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When Your Family Moves: Make A Plan

Whether it's across town or across the country, moving to a new place takes a lot of hard work and planning. Sometimes parents can get so caught up in all the details that they temporarily forget how all these plans affect you, too. You can play a big part in the whole process by making sure you know how and when everything's happening-as well as what's expected of you.

    Make a list of concerns
    • How will your pets be handled during the move?
    • When does everything have to be packed up?
    • Who will get which bedroom in the new pad?

    These are just a few of the questions you might have, and chances are, other members of your family have them too. Suggest holding a family meeting so everyone can voice his or her concerns. Make sure you get all of the questions on your list addressed, and get as many details as you can, so you know as much as possible about what's going on.

    Make a list of tasks and goals

    • Pack up your bedroom
    • Finish all your school assignments
    • Get addresses and phone numbers from all your friends

    These are examples of tasks you might have to get done before the move. There will probably be many, many others! Talk with your family about what you need to accomplish and then make a list, adding on to it as new things come up.

    Mark deadlines on a calendar

    • When should you have your room packed and cleaned?
    • If you're shipping things to the new home, when do they have to be ready?
    • When can you have your friends over for a final farewell?

    Get or make a special "Moving Calendar" and talk to your family about deadlines. Check off each thing as you do it so the big task of moving is broken down into a lot of little ones.

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