot more. I only got to talk to him maybe half an hour a month if I was lucky. 10-20 minutes a month was the closest I got to him.

My dad told me that his grandparents were in the Mexican Revoulution.

I've always wanted to be a National Guard. I just hope it doesn't ruin my family if i ever do decide that's what i want. It'd require a lot of thinking thats for sure.

my cousin Arica is in Afganistan fighting in the war my papa did[in heaven] i think my uncle Alan,and my neighbor Mr.cooper he was is world war 2!

My dad is in the army. We have to move a lot, an the longest I've ever been in one place is 3 years. It can be hard sometimes, but you also get to go on many new adventures. I've been to 16 different countries! One time my dad had to deploy, though. It was horrible, and I was so glad when he came back home. I'm proud of my dad, and I'm proud to be an army brat!

My friend's sister is in the Army. She is tough-looking! Wow. If you went to the Art show in downtown Wyoming, MI, in a cafe, you could see her picture: Lady in Red. She was in the military.

My uncle is in the army. And my great-great uncle died in D-Day.

Yes, all my family My papa did (in heaven) Other papa did (in heaven) Grandma world war for 28 years (in heaven) My dad was in navy and army (retired) My brother in army for seven years My sister's husband in army now. We're army families

my dad was in the navy and army and now the air force

my grandpa was in the Vietnam war, but other than that, nope. That was the fifties anyway so i guess it really doesnt count.

TJMAXX101-Whoah, I have an uncle named Ben too! He is not IN the war but he is involved in it some way... I forgot. :(

My cousin is in Afghanistan. He's coming home in June. We're counting down the days!

Yeah my foster brother is.

Nice SONG sis.. (TJMAXX) You only repeat it about a dozen times a day.. lol

and i will always do my duty no matter what the price ive added up the cost, i know the sacrifice, oh, i dont wanna die for you, but if dyins asked of me, i'll bear tht cross wit honor, cuz freedom dnt come free, im an american soldier an american beside my brothers and my sisters i will proudly take a stand,wen libertys in jepordy i'll always do wtz rite im out here on da frnt lines sleep in pece tonite, american soldier, im an american soldier

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