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Sibling Rivalry
What do you and your sibling(s) fight about most? Do you solve the problem on your own or get an adult involved?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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“My only brother and I have no fights whatsoever (phew).”
--Alex, 10

“Me and my brother fight a lot over CD’s and who gets them.”

“I'm the oldest of three and it gets really annoying because I always get blamed for everything that goes wrong all over my house. It can be rewarding though. I get better privileges. We always fight about nonsense and when my brother Blake starts swinging at my head and me and him start brawling like a couple of pit bulls, my sister gets my dad and he takes care of it. He has a talk with my bro about hitting girls and then he talks to me about my big mouth (true). That fixes it for about a day, but in between that time, we play and do stuff together and they usually always need me to do stuff for them. I like being in charge.”
--Tyler, 11

“Me and my brother love each other's company and I'm friends with his friends and he's friends with my friends but sometimes when we get in a fight, it gets REALLY MESSY! We start punching each other and try to kill each other and everything. Then a couple minutes later, we're playing with each other. Then sometimes the fight starts over again!”
--Jesse, 13

“My sister is 16. She plays harp, sings, and gets pretty good grades. Everybody says she's like, perfect. We fight all the time over stupid stuff like chores so I know she's not. I hate it when I get called, ‘Lena's little sister’ all the time, and she knows it. Sometimes I think she does it just to bug me!! I still love her.”
--FISHI2, 13

“My little sisters Sara and Elizabeth are always bugging me. Elizabeth is 10 and she is the middle kid. Her cats are bad because they spit on me. Sara is 3 and the youngest.”
--Kristi, 12

"Me and my sibs fight about the stupidest things possible. We even fought over who was going to answer the phone."
--Anonymous, 11

"We fight about lots of things like a piece of candy, or who will go first. We always get a parent involved."
--Denise, 10

"My sibling Natalie and I fight about our privacy because Natalie is in kindergarten and when I'm on the phone with my boyfriend, she'll intrude. She's so annoying."
--Samantha, 12

"We always fight, but I still love my brother."
--Molly, 12

"My bro is always copying me or showing off!! It's not fair! My bro is like the highlight of my mom and dad's life. He gets in fights with me, and I always get blamed!!!"

"My little brother is nice sometimes, but he is such a dork! We get into a lot of arguments, but we somehow get used to it. I think??"
--Kristen, 11

"Me and my sister fight over MY room and the mess SHE makes in it. My uncle is making her a room in the house and she has to put all her stuff in MY room. My mom makes me clean HER mess. What do I do?"
--Cynthia, 11

"My brother and I fight over almost everything in sight. Sometimes it gets physical, which causes crying from both of us. I don't think he's my brother!"
--Andy, 9

"My littlest sister can be such a brat sometimes! She pretends I hurt her just because she is mad at me and then I get in trouble. My middle sister is always changing whose side she's on. She will yell at her with me and all of a sudden she changes her mind and starts yelling at me instead. Then I'll get in trouble for what she did with me. They always get away with everything. They get me so mad!"
--Alissa, 12

"Me and my sister always fight about music. She wants to listen to Britney Spears but I want to listen to Smash Mouth. She starts a fight and then I say, 'Okay, we'll listen to Britney but I thought you said you don't like Britney.' Then my mom comes in and lets me come into the living room and use the CD player out there."
--Stephen, 11

"I have the same problem. I solved it though. I just let them do whatever and run a tab on how many minutes they log on a day. Then tell your mom that you want to go on for that long too and your mom will say no way and tell your sis to stop going online because she's a bad example."
--Kayla, 11

"I solve it myself."
--Josh, 13

"Me and my brother mostly fight about whose toy is whose, or who plays on the computer first, so me him play chess or something."
--Tayler, 9

"I love my brother, but sometimes he's a pest and he annoys me constantly."
--Ryan, 11

"My brother is 17 and he takes too long in the bathroom and uses all the hot water. I have a little sister that's 6 years old and she cries too much. I have another sister that's 22 years old and she is nice."
--Tori, 9

"Me and my sister fight about pretty much anything you can fight about."
--Dillon, 10

"When me and my brother fight, we don't get parents involved. We just hit and holler at each other. Sometimes my brother can be really cool, but most of the time he is a pain in the butt. Sometimes I think he's from another planet. Maybe planet Obadon'tunderstand, I don't know. Sometimes they're the only person you can play with, but I don't like it when he plays rough."
--Allysa, 9

"I have a brother that is so annoying. He never leaves me alone. My mom tells me to get along with him, but it's so hard. I hope that he will leave me ALONE."
--Maylin, 11

"I have a big sister who is 14 and annoys me with all the stuff about BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!"
--Melody, 11

"My little sister Jessi does stuff & gets me in trouble! In fact, I'm grounded now! She hit our baby sister and said I did it, and now I have a corner duty!"
--Brittany, 10

"I have a sister who is 8. All we do is fight, non-stop!!! I always get the blame!!! I hate my life!!!"
--Jessica, 10

"I have a twin sister. She is very mean to me. We always have to be better than each other. If we're not, we yell and scream and get in big trouble with our mother. What should I do???"
--Hannah, 11

"Me and my sister fight all the time but we're nice to each other. My brother fights with me a lot so it seems like I'm always fighting no matter what. Right now my sister is fighting with my brother."
--Crystal, 8

"I live with nine other siblings! I am the oldest at 13 and here are my siblings: Anna- 3, Monique-9, Tara-5, Jacklyn-10 months, Jamie-10 months (twin of Jacklyn), Georgia-8, Kara-7, Hannah-4 and Laura-11. You can just imagine the headaches I get around the house. Fortunately, I don't have to share a room with any of them because our house is so big that each of them gets their own room (thank God my room's on the 3rd floor and they are all on the 2nd floor). Actually, the attic is the 3rd floor but it's finished nicely so that's where I live. My siblings and I really don't fight that much, but the younger ones get on my nerves sometimes. Actually, it's pretty neat having 9 other siblings cuz you get to experience a whole lot of stuff. Lol! Thank god I'm involved in a lot of things so I'm never home much!"
--Chloe, 13

"My younger sister and I always fight. She gets on my nerves all the time and she takes over my friends when I have friends over. Sometimes I can't stand her, but other times she is OK."
. --Ashley, 11

"I'm in the middle of 4. I share a room with my second oldest sister and we fight about everything. My younger sister gets her own room and my oldest gets her old room. That's not fair!!! I get along with my oldest sister and that's the only one I get along with. My mom wants to have another baby but luckily she can't!!!!!!!!"
--Brittni, 11

"My bro is 18. He's 10 years older than me. We're always arguing about who's more mature, which is so dumb to me."
--Ayanna, 8

"My brother and I fight CONSTANTLY over stupid things. My sister always solves the problem, but she's going to college. She says that we'll get along better. It hasn't got off to a good start! How do I solve this problem!?"
--Angie, 12

"My sister and I are 4 and half years apart. It is really hard for her because I get everything and she says that I do nothing around the house, which is a lie. We always fight over stupid stuff and it makes no sense. We sometimes work out our problems. I am the youngest and she is the middle child. She thinks that just because our mom went back to school when I was in elementary school, makes her my mom now."

"My 3 sisters and I fight about a lot! I share a room w/ my older sis who is 15. She's real annoying at times but she can be real nice. You just have to get used to being nice to them and they'll be nice to you!"
--Alexa, 12

"Ohhh…them again. Well, I'm the oldest of three, and once again let me tell you, it is NO walk in the park. We fight for no good reason. My little sister doesn't do much though, including not picking up her messes. I have to do it because we share a room. She doesn't even sleep in it and she's 7 years old, for crying out loud. To solve the problem, we usually get yelled at. My younger brother is usually the one fighting. He is the most annoying thing in the world, I tell ya!!!! I guess you get used to it. My advice to you is to enjoy it while you can. They're coming, and there's no way out (and if you have a younger brother, just ignore him when he makes noises and talks too much). When he knows no one is paying attention to him, he'll stop. I guarantee he will. That advice is solid gold. It actually works)!"
--Tyler, 11

"I don't really like my sister. She is 5. My cousins don't even like her. She is like a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON! I am lucky my cousin Savannah is with me."
--McKenna, 8

"My brother and I fight about who gets to watch their show during dinner. It normally ends up that he chases me around the house trying to throw the monitor at me. He normally gets in trouble. I use my parents as guards and as referees!"
--Sonia, 12

"Me and my older brother (and sometimes my 7-year old brother) are constantly fighting about who did what or who gets what and stuff like that. Usually we keep saying 'Nuh-uh!' 'Uh huh!' 'Nuh-uh!' 'Uh-huh!' until our dad or mom gets fed up and sternly tells us to stop."
--Laura, 9

"I have a bratty little brother. Oh man, is he a little brat. He always looks at me and picks his nose and runs all over to get it on me. Yuckkkkk!!!"
--Jenna, 10

"My sister and I always fight over almost everything."
--Chris, 11

"Me and my sister mostly fight about toys. I solve the problem."
--Jennifer, 8

"My sisters and I get along extremely well. We fight sometimes, laugh together and have loads of fun together. I love my sisters with all my heart. Nothing will ever come between us."
--Angie, 12

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