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When Your Family Moves: Can You Deal?

So you've just been told the big news: the family's moving. Maybe your mom got transferred to a new job, or your dad wants to be closer to your grandparents. You're about to pack up your entire life and relocate to a new town, a new home, and a new school. Yikes!

Moving is a BIG deal. It means a ton of changes at once, not just for you and your family, but sometimes the people around you as well. Many of you have written to IML for advice on the whole thing:

Jane, 10, told us that she's moving, and her friend is so upset about it that she said she'd tear up any letters Jane wrote to her.

Anthony, 11, is worried because he's going to move out of the only house he's ever lived in, and he's convinced that he'll never get used to a new place.

Melissa, 13, has a friend who's moving, and she's wondering if she should try to keep in touch with her even though they won't see each other anymore.

When your family moves, it's normal to feel anxious, stressed, and generally freaked out. Sometimes parents and siblings are going through the same thing, making it hard to talk to them about your concerns. The truth is, you can survive a move and even come to love your new home as much as, or more than, your old one. IML is here to help you do that!

We've also got lots of comments, experiences, and advice from tweens who've survived a family move.

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