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When Your Family Moves

What’s the worst thing about moving, or having a friend who moves? How do you deal?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"In the summer of 2002, my grandparents moved down here. They bought a house kind of out in the country and the plot of land next to it. We were eventually going to build a house next door to them when my dad retired. That Christmas, my grandpa got cancer and died in April. We decided to move out there sooner because my grandma needed our help. We have decided on a house plan and are probably going to start building sometime later this year. This has been hard on me because I won't be going to the high school I thought I would be. Also, I have lived here almost all my life and the only friends I have are here. On the other hand, I will get my own room (I have to share with my 3 other sisters) and will be able to see my grandma every day. I am having mixed emotions about this, it is really hard on me and nobody is really worrying about me in this process because I am the 2nd oldest. My older sister is going be going to be in high school this fall and they are only paying attention to her. I know they love me, but this is kind of upsetting."
--Katie, 11

"My best friend Alana moved away recently. Her father had lung cancer. He just passed away in February. It was really hard for her family. She had three other siblings and the youngest was only 4 years old. They just moved like a couple of days ago. They moved closer to her family. They moved to the other side of the country. It was really hard for me and for both of us to say good-bye. Before she left, she came over to my house to talk. We sat and talked and cried. It was very hard to say good-bye to her. The best way to deal with it is to think of something happy, like a puppy or winning the lottery or something like that. I miss Alana a lot, but I know that she's happier somewhere were she can actually enjoy herself."
--Leigh, 12

"I am moving in a couple of days. It's just to the other side of the city, but I am still going to miss my old house. I deal by focusing on how excited I am to move into my new house!"

"I just moved about a year ago to a different neighborhood and to a different school. I made such a big deal out of it, but it turned out to be totally all right."
--Tyler, 12

"Ever since I was little, my family moved around a lot and every time I would make a friend, we would always end up moving again. This year we stayed for the school and this girl asked me if I've ever been to a certain adventure park or if I have ever gone to the movies and I told her that I've never done those things. Then she said that I've lived in the ghetto (being poor) and that she felt sorry for me."
--Alicia, 13

"When you move it is a hard thing to do. Say for instance you have a best friend and she is your neighbor. You will not be able to play with them or just hang out with them as often and that hurts. So that is why I think most kids hate moving!"
--Tiana, 13

"The worst thing about moving is leaving your friends. I miss them so much! But soon, you get over it because you make new friends."
--Cami, 12

"My best friend is moving, because her mom is pregnant. She lives on 95th Street on my avenue. I'm sad. Her mom says she needs some help taking care of the baby and packing up for the big day."

"My family hasn't moved yet but we are going to soon. When I think about it, I get sad because I will leave all my friends behind and have to make new ones. It took me a long time to make friends with the kids on my block and I've lived here all my life."
--Katie, 11

"I would feel sad because I would miss my friends, but I would make new ones!"
--Jacob, 9

"I know moving is really hard. I lived in Vancouver, Canada for 7 years and then I moved to the suburbs 6 months ago. It is still hard but I'm kinda fitting in now."
--Stephanie, 11

"Well, my family hasn't actually moved yet, but we're moving in July and we're not just moving to the other side of town. We're moving to another province. I think that the hardest part about it is making new friends and going to a new school. The way I'm dealing with it is I make sure I'm ready for whatever's coming for me, and I think I am ready...I hope!"
--Baylee, 10

"I hate it now because my dad used to be in the Army and we used to move a lot. I loved the places but now I'm in Wales and I hate it because I am bullied. My family is really annoying now, too."
--Sophie, 12

"When I moved to a different city, I was really nervous and sad. I was going to leave behind so many important people. I came to my new house and city. I actually met many new friends and had a good time here. I still love it here. I will never be able to forget everything I left behind at my birthplace. It has been a while since I moved, but it still seems a bit like I just moved here!"
--Cara, 12

"I moved once from the country to the city. I had a really hard time sleeping with the car horns beeping every five minutes. Luckily, we moved back to our old home."
--Amanda, 13

"My dad says we might move soon. I will miss my old friends if we do, but we can e-mail each other and I can make new friends! Cool, huh?"
--Lindsay, 11

"My cousin moved away and my mom misses him because his mom is my mom's older sister."

“When my family and I moved from a house to an apartment, it was very sad. I used to live right around the block from my friend and now I don't. I sometimes go there right after school now to see her and see my other friends.”
--Alyssa, 10

"I used to live in California and we moved to North Carolina. They have a lot of differences. NC has lots of trees and CA has almost no trees and the streets are wider and there are lots of theme parks. NC is prettier. I am used to NC now but I still miss CA."
--Sarah, 10

"I think the worst thing of all is when you leave a friend behind. I mean, it's like you never get to see them again."
--Kaitlynn, 12

"I would like to move again. I like getting to see and be new places, but still keep in touch with your real friends. I think that moving is kind of fun, especially when you get to choose your own bedroom!"
--Kandi, 12

"One of my best friends is moving and it feels really bad because she is like my sister and she is the only person that I feel understands me. I don't want to get a new best friend."
--Evelyn, 11

"My friend Gram is moving and I like him. Me and my friend are s-a-d."
--Maria, 9

"I moved 3 times. I hate moving. I feel so sad that I can't hang out with my friends. It's hard moving to a different place."
--Khadeja, 10

"Two years ago my family moved away from the home I had lived in for six years. I had a lot of friends there and it was so hard for me to leave my best friend Pam. We moved 1,000 miles away to Minnesota and Pam and I were crying so hard for 2 weeks. I miss Connecticut but I can deal with it. I had to leave my friends but people in Connecticut were so unkind. Now in Minnesota people are way kinder. I love Minnesota but I will always miss Connecticut. I might move back there someday but who knows? Maybe I will just relax in Minnesota for a while to see how it is. I know one thing though, I AM NEVER MOVING TO TORNADO ALLEY! :)"
--Devin, 9

"Hi. My family is moving back to my home state. I have a major crush on this girl and I can't tell her that I love her because I am in 4th grade. I need to do this before I move."
--Joshua, 10

"My best friends are twins and they might be moving depending on if they can sell their house. I have other friends but I don't want to lose my best friends that I've known for eight years. I know that their doors will always be open for me so I don't worry about it that much."
--Lainey, 13

"I think the worst thing about moving is that you miss your friends. Also it is hard to make new friends when you are the new girl in town."
--Ivy, 10

"My friend had to move to Africa because her uncle was dying and she had to live in a ranch with her parents. She really did not like it because when she wanted to call me she had to buy a phone card and she did not have any money."
--Kendall, 8

"I've moved three times. The first and second time weren't very hard, but my last one was the most difficult. I had a best friend and I LOVED my house. So, when my mom broke the news to me I just couldn't believe it. Then on the day before we moved reality struck and I cried quietly so my mom wouldn't see me. It was so difficult, but now I adjusted and everything is working out perfectly."
--Yvonne, 11

"I moved from New Jersey to Utah a little while ago and it was hard. I still hate it here and I want to move back but I don't think it'll happen. I had lived in New Jersey my entire life, born and raised. Once I moved here I was a LOT different than everyone else and it was really hard to get used to the different culture and everything. I still visit my friends every year but it just doesn't seem like enough."

"I've moved around a lot. As long as we have an okay house then I'm fine. I think the worst thing about moving would be having to pack and unpack all your stuff. It's rather annoying."

"When my best friend Andrea moved it was so hard to get over. I was so sad and I felt like someone had just passed away. Also, it was the first time I cried for someone moving away. But, every weekend we still call each other."
--Stephanie, 13

"I've moved four times. This is my fifth. The only time I moved out of New York was a whole summer. I'd say the worst thing about moving is getting out of the old house and into the new house."

"I like my new home and everything but everyone here is so annoying! They're dull, they're idiotic and no one at my new school has an open mind. Since I'm different they all make fun of me. It's like everyone in my school was taught the dumb rule: 'If you're mind is too open your brains will fall out.' I am the opposite of that dumb saying! I need a big city where there are other freaks like me!!!"
--Annabelle, 11

“My very best friend is moving away and we tell each other everything. It's going to be really hard to see her go but I'm making her a scrapbook and a ‘survival bag’ full of stuff she can look at and do if she starts missing us. We're going to stay in contact but we both know it won't be the same.”

“My friend just moved away today! I wish I could have told her bye!! I am sooooo sad!”
-- Jaimie, 12

“Allie and me were inseparable. One weekend I would stay at her house and the next she would be at mine. Then her mom got sick and died. Me being her closet friend, I knew her mom like a second mom. Allie told me that since her parents were divorced and her mom died that her dad would have her and he stayed in Des Moines so that is where they moved. I thought we would stay in contact but she never called. When she finally did we talked and talked for about 6 hours about what we had missed. She lost the paper that had my number on it and I said I had to go. Then when I called her again it said it had been disconnected. On top of that, we moved and it’s been 1/2 a year since I talked with her. I would give all my toys to see her again.”
--Kit, 11

“When my family moves we want to buy a big house but my mom wants to move to Colorado and I don't. What should I do?”
--Allison, 10

"When I was about 4 or 5 my best friend moved. I was really sad. I dealt with it by talking on the phone."
--Ana, 10

"When a friend moves, you can always keep in touch with them but it's hard and when you move sometimes your friends don't like it. But hey, it's not YOUR choice to move, It's your parents. I mean, your friends can't be mad at you for that."
--Kandi, 11

“Well, right now my friend is moving away and it is really hard dealing with it but we plan to keep our relationship as friends. We will miss each other.”
--Lauren, 12

"The hardest thing about having a friend move is that after they move, your friendship doesn't stay as strong and you start drifting apart from each other."
--Gaby, 12

"The worst thing about moving (and I should know because I move every three or 4 years) is leaving your friends or church. It takes about 4-5 months to get used to your new place and I have loved every place we have moved. More than the one before, over time of course!"
--Alexis, 12

"I have never really had a friend move but I have 4 times!!!! The hardest part is probably leaving your house, friends, pets, and relatives. I deal with it by crying."
--Jorden, 10

"You have to make new friends and leave your other friends behind."
--Lauren, 12

"My family is going to move to NORTH CAROLINA. What can I do? I'm going to miss my mom's and my dad's family."
--Colette, 8

"My best friend moved when we were about 9 years old. It was really hard to say bye. I even cried a little. We solved the problem by me getting her phone number and she already had mine. "
--Rachael, 12

"My family moved. I was mad because we never talk to my friends anymore."
--Unique, 13

"I hate leaving my friends because we were friends. We were there for each other and had memories."
--Kaila, 10

“The worst thing about moving is leaving your friend and the rest of your family. If you want to stay in touch with them just jot/write down their phone# and call it. It’s hard to talk over the phone because you want to see them again so try to hang in there because you'll see them again someday.”
--Ashley, 9

“I felt sad but I made new friends.”
--Jordan, 11

“The worst thing about moving is going to a new school and leaving all your friends!”

“When one of my friends moved, I felt angry because it was the only friend I trusted. I asked him to call me.”
--Jamal, 11

“When I moved in grade 3 from Pakistan to Canada, I was soooo freaked!!! I didn't know any slang or what on earth the kids were talking about. Luckily my brother went to the same school as me so I just hung out with him. After like a month or two I was so relaxed with my new friends, I really didn't have a problem communicating. Some people even said that I sounded like I had been speaking English for years. THAT’S HOW WELL I SPOKE!!! Anyway, moving wasn't so bad for me because a week before I left, my friends threw me a good-bye party (I went to an all girls school) and I got a whole bunch of presents. But it wasn't the presents that cheered me up, it was the thought that my friends cared for me.”
--Aelya, 11

“It's hard when a friend moves. Once my friend Samantha moved and she was really cool and I was sad. I moved when I was about 5 but then I didn't really care because I was only five. When I was seven, we moved and it was harder.”
--Alexis, 11

“The worst thing that happened was when I had to move from my dad's house. I was so sad that I had to move. When I moved I had to move to my uncle Ken's house for a long time but I missed my daddy and so did Leah, but when I moved I missed my dad so much.”

“When I was in kindergarten my best friend in the whole wide world moved to a different place. Her mom told her they were just going on vacation but they weren't. When she left she called and told me that they were going to live in Michigan. I am in San Diego, CA. She called me after a month or so and I asked her why she didn't call me before. She said she forgot about me because we live so far away and we don't see each other anymore. I told her that what she said was hard for me to understand. My cousin also had a friend that left and didn't call her anymore. She started to cry and I told her it wasn't a big deal. Now that my friend left I say to myself, ‘I guess it was a big deal after all.’ Sometimes I will start to cry during class and I won't even notice. It just comes out from deep inside. Do you have any comments that will help me? If you do that would be great.”
--Valerie, 11

“I just moved from Newfoundland about 1 year ago and I am heartbroken because I miss my friends and all the good times that we used to enjoy. Moving was kind of hard because me and my friend were crying. We got into this fight and now she won’t talk to me again. When I moved I didn’t know that I was moving and I didn’t like that at all. Now all of my friends at my new school are being bullies to me except Melissa and Summer.”
--Courtney, 9

“I was angry because I wouldn't have someone to talk to. I went to the park and made a new friend.”
--Jasmene, 11

“It's hard losing friends and making new ones.”

“My dad is in the Navy and we move to another location every 4 years or so. It IS a pain, but pretty soon you stop grieving and make new friends. I have moved 4 times and God has always blessed me with a better place than before.”
--Alexis, 12

“The hardest part to me is saying goodbye to your bestest friends, but you can get new friends, stay in contact with your old friends and you might just feel good with your new school. Trust me I have done it before.”

“I've moved so many times since I was born that I just quit counting. I forget people's names and I can't remember which people go with what school! My junior year of high school feels like it never happened!”

“I already moved. It was so hard to leave my friends. I’ve lived in my new house for about 10 months and still when I think about my old town a lot, I cry. I am right now.”
--Jasmen, 12

"Five years ago my best friend moved to the South. I was really sad."
--Jessica, 12

"The worst thing about moving is leaving all your friends. It was way too hard for me to say bye to my friends. Try thinking about the good things. You can write and e-mail them and visit. No matter how far you move, they're still your friends."
--Molly, 10

"I terribly miss the house itself and all the memories. I have cried for three days straight!"

“The worst thing about moving is you have to leave a lot of good friends on that same street. If you have to move to a new place, it might have a lot of bullies and no good friends.”

“Well, things are going fine here. Last year my first childhood best friend moved from Kuwait to the Philippines because her mom thinks that the education there is better than here in Kuwait. We might not be able to see each other again but maybe when I grow up someday I might travel to Philippines and visit her there. Boy, would she be surprised to see me grow tall!”
--Angela, 12

"I had two of my closest friends move away almost at the same time and I was so upset. One of my friends was going to Japan so I would probably never see her again. I just found a whole bunch of new friends the next year at middle school so I had some people to lean on when I was sad."
--Emily, 11

“If I moved, that would be a lot harder than having a good friend move because I'd still be there with other friends too. If I moved, I’d have to leave ALL my friends and that would stink.”
--Natalie, 11

“I'm scared that my friend is moving because I'm going into seventh grade and I don't know how I'm gonna deal with going to middle school without her. I'm also sad that one of my best friends who I hang out with most of the time, is moving to another state.”
--Megan, 11

“I might be moving sometime this year. I have been wanting to move for a long time so no, I’m not sad or stressed or emotionally destroyed. Instead I think I will throw a party.”

“I had a friend named Zack move all the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I cried forever. I get to see him every other weekend though.”

“My best friend Anna moved to Minnesota and I’ve been getting and sending postcards but I haven't seen her yet.”

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