PBS Kids GO! It's My Life
Pet Expenses Sheet

If you're unable to find amounts for all of these items on your own, have a parent help you figure out the cost of pet ownership together.

The initial cost of buying or adopting my pet will be: _________


    Food (per month): _________
    Bed: _________
    Shelter: _________
    Toys: _________
    ID Tag: _________
    Collar: _________
    Leash: _________
    Cat Litter: _________
    Cedar Chips: _________
    Bones: _________

Veterinary Expenses

    Yearly Check-up: _________
    Medicine (like flea medicine): _________
    Vaccinations: _________
    Spaying or Neutering: _________

Boarding Expenses: _________

Licensing Expenses: _________

Other expenses: _________



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