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When Your Family Moves: From The Mentors

From Danielle
One of my best friends is moving to Seattle and I'm really going to miss her. She is one of my dance buddies and it is going to be hard to take a dance class without her. I know she is also really sad about moving, but is excited to see what life she's going to lead in Seattle. I'm going to visit her sometime and she's going to come back down and visit me. She gave me her new address and phone number and we plan on e-mailing each other every day! Though it's sad she is leaving me, I am excited for her to make new friends and live a new and different life than the one she has led here.

From Tiffany
I've moved several times (that I can remember), once when I was in the third grade and once in the sixth grade. When I moved in the third grade, it was from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. At first, I was glad that I was moving because I was going to meet new people, live in a new neighborhood, and start at a new school. Not until my last day of school in New Jersey did I begin to cry and feel sad because I realized how much I would miss my teachers, friends, and neighbors. When I moved from one section of Philadelphia, PA to another, I didn't feel bad about leaving my old school at all. It's not that I wasn't going to miss my friends, but I think I was just ready for a social change. I met lots of new friends my first weeks of school and I was able to mature with them. I was never was really sad about leaving my old neighborhoods. I was only sad that I was leaving my old houses. But to avoid crying, I always thought about what was to come from moving, all the good experiences I would have in my new school or house. After I made friends with people in my class or people on my block, I would ask them about the neighborhood since they'd lived there longer then I have.

From Joyce
Since my dad has been teaching in the same college ever since I was 3, I've never moved out of town. I've moved twice but only within a walkable distance. But that doesn't mean that I don't feel sad about leaving a certain place behind, that certain place where I've called home for years, where I learned to do cartwheels or learned to play ping-pong against the wall. My sis and I still remind each other these days of our old homes and occasionally I'll take a walk down there just to see how they are and what the new inhabitants are like. I think one shouldn't try to live in the past, but if there's the chance, a trip back to your old place is a really nice thing. It helps you realize that great things have actually come up in your new place and helps you accept the whole thing.

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