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Do you live in a stepfamily? What are the best parts about it? What's difficult about it?

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From Stormie
Both of my parents are re-married, but since I have never really lived with my father, my main experience with a stepfamily is on my mom's side. It had been just me and my mom for a long time, so when she started to seriously date, I was confused and mad. I thought I was doing something wrong, like I wasn't enough to make her happy. Totally against my wishes, she decided to marry my stepdad. I don't deal well with change, so

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Stefanie's Story
Cortney & Joshua's Story
for a while I just stomped around the house being rude. One day my stepdad asked me to "put the poptarts away" and I totally flipped out. "How dare he?" I thought. Eventually, I saw that he wasn't going anywhere, and even though I tried hard not to like him, I couldn't help it. He was so good to me and my mom. Getting used to living with another person who had authority over me was difficult, but I couldn't ask for a better father. I feel really comfortable talking to him about all my problems and he's so helpful all the time. (He totally gets me out of trouble every time I do something wrong.) Once I saw that he wasn't trying to take anyone's place, just add to the mix, everything was peaceful.

Another part of getting a stepdad was getting a new baby half-sister. When I found out my parents were going to have a baby I was REALLY MAD. I don't think I've ever felt worse about my family situation, but the second I saw her, all those feelings just disappeared and I loved her. Sure it was hard not being the only other person in the house, or the only child that my mom had, and being a sibling takes way more compromise than I had thought, but in the end I know that they're not taking love away from me, they're giving it to me. Having a stepfamily has been one of the hugest changes in my life and I'm so happy to say it's also been the best, even though I was skeptical at first and it took time and effort to see that.

From Tiffany
When I found out that my father was getting remarried, it didn't affect me at first. I didn't believe it was happening until the day of the wedding. My family kept asking me if I was okay because I guess they thought I looked sad. I wasn't sad I don't think, I was just surprised he was actually remarrying. I had already known my dad's wife for many years. Usually when I would see my dad,
she too would be there. Sometimes, if my dad couldn't do something for me, she would do it in his place. Some of the biggest challenges about my dad getting remarried was trying to figure out what would change once they got married. Even though they had been together for many years, sometimes people change once they get married. My advice? You don't have to accept your stepfamily right away but you do have to give them a chance. Maybe you could have outings with your new stepfamily so that you can get to know their personalities.

In Stefanie's Story, meet a girl who's dealt with not one stepparent, but three!


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