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When Your Family Moves: The Big Day

All of this planning and packing boils down to one thing: Moving Day. You might be driving in a car with your folks, riding along in the cab of a rental truck, or taking a plane while your stuff is shipped separately. Here are some ideas for making it a fun and exciting experience:

  • Make a list of what to do. If you've got nothing to do on the day of the move, you might end up feeling bored and even cranky, concentrating on your negative feelings. Keep your mind off these feelings by taking an active role in what needs to get done. Several days before the big move, sit down with your family and make a list of responsibilities that you can handle.

  • Care for plants and pets. Do you have houseplants or animals that are making the move with you? Volunteer to keep plants watered, pets fed and happy, and to keep an eye on when your four-legged friend might need to make a pit stop along the route.

  • Make a trip kit. Make sure to pack a kit of essentials and fun stuff to keep with you on the journey. This can include a CD or MP3 player with your favorite tunes, some snacks and games, books and magazines, and a journal. If your trip involves an overnight stay, make sure to pack a small suitcase with clothes, pajamas, your toothbrush, and anything else you'll need.

  • Use postcards. Collect funny or interesting postcards from stops along the route, and fill them with things you think about and see along the way. Keep these as a record of the trip, or send them to friends and loved ones.

  • Play travel games. These can really help pass the time on a trip and keep you in a good mood. Check out IML's printable list of cool trip games.

  • Record the move. Try being the official journalist for your family's big move. Using a camera, notepad, tape recorder, or camcorder, get everything down as a historical record so that years later you can look back on this momentous day in the history of your family.

  • Be the Map Keeper. If you're good at reading maps, help out by planning the route to your new home and marking off the stops along the way. If you're not so good at reading maps, the move is a perfect time to learn!

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