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Stepfamilies: From the Mentors

From Tiffany
When I found out that my father was getting remarried, it didn't affect me at first. I didn't believe it was happening until the day of the wedding. My family kept asking me if I was okay because I guess they thought I looked sad. I wasn't sad I don't think, I was just surprised he was actually remarrying. I had already known my dad's wife for many years. Usually when I would see my dad,
she too would be there. Sometimes, if my dad couldn't do something for me, she would do it in his place. Some of the biggest challenges about my dad getting remarried was trying to figure out what would change once they got married. Even though they had been together for many years, sometimes people change once they get married. My advice? You don't have to accept your stepfamily right away but you do have to give them a chance. Maybe you could have outings with your new stepfamily so that you can get to know their personalities.

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