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What do you and your sibling(s) fight about most? Do you solve the problem on your own or get an adult involved?

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Sibling Rivalry: What Do You Think?

Basketball Swoosh!

Alice is a pretty good basketball player, and loves playing on a team at summer camp. Her little sister Trish, who's two years younger, might be an even better natural player, and this year she's at the same summer camp as Alice.

On the court, Alice enjoys pushing her little sister to play more aggressively and to keep her mind focused. Sometimes, if Alice makes a good shot, she'll smile and turn to Trish and say something like "See if you can beat that, sis." Gradually, Trish stops making so many mistakes, and her natural ability shines through. Soon she's scoring more than her older sister, and in her confidence, starts giving a little bit of the trash-talk back to Alice.

After the games, the sisters always have dinner together and analyze their play, no matter who did better on the court. They decide to make a five-dollar bet to see who can score the most points for the whole summer, but they don't put their own stats ahead of the needs of the team.

What do you think? Is this:
A little friendly competition?
An out of control sibling rivalry?

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-- From Alicia, 13

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Sibling Rivalry

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