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Sibling Rivalry: What Do You Think?

Life with siblings is never dull, that's for sure. Competition is normal, but it's amazing how easily it can turn into a serious rivalry.

Can YOU tell the difference between the two? Check out these stories and see!

Chess Checkmate!

Aaron is the best speaker in the school debate society, and even went to the state championships last year. He's won ribbons and trophies, his parents are totally proud, and everyone thinks he's an all-around awesome guy.

Nick, Aaron's brother, is a year younger and has always looked up to his big bro. He wants to do well in a school club, too, so he joins the Chess Club. He's a natural at the game, and one day Nick comes home with a first place ribbon from a chess meet. Mom and Dad proudly hang it on the kitchen bulletin board.

Aaron acts happy for his bro, but starts challenging Nick to chess games all the time. He won't stop playing until he wins! Before long, Aaron decides to join the Chess Club too, and at the next meet he wins the blue ribbon. Nick gets second place. Aaron takes Nick's old ribbon off the bulletin board and hangs his new one up.

What do you think? Is this:
A little friendly competition?
An out of control sibling rivalry?

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Sibling Rivalry

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