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Great Books About "When Your Family Moves"


Benny and Omar
by Eoin Colfer
Two cultures meet in this book about a young sports fanatic named Benny who's forced to leave his home in Ireland and move with his family to Tunisia. He doesn't know how he'll survive in such an unfamiliar place, until he teams up with the wild and resourceful Omar. A friendship between the two boys leads to trouble, escapades, a unique way of communicating, and ultimately a heartbreaking challenge.

Dork in Disguise
by Carol Gorman
Last year, Jerry Flack was a dork. So this year, at a new school in a new town, he's decided to start a new life altogether-as a Cool Kid. But soon, Jerry finds himself tangled up in a complicated web of lies and battling a terrible urge to put his glasses back on, join the science team, build a hovercraft, and, worst of all, date Brenda, a 100% geek.

The Four-Story Mistake
by Elizabeth Enright
The Melendy family moves to a house in the country where a secret room, a cupola, a stable, and a brook provide Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver with adventures far different from the city life to which they are accustomed.

Hey, New Kid!
by Betsy Duffey, Ellen Thompson
Third-grader Jeremy dreads going to a new school when his family moves, so he decides to reinvent himself, hoping his new classmates will be impressed.

P.S. Longer Letter Later
by Paula Danziger, Ann M. Martin
Twelve-year-old best friends Elizabeth and Tara-Starr have very different personalities, but they're united by a powerful friendship. When Tara-Starr moves to another state, she and Elizabeth continue their friendship by mail. Their correspondence chronicles the joys, hopes, fears, and sometimes pain, of two girls coming of age.

The Star Fisher
by Laurence Yep
15-year-old Joan Lee is a child of two worlds. As a Chinese American, she has always felt a separateness, but now more than ever when her family moves from Ohio to West Virginia in the 1920's. Only Miss Lucy, their landlord and neighbor, seems willing to help them through the difficult adjustment.

Time to Fly, Vol. 10
by Laurie Halse Anderson
Just when Zoe is starting to feel at home in Ambler, Pennsylvania, living with her veterinarian grandmother and learning about a flock of wild parrots, her actress mother arrives to take her to a new home in Los Angeles.

Wave Good-bye (Luna Bay Series #2)
by Francess Lantz
When Rae's parents decide to separate, Rae is torn between staying in southern California with her overbearing mother and moving with her father to Chicago. Will Luna be able to convince Rae to stick around, or will she lose her best friend forever?


Footsteps Around the World (Second Edition): Relocation Tips for Teens
by Beverly D. Roman
Topics include: dealing with feelings, organization checklists, and making new friends.

The League Of Super-Movers: My Moving Adventure
by Beverly D. Roman
This book helps tweens through the moving process with info on how to maintain friendships, organize belongings, prepare a pet for travel, and learn about their new city or country. The book also features the importance of family members working together plus puzzles, safety tips, and fun activities.

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