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Great Books About "Stepfamilies"


By S.L. Rottman
Stetson's car, his art, and an education are his tickets out of his small hometown. When his father brings home a sister he never knew he had, Stetson begins to doubt if he can find anything in common with her or try to build any kind of relationship.

Where in the World
By Simon French
Nothing seems to stay constant for Ari, an ordinary boy with a special gift for music. His mother has re-married, he must get to know his new stepfather, and to top it all off, they're all moving to an unfamiliar country. However, with the help of his new parent, Ari learns to see his extraordinary talent in a new light.

Lord of the Deep
by Graham Salisbury
Thirteen-year-old Mikey still can't believe he's the deckhand on the best deep-sea charter boat around, captained by Mikey's stepfather Bill. In one summer, Mikey not only learns fishing secrets from a master, but also what it's like to live and work with new family members.

by Adele Griffin
Eleven-year-old Ben's relationship with his family is strained. He and his stepbrother Dustin are complete opposites and don't get along, his mother seems to be growing distant, and his stepfather Lyle is never there for any of them. When Dustin becomes involved in a life-changing accident, Ben finds he must be there for him and try to bring together a family that's on the brink of breaking apart.

That Summer
by Sarah Dessen
For fifteen-year-old Haven, there's too much going on, with her father's wedding to Lorna Queen, her sister's wedding to her boring fiancÚ, and the fact that she's six feet tall and still growing! Then her sister's old boyfriend shows up and causes Haven to flash back to a past summer when everything was perfect...or so it seemed.


Split Ends: Teenage Stepchildren
by Ruth Webber
There are no simple solutions for helping young people understand stepfamily life, but there are a range of options that other teens have tried and found to have worked for them.

Stepmother & Stepdaughters: Relationships of Chance, Friendships for a Lifetime
By Karen L. Annarino
Annarino relates the trials and tribulations of maintaining a relationship with a stepdaughter. She also shares the accounts of other young women and the unexpected friendships they formed with their stepmothers

Finding Your Place: A Teen Guide to Life in a Blended Family
by Julie Leibowitz
Leibowitz points out in this book that while all blended families can't be like the ideal Brady Bunch, they can be positive and healthy. She suggests ways to help kids and teens deal with stepparents, stepsiblings, and even their own parents.

Stepliving for Teens: Getting along with Stepparents and Siblings
by Joel D. Block, Jane O'Connor (Editor), Susan S. Bartell
Is there life after your parents' divorce? This book covers a wide range of actual stepfamily concerns, such as what to do if you get conflicting messages from parents and how to handle new siblings sharing your room. Not only will teens get honest answers from psychologists who specialize in teenagers and stepfamilies, but they will also read advice from other teens who have been through the change.

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