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Are you adopted, or do you have an adopted family member? Tell us about your experiences!

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I'm adopted by my mother. Weird, I know. See, I have been in foster homes since I was 4 all the way until I was 6 then I moved in with my Grandpa. Then when I was 10 I went back to F.C. for a year and that lady was going to adopt me. But when I was 11 I went back to my Grandpa's for like a few months then my Biological mom got custody of me so yeah. Also, 3 of my Aunts were adopted by other families but they are all grown-ups now and two of them live near us. One of my sisters and my little brother are adopted by another family and my other two sisters who are twins are adopted by my grandpa. So, we don have anyone in our family who isn't blood but people in our family have been adopted by other people. When I get older and have my own kids I want to adopt at least one child from another country. I know how the system is so that's my way of giving back.

my cousins lil pharon and damontae were adopted

my family is in the middle of adoption, and i personaly dont feel comfortable. I dont know what to expect.

i wished i was adopted by my principal

I am older then my cousin Savannah but younger then my two cousins that were adopted named Katie and Luke. I want my mom to adopted a baby but she thinks 3 is an-of. My grandma thinks we should adopted one too.

I have an adopted cousin .

My Dad has an adopted sister and her name is Mari. She was born in Vietnam. She just turned twenty,and she's a really cool aunt.

im not adopted or my sister or my half brother. my family has adopted a boston terrier that was rescued. she is my sister too.

Im the oldest of 3 kids, so when my mom and dad told me we were going to adopt, i couldnt believe it! They told me we are going to adopt a special needs baby, and we just started the process but its likely that we will adopt a boy named Nathaniel (people call him Nate) AND IM SO FREAKIN PUMPED!

Once I had a dream where I thought I was Adopted just because of the hospital I was born in. And I remember The day I was born. Am I phycic?

I am adopted.Eka is my first name.It is Indonesian.That is where I was born I was adopted at age 4.We recently adopted Mega Kaitlynn.She is 11.

yes we adopted 4 dogs they are my broter and sister i never had

@Katara22: So do you know that you're adopted and your parents told you that, or are you just assuming you're adopted because you don't look like them and have different tastes than them?

My answer to both of those is no. But I do have a 3 friends that are adopted. My friend Maria was born in Russia and then her parnts adopted her. My friend Hannah and her brother Luke are both adopted. Luke is from in indian shelter and Hannah is from a couple that were chritians and did not want anyone to know they had baby before getting married! But I do know that Luke, Hannah, and Maria's family all love them.

i love my family. i would never would be adopion. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my family

I was totally adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Katara22

im adopted i found out when i was 12 years old so ive been trying to find my real parents ever since

I am not adopted,but if I was I would like to be adopted from england and from the queen.

well purplesparky, you're in luck! I'm adopted from South Korea! and yes, i totally agree with you! (not with the going to the adoption things, cuz I dont go to them much.) but i agree with you about the being lonely about being the only adopted person in my school my age. There is a girl in my school who's adopted from the same country as me but she's soooo much younger than me! and yes, it is soooo boring cuz i feel no one knows what i go through evry day!

I am adopted from China. My little sister is also adopted. My mom likes to go to these "adopted children from china" things where we're supposed to meet other chinese adopted kids, but I'm like the oldest one there. *sighs* I don't know anybody adopted, but I would love to know someone adopted from someplace other than china, because quite frankly, I'm bored of it.

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