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Great Books About "Family Vacations"


Gone-Away Lake
by Elizabeth Enright
Portia and her younger brother Foster can't wait to spend another summer in the country with their cousin Julian and his parents. But this summer turns out to be different! The cousins stumble onto the shores of a swampy lake and a group of elegant but abandoned summer homes, which they name "Gone-Away Lake".

by Judy Blume
Peter Hatcher is sure he's going to have a rotten summer. As if dealing with his little brother Fudge isn't enough, his parents have decided to rent a home next door to his sworn enemy Sheila Tubman!

Eleven Kids, One Summer
by Ann M. Martin
The 11 brothers and sisters that make up the Rosso family are spending their summer at Fire Island. The oldest, Abigail, meets a famous movie star, Martin finds himself in a hot political debate over animal rights, and the rest of the kids must solve mysteries, play practical jokes, and deal with bullies. Each child must deal with his or her own issue but ultimately rely on each other to help them through another family vacation.

by Ellen Wittlinger
Robin's plans for the summer consisted of spending as much time as possible with her boyfriend Chris before he leaves for college. But when Chris' parents send him to Rome for a summer program, Robin decides to go on a cross-country trip with her aunt and younger cousins, with whom she's never really gotten along.

The Circus in the Woods
by William Littlefield
Set in the heart of the Vermont woods, the life of a young girl is transformed when she leaves the harsh reality of a summer camp and stumbles upon a magical circus.


Trip-Tracker: Travel Journal & Gamebook
by Rand McNally
This spiral-bound book has lots of fun games, songs, puzzles, and activities to keep you busy in the car, or on a train or plane. In addition, there's a packet of colored markers, stickers, and postcards, plus plenty of space to record travel memories, doodles, and lists.

The Children's Travel Journal
by Ann Banks, Adrienne Hartman
Write, draw, and paste mementos into this book that will help you make a record of everything you do and see on vacation.

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