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Do you think your parents are too strict?
--From Jelessia

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"My stepmom doesn't. She always takes my stepsisters side. But my real mom does. My dad thinks I'm a psycho, so he's off the list..."
--Madcow, 11

"Do they think I am lying."
--Caitlyn, 9

"My mom is Strict she wont even let me play outside after 8pm but I have cell phone. That's kinda Dumb!"
--Ariel, 11

"Nope! I get what I work for. If I do no jobs around the house, no pocket money for me. If I do many jobs around the house, I get more. I'm allowed to watch movies and play video games with excessive gore and language, because I don't go around trying to re-enact what I see. I'm allowed to go to places as long as I tell my parents where I am going and what time I/ (they) expect (me) to be home. If I won't be on time I text them. I'm allowed date girls (if I wanted to, but I don't because everyone I know would have a field day)."
--Dalton, 13

"My parents are so strict. I don't even have an allowance. They wont let me have a boyfriend till I'm 35. I can't go to the movies or the mall with my friends unless they came. They just got me a cell phone but the only time I can use it is on Sundays. To call them if I'm not home. They never let me go anywhere so there is no point to have it"."
--Ria, 13

"Yes, they definitely are. They want me to get perfect A+s in everything, and they won't let me date at all."
--J.J., 12

Okay I see everyone here is younger than me. Well I have a twin sister and my mom is wayyy to darn strict if my sister doesnt want to go out I cant go out. How lame is that? and just because Im with a guy friend she thinks something else. Stupid ain't it? I old enough to make my own decisions.

Yeah so my parents don't ever ground me and I can go places I just have to beg but I can't watch anything on TV!!! It's so stupid. I can only watch stuff like Disney Channel and like Nickelodeon While everyone else can watch anything. Basically, No PG-13 and above. Ha-ha...
--Person, 12

OMG!!!!!!!! Talking about strict parents mine are the worst. Im Iranian so I can't wear make up (only when my dads not around) I can't wear shorts, skirts or tanks in public (do it anyway) can't go to movies or mall without my mom or dad. Can't have an allowance. Can't have sleepovers, no ones house that isn't related, I have to wear a shirt and shorts in the pool over my bathing suit, I can't have a cell phone till Im married and can pay for it, can't have a pet, can't eat what I want, can't ever go where I want. I just graduated jr. High and can't go to one party. And get this if I get one B on anything I get grounded. I absolutely would take any other parents but mine. And get this my dad said I can't date till Im married. Wth!? I can't color, highlight my hair. I can't even straighten it or curl it (do it anyway). I can't have a myspace. My life totally stinks!! And if I ever ask why to all of this. They tell me the same thing. Its for your own safety, your not like American girls and we're not like American families."

My parents are sooooo strict, my bro is 15 and he still doesn't have a cell phone, we have to get in bed BY 8!!! If we dont get like straight A's were grounded from comp and TV. I guess they love me but show it in a different way then punishing and restricting, it just makes teens want to rebel.

My mom is cool. If a guy asks me out I first ask my mom, and she says yes. But right now I don't have a boyfriend.
--Gabby, 12

Well, my parents won't let me get my eyebrows plucked or waxed even though they re growing like crazy...
--Delila, 12

My mom and dad are way way too strict if I even talk to a boy they freak out they hate what I wear and I get screamed over it and they wont let me sleep over or go to anything if I make a B on anything they say that you will grow up to be NOTHING and I hate that my parents need to cool down a LOT.
--Brentney, 12

My parents won't let me go to the mall with my friends, yet they let me go to San Diego for an over night school trip (3 days) , they let me go to raging waters were I could have drowned. And they let me go to my high school, which is like n the other side of town. Yet they don't let me go to the mall because Im not Responsible".

"My parents always make sense! They trust me for who I am, and they reward me with praise and stuff, 'stuff' being the laptop I got for Christmas. And even when I get into major trouble, they forgive me usually the next morning.
--Jen, 10

"My parents don't let me outside our property by myself, but that makes sense because I probably would get lost walking to my school, which is eight blocks away.
--Kiera, 9

"1 word: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Crazy, 11

"Not really. They are overly protective. I am an only child, so I understand that.
--Anonymous, 10

"Yes, my parents are super strict. They dont want me to use our telephone, they dont want me to go somewhere else. Only house and school. They even confiscated my cell phone!!! Im not allowed to have a boyfriend. They always yelled at me and they still hurt me!! I think that our house is a hell!!! I hate my parents!!!

"My parents are very strict! My mum would not let me do my legs, armpits, and upper lip until 2 months ago! They would not let me do my eyebrows either! The only reason I do my legs is because I use to get badly bullied. My parents will not let me go out on my own even with my friends! I hate it but every time I say something they say 'You are only 13!' It really makes me feel rubbish! I can't do anything about it!
--JJ, 13

"Yes I think my mom is very strict. She only lets me chat with people I know now. Man, the Internet used to be fun until my mom said I can only chat with people I know. And come on, thats what chat rooms and messengers are for -- to meet new people, right?
--Shelby, 8

"My parents are somewhat strict. Like if I get a C on my report card...Im grounded until the next one comes out! Could you imagine what would happen if I got an 'F' ?! *shudders* ~~ And my Dad says I can't get a boyfriend until Im out of the house, but my mom totally disagrees with that. And also if I forget to clean my room, I have to clean the whole house...by myself!!!
--Anonymous, 13

"Well, I don't go anywhere without one of them or a friend's parent, so I don't have a curfew, and I can't be late for it. I don't know any boys, so I can't have a boyfriend anyway. I've never been grounded, I've never been spanked, the worst that ever happened is I got a time out when I was three, because I asked an old lady how old she was. But don't think Im that lucky. Grades are something WAY serious with them.
--Amber, 12

"Well no, not really, but sometimes it seems like they don't let me do stuff that I really want to do, and their reason seems stupid.
--Nikki, 10

"No, My parents have never yelled at me for the littlest things.
--Shelby, 10

"Nah, my parents aren't strict and I dont get spanked. Do u?
--Greengurl, 12

"I dont think my mom is that strict, but I just want her to trust me and let me date.
--Angie, 12

"Really, we should be grateful if our parents are strict. It shows that they love and want the best for us. On the other hand, it would be nice if mine let me out in public in my ONE-PIECE bathing suit without having to wear shorts or a shirt over it. Oh, well. It could be worse.
--AnonyMous, 12

"I should be able to go to the movies with just my friends no parents at age 12.
--Ryan, 12

"My parents are strict. When I am 1 hour late I get grounded for a day, 2 hours late, 2 daysand so on. I also have to stay in my room and am not allowed out of it unless I need something to eat and drink or need the toilet.

"Yes they are. I never get what I want. I always have to be different from the rest of the teens. I have wanted a cell but that never happened. I have wanted a laptop and that never happened.

"My parents are really strict. If I go out I have to be in at an exact time. If I am 1 minute late I get grounded for 1 day, 2 minutes late 2 days, 3 minutes late 3 days, and so on. I am grounded until next Monday because it is my birthday.
--Andrea , 10

"Well sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't! And also yesterday my mom and I went to McDonalds and as soon as I went in the car I grabbed the wrong burger with ketchup and all that stuff and then when I opened it my mom parked and it bounced out of my hand and fell onto the car floor!!! I told my mom and she flipped!!! She did that cause that was her burger and she wasted some money. She almost wanted to spank me but she just stopped her hand in front of my face and she backed away and she purposely hit the car seat!! Oh and my dad sometimes is strict. Like before I told him a lot of boys like me and he said, You'll never marry them! AND here are some rules with me and my parents: I cant have a car and boyfriend till I am 20. I cant call boy classmates but if I ask to call them to see what class thats ok. I can't enter chat rooms but I can talk to people that I know on my buddy list on the online. I always have to have a good grade, I can't go to friends houses, and I can never run away. Thats all folks:).
--Judy, 9

"My mom is sooooo nice and my dad is extremely strict my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Jr, 8

"My parents are pretty good, but they make me wear some kind of cover up when I go to the pool or ocean! That's not fair, because I only wear 1-pieces, anyway. I've never been so much as NEAR a boy, so they're good about that. I really don't do anything bad, so I don't know about how they'd be!
--Lisa, 12

"My parents are waaaaaay too strict. My sis was bugging me all the way home from a cruise, and I was starting to get angry. I started to try to get my mom to make her stop and she yelled at ME!! Not only that, but because I raised my voice, Im not allowed to go to my neighbors house to hang with my crush. GRRR!!

"My dad is pretty strict. But my mom is a different story, she is so strict. Whenever my mom gets mad at me for the little things I do wrong she starts yelling at me and hitting me. I never had a good relation with her, the one I talk to is my sister. She yells every day. Even though they don't know what 'ground' means. They push me into doing things I don't want to too. I can't even hang out with my friends outside of school. I only get to go with my parents grocery shopping, or, if Im lucky, my sister brings me out for lunch, to the mall, or just to walk our dog at a dog park. Sometimes I wish I could get adopted.

"No, my mom isn't really strict but she can get that way sometimes when we don't do what she wants us to do.
--Brittney, 12

"Kinda. I cant tell them about boys cuz they'll flip. But I still have 1 and I love him so much. And gradeswell lets just say they never find out. Yes, I feel bad, but I could never stand the punishment..
--Dora, 13

"Everyones parents are strict in their own way.
--Peep, 10

"My parents aren't that strict. They let me shave, watch PG-13 movies, and other stuff. I can get a cell phone, but I can't use it to talk to my friends, only if something bad happens. My mom says I can get a boyfriend when Im 16, but then she said, Just wait and see what happens, then I'll say if you can have one or wait until youre older. My parents are pretty cool, but they still can be strict!
--Kim, 10

"Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I can visit my friends, but I don't have to say when I'll be back or where I am going. And I could date if I wanted, but Im just not interested. I don't think I will ever date, though.

"No, not really. They are really nice. We are going to Hawaii next month and my dad said we might go to Disneyland during the springtime. They still can be strict though!
--Kim, 11

"My parents are strict a little about my grades. And my girlfriend dumped me today and now I can't go on dates because Im too young. Besides Im not young to go on dates and they just want me to finish school, then go on dates. That ain't right.
--Anonymous, 13

"My mom and dad aren't strict when it comes to having fun. But when it comes to grades and family it is a whole different world. My mom is a nurse and I told her I want to do what she does someday, and when I brought home a D on my report card she when crazy. She said that if I want to be a nurse so badly then why aren't I bringing home the grades to prove it? And it doesnt end there. She grounds me until further notice.
--Samone, 12

"Yes! Well, paranoid really. I can't take one step outside my backyard.
--Clare, 10

"My parents are divorced, and they are SO different. My dad is kind of strict when it comes to my older sister (my older sister likes to wear tanks and shorts), but he knows I don't so he doesn't stress about me. My mom lets me wear make-up and we even share clothes. She lets me wear whatever, she lets me go to my friends wherever I want, she lets me shop wherever. She doesn't give me an allowance, she just buys whatever. My mom let me pierce another hole on both of my ears, so now I have two. My dad would've never let me do that.
--Madina, 11

"My parents are strict about boys (can't date till Im 16(and I never have)), grades (NOTHING under 80%), and they're really protective and don't let me out of their sight! But it's cool, 'cuz they love me. :-).
--Jacqueline, 12

"Well I guess you can say my parents are strict, but for me not really.
--Anna, 10

"Yes!!! I know its for a reason but its just not fair. I can't go anywhere alone and all my friends can. It's hard to have to tell them that.
--Victoria, 11

"My parents are so strict!!!! Well my mum is anyway. She wont let me do anything. I want my belly pierced sooo much but she wont let me. Ahhhhh!

My parents are strict with my brothers, but not me. My brothers are 14 and 16. I usually dress modestly and I don't wear makeup (lip gloss I do wear). I grew up with strict Christian values so I know what to do but my brothers rebel. I went to Christian school my whole life. They teach morals there so my parents aren't strict with me.
--Lana, 12

"Hi, I am Ryan. My mom loves me so much.
--Ryan, 11

"Not really. I can wear lipstick 1 or 2 shades darker than my natural lip color (but nothing like siren red or anything, except for on Halloween; but that's OK with me), and I can wear blush. My parents know I'd never do anything serious with boys until Im 20, and while they know my friends families, they don't insist on supervising us or anything. The thing that they're strict about is language. Im not profane or anything, but I do say some things that might be offensive to some people.

"No, I don't think my parents are too strict. They are sometimes protective of me, but I know that it is for my own good. If I feel like something is totally ridiculous, I'll explain it to my parents, rationally, why I think so. This is the best way to communicate and show your parents how responsible you are!

"Yes, my parents are pretty strict sometimes, especially when I or my siblings do something they don't like. Like for instance if I broke a beautiful vase that cost $300, my parents would be yelling to the top of their voices!
--Naomi, 11

"My parents are strict. Like it wont even be dark out and my parents wont even let me go to my friends because they think its dark out.
--Samantha, 13

"Kinda. I can't go across the street to my cousins house without having to come home at 10:30 or without expecting a call at least every ten minutes. And I cant spend the night at anybodys house without getting a call. And then thats if my mother lets me go. I mean, God, mother, lighten up. But other than that, naw. I have a boyfriend, and a cell phone.
--Alexis, 12

"Don't worry Rochelle (13). Parents can be sometimes a problem. In the TV show Codename Kids Next Door, 5 10-year-olds are on a mission to save children from the boring rule of adults. Be kind, have fun, and also when you grow older you can have a boyfriend.
--Laura, 10

"My mom laughs at me when Im tired and trying to make a point. How do I get her to respect my opinion? Sincerely, Little Miss Pointless.
--Sue, 9

"I think they really are. I have 2 little brothers, they're twins, an' they're 9 years younger than me. Ok an', when they do something my mom always yells at me, an' not to my brothers, THAT'S NO FAIR!! Im already a teen, an' Im a little lazy, but no so much, an' my mom don't let me go anywhere, an' she always wanna know everything. My grandma is now living with us, just for 3 months, and she's like my mom an even worst!!! My dad is sometimes a little strict, but I always have to do everything I don't want to. My dad wants me every single day to go to the pool, but it's soooooo boring, and he says Do it for your brothers, an' I look at him like saying, yeah right like if it were fun or something. A.
--Agus, 13

"My parents are very strict. I can't do anything without asking their permission first. I can't even wear my clothes without my mothers permission! Im a prisoner in my own thoughts because Im too afraid to tell them anything and if I do something they don't like I get punished. Im to old for spanking but they confiscate my phone and music!
--Jinx, 13

"Yes. We don't have a TV and we can't drink pop or juice. And when I got a F in Math, they grounded me for 2 months.
--Bob, 11

"I love cricket and really want to go to watch a match in the lords (London). I went there last week and I REALLY want to go again as the next cricket trip is on a school day! But my parents are going through a lot of family problems and so aint letting me go. But I don't understand why! I have got the ticket for the money. Why are they taking the stress on me and if they carry on I can't go, as the deadline is this week for paying your money! Please help me find a solution!
--Anna, 12

Not all parents are strict. My parents are a little strict, but augh! I don't like the fact they know more than kids and teens. I know it when the kettle blows over, trust me.
--Diana, 9

"No way! My mom is the best person on earth! She is like my best friend. She takes me places everyday. But it's a little different with my dad.

"Some parents are strict, but mine arent. I want my belly button pierced, but I have to be 16 because the stores wont pierce it unless Im 16.
--Katie , 11

"I love my parents!!!! They are so nice. I have a cell phone and 2 dogs, a fish, a frog, and a turtleand even a hamster. And Im also allowed to have a boyfriend, and I do have one. His name is Cole. He is so sweet. But my parents can be a little strict sometimes!!!!
--KNW, 11

"My mom is sometimes strict and sometimes not strict. My grandma is totally laid back. She is the ULTIMATE granny (thats what I call her). She drops me and my friends off at the mall. She gives me money and everything. She lets me do what I want as long as its safe, not mad and not wrong.
--Gianna, 12

"My parents are very strict. They freak out when I get anything less than an A on report cards, tests, quizzes, and even assignments. They won't even let me stay home alone for more than a few hours!
--Anonymous, 11

"I came here all set to complain about my 'rents, then I saw all the articles from like 9, 10, 11 year olds complaining. Oh, I can't watch R-rated movies, Oh, I can't have a boyfriend. It makes me sick. 10 is too young to see an R-rated movie! Movies have ratings for a reason! And IM still to young for a BF, and Im 13! You people don't know how good you have it. Im 13, can't wear makeup, have a cell phone, have a boyfriend (which doesn't matter because most 13-year-old boys are immature), see PG-13 movies, walk next door, go to the mall, shop at any store besides Wal-Mart, wear anything strapless, spaghetti strap, or anything that shows way too much, as my dad says. I can't go to parties or the school formals. I can't even wear lip-gloss. When I was little my parents edited the monsters out of my Disney movies. If I like a boy (which I kinda do like one), I can't tell him, because if we started dating and the 'rents found out, my dad would be furious! You kids don't know how good you have it! P.S. Just because you are old enough to like guys doesn't mean that you're old enough to have a BF. I've liked this guy since the first grade, and what would you say about a first grader dating?
--Kelly, 13

"No, my memere is NEVER strict. If she was I would be in a different family who wouldn't be strict. I love my memere. She's 63.

"I believe my parents are not strict. You see Im in a group home. All the kids in this home were sent here by the state department of corrections and the state juvenile justice system. And I posted a response earlier that said my real mom died and that my new mom isnt strict. Well Im not in her custody anymore (duh) and when I first came here I hated the parents, but I have been here for 6 months. And I have freedom, but I cant leave when I want to as much anymore. And if I get in trouble at school the group home parents dont let me get away with it, only because they cant. They HAVE TO keep a record of it, and if any of us r in trouble too many times we get in trouble w/ the juvenile courts and they give us either community service or the school sets up what is called disciplinary probation. And if we get that and we mess up again, we get expelled. And Im here until Im 18 so I better get used to it.

"Oh my god!!!!!!!!! My parents are so strict. First of all, I cant go out anywhere at all, (not even to my neighbors house). I also can't have a boyfriend until Im 18, but I dont really care because if I do I wont tell them. I get in trouble for every little thing, especially because of my little sister who always gets me in trouble. I never received an allowance from them and they dont buy me anything except school supplies. So I have to work babysitting since Im still too young to work anywhere else. No guys can call my house or else they'll freak. I usually always get a spanking, but I dont get grounded because my life is being grounded everyday. As soon as I graduate high school, Im leaving for sure. I dont know why they are like that. I never even got in serious trouble or anything. I do good in school and everything. I wish they will stop being like that because they are making my life miserable.

"My parents are quite strict. Im thirteen years old and am not allowed to go places without them. I can't stay home alone, either. My father doesn't mind when I read teen magazines (the kind with make-up and clothing advice, girl articles, etc. ) but my mom doesn't like when I do. I can't listen to parental advisory CDs or see movies over a PG-13 rating. My jeans have to go to my waist or above, and Im not allowed to spend too much money on clothes. I rarely go shopping because they don't like spending money. Right now I have barely any clothes - all of my jeans go above my ankles. Im not allowed to date, get my haircut, or even talk on the phone sometimes. I could go on forever.
--Lenore, 13

"My parents are definitely not strict. I have never been grounded for all the bad things I have done, not once. My parents haven't taken anything from me. But they also don't want me to do or get certain things like shop at a certain store, turn into a Goth, get a piercing besides your ears, etc.
--Melanie, 13

"No, I love my memere, but she always wants me to show her my clothes I want to wear. A character Mary Anne's father used to be really strict: he doesn't want her on the phone unless it was about homework, not allowed to ride bikes downtown, have to come home by 9:00, makes her wear braids, and makes her wear clothes that are babyish. But after she did a right thing after a three-year-old girl got sick, he's not strict anymore.

"Its really hard for me to explain all the way but, I have been stuck in the house all the time I am growing up, and she doesnt understand how I just wanna hang out with my friends. I am a good kid, and I only made a mistake once in my whole life. I am very smart and nice. All I wanna do is go out for a lil while with my friends. I get treated like a little child and I am growing up. How am I going to understand the world around me if every little thing I do has to be supervised by adults? I dont wanna grow up being anti- social. Please help me. Theres more but its hard for me to explain. I cant do nothing!!

"In some things yes, in some things no. I don't usually have to do chores, but when I do my mom yells at me for almost nothing.
--Jonathan, 9

"Yes, they say that they trust me then they wont let me go somewhere because of what the other people might do.

"OK, Brandee, I believe your parents are TOO strict if they won't even let you go to church. I go to church every Sunday and my parents don't even go because my oldest brothers and my sisters-in-law help drive me (and my 12 siblings). My parents are OK because the older kids always take shifts in babysitting the younger kids. So I can still hang out with friends but make my parents happy at the same time.
--Massie, 13

"I don't think my parents are! They give me an allowance. I can wear makeup, but I dont. They taught me to think for myself.
--Alysan, 10

"Well, of course I do, but that is just me. If you think about it, all kids (especially teens) think their parents are too strict. If you think you have it bad, I get grounded for a week if I leave a kitchen cabinet open. I have a curfew, so on school nights I have to be home by 7:00. If I am 1 minute late, then I am 1 day grounded, 2 minutes late then I am 2 days grounded, and so on and so forth. When I really think about it, it is just for my safety, so I think it is good that my parents are strict.
--Paula, 13

"Sometimes they get to be a little too strict on some things.

"My mom, no. My dad, yes. My mom is the laid-back parent, and she wouldn't really care what I do, just as long as I didn't get hurt, killed, in trouble or arrested. My dad is the uptight one.

"My parents are way too strict. They will not let me go ANYWHERE.
--Cassie, 12

"No, I just get a spanking when Im bad.

"Yeah my parents are strict. They always seem to get in fights and give my brother and sister everything they want, especially my sister. I can't stand it. So you're not alone. Im older or you're older and I can't stand the madness anymore.

"My parents are strict when they need to be and always for a good reason. It isn't legal for your parents to hit you with a belt, Isabella.

"My parents are the coolest and nicest people I know. I love them with all my heart. :).
--Olivia, 11

"My mom says I can't talk to boys on the phone. I dont know what the problem is. Help me please!
--Rochelle, 13

"I think my parents arent stricttheyre so good. They let me go to parties until 2 a. m. They let me have a cell phone, have a boyfriend and I can do everything I want, and they never punish or yell to me. But they always punish my sister about everything. she is 18 and she bothers me a lot and once she told my boyfriend things about me but he didnt believe her cause he loves me. But I love my parents and sister anyway.
--Christina, 13

"My parents are very strict with me and not with my 5 brothers and sisters. One day, I wore jeans and a tank top that showed my navel. My parents got mad at me. My 8-year-old sister gets to walk around the house with only underpants on or completely naked. That's not fair. My 15-year-old sister gets to walk around the house in jeans and a bra only. That's not fair either. Why are they only strict with me and not my sisters?
--Melissa, 13

"My mama wont let me talk on the phone with boys and do a lot of older stuff.
--Starmesha, 12

"Yes, rents are strict in my family. My mom is strict and my dad isnt. Sometimes kids think dads are strict and moms arent, but my mom is strict.
--Danielle, 11

"Yes I feel so left out of something, cause my friends talk about how much fun they had at the pool over the summer, when I cant talk about it cause my parents didnt let me go.
--Valerie, 12

"Yes Im 15 and I still cant have a boyfriend.

"No! Bcuz they let me do anything I want to do, when I want to !!
--Katie, 12

"Ok, my parents are totally strict. Whenever I babysit my 8 year old sister and my 5 year old brother and they do something wrong or dangerous, when my parents get home I get grounded for 2 days. But my brother and sister dont get in trouble at all.
--Bradley, 12

"No, because when were bad all we get is a spanking.
--Sabrina, 11

"No way!!! I think my parents are totally in the middle.
--Abbey, 9

"Yes I do. If there is one little piece of anything on the kitchen counter, then I can't go anywhere, cause my stepmom tells my dad to tell me no. I can't ever go to a friends house on weekdays or down the street. I can hardly go to church. What do you think?

"I do and I don't. I know it seems like parents are totally strict and all, but they are only trying to protect us from danger (and I know, going to a party does not seem like danger). My friend invited me to her birthday. My mom did not know who she was, and she wasn't too excited about dropping me off with strangers. But, I told her that my friends mother was my school's PE teacher, and that they were very nice. I said something about it being a boy/girl party, but she didn't say anything on that really. She let me go the full three hours till ten. I am so glad that she is a really balanced parent.
--Me, 11

"My mom isn't very strict unless it's very important. My uncle lives with us, he's the strict one. He freaks out if the cell phone (with EXTREMELY poor reception) cuts off a call. But my mom lets me go to parties and stuff. Once she let me and my friend go to a concert BY OURSELVES! We're both 13. My mom is awesome!
--Maya, 13

"I think my parents are really cool about most things, but really get on my nerves about other things. Those other things include movies, internet and clothes. They really, really, really get on my nerves about where I can and cannot go on the internet!!!!!
--Amanda, 13

"My parents are really strict. I never get to go anywhere. They don't even let me talk to boys. They think that since they're boys, Im automatically going to make out with them or something. And they expect me to know everything. My dad will get mad at me if I get an A-. And it seems like I was just an accident or something. Im the youngest and I have such a big gap between me and my brother. They'd rather have four boys than three boys and a girl. I know their intentions are good, but they don't know what they're doing sometimes. Like, my parents will go crazy if I wait for them after school in the wrong place. My dad thinks that I wear too-tight clothes, even though it's too big. He thinks he's living 40 years ago when he was young, but it's not the same anymore. And he thinks that I can't defend myself, so he never lets me go anywhere. I think the latest I've stayed out is 8:00. They want me to be the best at everything, but it's just too much pressure and it makes my self esteem go down. Usually people think bullies make your self esteem go down, but your parents can too.
--Akika, 13

"No, my parents aren't strict. Of course, I don't get into big trouble that often, either. My parents believe in no dating for me until Im 17 (or, sadly, older), and no smoking or drinking (which I DON'T do). I can't wear anything provocative (again, I don't) but simple stuff like diet and bedtimes are my own responsibility.
--Kelis, 13

"My mom is very strict. Im going into 9th grade and I still have a bedtime of 8:30. My mom also never lets me go out to see movies with my friends unless she comes with me. Also, my mom hardly ever lets someone sleepover, and when they do, they don't like it because we can't have a sweet snack and she'll make us go to bed at 10:00! How unfair is that? What should I do? Any suggestions?

"I guess at times, but pretty much no.
--Martha, 10

"I don't know if I should ask my mom if I can wear thongs. I have to have one because of dance. We have to wear them for our jazz pants so we dont have a panty line. What should I do?
--Reilli, 12

"Well, my real mom died last year when I was in the sixth grade so I moved here to Washington and my mom is not really strict at all. I leave whenever I want and I stay out as late as I want, and when I get in trouble at school she just lets it go. So, no! I dont think my mom is strict!

"Well, it depends. Because if you do not feel like doing anything, and you have to, and they say it in a mean way, then yes.
--Amala, 13

"Sometimes, I feel like they're not strict enough. I mean, my mom reads Harry Potter, and lets my sister wear see-through shirts. I love her, and respect her, but sometimes I feel that she is a little too slack. I don't read anything about the occult, and I wear modest clothes -- no mini skirts or bikinis or anything. I also don't watch many movies.

"Im sorry to burst your bubbles, guys, but your parents are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! My parents are stricter than yours. My mom would die if I even considered wearing a mini-skirt or a see-through shirt. And I agree with her. Sometimes, you just have to get a little older to appreciate them. Your mom doesn't want you to do anything without her permission, because she knows that kids are naturally curious, and that you would get into lots of trouble without her guidance. So please, endure your parents, and you'll soon learn to appreciate them.

Well only sometimes. I can't have a mobile phone until I turn 13, but that is OK.
--Elizabeth, 12

"My mom wont let me outside alone. Its horrible. I gained twenty pounds this year. But what can I do? Im in my mid-teens and I can't even go outside.

"My parents are only strict when they are keeping me from danger. They don't like, let me eat sweets all the time and stuff, but they let me like, go to parties that are like, on till 12 pm and they let me go down town with ma m8s. I am allowed to go out at night with my boyfriend and ma mum lets him in ma room, but she can be strict, yeah.
--Anonymous, 12

"YES!!! I am 12, and my dad is too strict. I go to bed at 8. 8! And I am 12! No pets, no sleepovers, no going places without my annoying immature little brother. I am the oldest and I am responsible for everything. But no freedom. They're overprotective.
--Carla, 12

I feel that my parents are cool. They said if I wanted a cell phone, I need to buy it myself. So I am saving up for when I am older and need one. I had a boyfriend last year and I was in 5th grade. He was so cute. He moved and now I miss him lots. Anyway, my parents don't want me to dress like a 20-year-old at age 12, but that's OK. So they ROCK!!!
--Olivia, 12

"My Mom is strict.
--Crystal, 8

"Yes definitely. My mum lets me go NOWHERE!
--Rob, 13

No way, my parents are not strict at all! They are way cool. My dad even lets me have a cell-phone. In fact, I just got a new one today. But when I've been bad they are really good at disciplining me. But right after it's all done they forgive me and they treat me like nothing bad ever happened. I love my parents. Im soooo lucky to have them.

"My parents are now, but before they got their divorce they weren't. I always got everything that I wanted. Now my dad got remarried and I don't get anything I want. I have to earn it, and I have a strict curfew, and I can only be on the computer two hours a day and it stinks. My parents are way too strict.
--Janna, 13

"My parents r strict, but I'm allowed 2 wear anything and do most things, such az go 2 da movies, watch 18s, n go 2 the mall with my m8s. But I'm not allowed 2 have a boyfriend n I'm not allowed 2 go 2 disco that is from 7:30-11, n dat ain't fair coz I stay up later than that. ALSO my brother is 8, and he stays up the same time as me!!"

"Yes I do, sometimes. But I have to think about what I did too. They have to have some control over me, right? So why cant I be better and still go do what I want to? Well the answer right there is because some of the things I ask to do are not my age of things.

"My mom is pretty strict, but my dad is so easy on me and my sibs. They won't let me have a boyfriend (I have one anyway), and my dad lets me wear a little makeup while my mom doesn't. It's really weird how different they are. My mom is more worried about me than my dad is. To answer your question Jelessia, my parents are not too strict. I think it's just right.
--Tyler, 13

"Hey you's all think your parents are strict, but check this: yeah, Im 13 and I have to be upstairs by 9pm, I can't call my friends unless I have permission, tell my parents how long I'll be on the phone AND which friends I want to call. Also I aint allowed to go to parties unless they've checked it all out! Major social-life downfall!! Sometimes they'll soften up and take us out but that's if they're in a good mood. You can't compare that with any of yours. P. S. I haven't got a mobile phone (cell phone) and get only 5 dosh!
--Tiredgal, 13

"No way! My parents give me 10 bucks for my allowance, and I get to wear a tube tops. I can also shop with my own money.

"OMG!! My parents are the worst ever!! Im from Europe but I was raised here in USA, so my parents and me dont get along very well. They wont let me date out of my circle. Like, I only have to date European guys u know, they will freak out if a guy called my house, they wont let me go anywhere, only school and work. Thats it. I hate it!! They dont trust me a bit, like I have to tell them where I am at all the time. Ahhhhh, they get on my nervz.

"My parents let me wear make-up, but they wont let me have a boyfriend. I can see almost any movie but they wont let me have a cell phone. They let me go almost anywhere with my friends, as long as I tell them like a month in advance. So it doesnt mess with their plans. Theyre pretty cool but sometimes annoying, and not fair much all of the time. My sister Kierstin was going to go to a birthday party and she was behaving really bad and did some bad stuff to my parents. But when I wanted to go to my friends Super Bowl party, I couldnt go because I said something mean to my sister. And on the day of my sisters party, I asked why she got to go to the party even though she was acting bad and they said that they will never take parties away from us because of behavior. But the next week was my party and I couldnt go. It was so not fair. But otherwise theyre pretty cool.

"Hey, I think that my mom is really, really strict. She doesnt let me go outside without asking and I cant go to anywhere. I hate this life. What can I do??
--Zohal, 12

"Yes. I cant get below a B+ in science, English, history and PE. I have to get an A. Math I struggle withso as long as I have a C, I am good. But if I dont get those grades or higher, I get in a lot of trouble.
--Dolphingurl11, 12

"Yes! They don't let me do anything, especially my mom!
--Kelsey, 12

NOOOOOOOOO!!! My parents let me watch 'The O. C.' and 'Degrassi' and all those teen shows. I get to shop on my own and I feel great when I buy something with my own money. I only get $3.00 in allowance but I think that is reasonable.
--Olivia, 12

"My mom and dad had 4 kids, Im the 4th one. Im the youngest and I cant go anywhere. Like, if I want to talk or go to the mall and hang out, they wont let me go with my friends. If I want to go on a date I cant. Moms, dadsyou guys are so strict. Its so annoying to me because Im older than 8 and you guys act like if Im 2.
--Gunietgirl, 12

"My parents are so strictI mean at certain times. If I go to the movies they have to talk to the people I go with because they don't believe me. I think they should trust me more and not question me so much.

"Kyle, you definitely are not the only kid who gets spanked. My parents have a ping-pong paddle they use on us and a few whacks with it will make you see stars! All it takes to get a spanking in our house is talking in a disrespectful tone of voice. So yeah, mine are strict too.
--Becky, 13

No they are not. I mean I have to be upstairs by 9:00 but I can go to bed whenever I want. My brother Mike stays up late, but he is older than me.
--Annie, 10

"Well, yes. But they have their reasons. I am not allowed to talk on the phone after 8 pm and I can't go to the mall without a parent, and my comp has parent controls. However, I can go off to the mall, but the parent has to be close by. I am allowed to wear ANYTHING from Abercrombie (the kids, I am really thin, size 12 slim in pants!), as well as wherever I want, but it can't be too expensive. I just got a cell, but we have guidelines for them. I don't have a comp of my own or a TV, but that isn't important. Ok, ONE main issue here that I saw was boyfriends. I am allowed to date. Another was THONGS! YUCKY! So yes, my parents are strict, but the can be fun too!
--Rachel, 13

"I get grounded for nothing and my little brother gets away with everything. I also have to be in early at night and my 10 year old brother is allowed out to the same time (9pm).

"My dad is strict because he wont let me go play outside, have a boyfriend, or call my friends.
--Jamie, 10

"My mom and dad are so strict. They treat me like a 2 year child. I cant hang out with my friends, go to the mall, or anything of the sort.
--Dominique, 13

"I can't do anything! I can't wear a thong or bra, and I seriously need one. Everyone at school now teases me and I have to wear jackets, even like in the summer. Im also not allowed to date! I have to tell them where Im going and why. But it's no use because they still always say no. They don't feel comfortable. I can't have my own cell phone. Worst of all, I can't have MSN when everyone in my school has it and I hate saying no to people when they ask for my MSN! They are way too overprotective and I wish they would loosen up a bit.
--Sarah, 12

"YEAH! They wont let me play out with my friends or anything. And I cant go on whatever website I want. Im not even allowed on this, Ill get killed if they found out. Ive even started self harming. I only started this week.
--Sian, 11

"My mom and dad are not that strict, but when it comes to what I wear, it's war. I mean, my parents are not really strict, but sometimes I wish they could just let me wear what I want to wear.
--Coolgirl, 11

"To all you out there who said that your parents are strict, they probably are because of a reason. They care about you and they love you. If they wouldnt care about you, would you think they would care about your grades and supply you with food? Sometimes, its hard being a parent. They have to pay for everything you do, clothes, sports and food mostly everything. You cant get what you want all the time. You should really appreciate what you have. My parents can be strict, but I know that they care about me.
--Melissa , 12

"They aren't that strict. Sometimes nice, sometimes mean. I go to bed at 9 every Sunday to Thursday. I can wear tank tops. I get more freedom, not to brag. The parent that is strict the most: can't decide. My mom yells really loud, and my dad makes the rules.
--Lili, 10

"I think my parents are really strict, but I like it. I mean, I don't like it when they are being strict, but overall I think it's good. They just want what's best for me. I know I sound like some Don't do Drugs commercial, but that's honestly how I feel.
--Kirsten, 12

"I think that my parents are not to strict at all. I am not allowed to wear skimpy clothing (such as miniskirts) but I wouldn't want to anyways. In fact, the main thing my parents get mad at me for is for wearing clothing that covers everything except my face and hands. They let me wear a headscarf, but I can't wear my favorite clothes (all black, trench-coat styled over garments, etc. ) to school. Apparently it's 'too extreme.'

"I can't see an R rated movie, get a cell phone right now, no boyfriend, and nothing revealing. You can say my parents are strict. If we get in trouble, we never get grounded! They aren't as strict as my friend's parents. My parents rule!
--Lili, 10

"Im not allowed to do anything! Im not allowed to talk on the phone past 8:00! Im not allowed to have my own phone! Im not allowed to hang out with my friends at the park alone! They dont trust me at all! But sometimes Im glad they are strict!
--Courtney, 12

"I think that my parents are strict when I get home like two seconds after I am supposed to get home and I get grounded for about 2 months with no computer, phone, or outside. I am happy that I usually don't get grounded from the TV though.
--Mariah, 10

"Hi . I think my dad is too strict because he won't let me pluck my eyebrows! My mom will, but my dad won't. Im 11 years old and in the sixth grade. I seriously don't know why my dad won't let me, because all the other girls my age are allowed to but they don't have to because they didn't come out bushy eyebrowed like I did. My dad keeps telling me to enjoy my childhood but Im not a little girl anymore! I already had my period, and is it my fault I have a late birthday and that Im the youngest one in my class? I am an A - honor roll student and really responsible, so why can't I pluck my eyebrows ? Please help! Bye !
--Daniela, 11

"Yes, but they can still be really nice and take me places not many kids get to go to.
--Ari, 10

"My parents have plenty of rules, but I have no problem with any of them because I can understand why they have them: no belly shirts (I don't like these anyway!), no cell phone (don't need one), no talking on the phone unless I ask permission (because my mom might have to make a business call), no swearing (I DO NOT like it when people swear!), no calling of names, and no dating 'till Im 17 (Im 13 and I still think boys have cooties, so I obviously have no problem with this ).
--Erin, 13

"My mom and dad r way 2 strict. I get in trouble 4 every little thing and Ive been grounded since d beginning of time. Can u get divorced from ur parents?
--Phil, 10

"Absolutely not! When you think about it, it takes a lot of time and effort to run a family, along with money problems, sibling fights, and schools hassling them. Plus, all of your extra activities. Besides, if they need someone to grudge on, let them pick a pillow to punch. Let it be your, and give them a break!
--Dina, 12

"My mum is the opposite of my dad, he is so relaxed it isn't funny, and when I get a 'b' on my report card, my mom is about to flip! I get a 'D' and my dad just laughed!!! But my mom is cool, yeah, she is very strict, but it does help most of the time. She allows boys to call my house, even though my grammy thinks it is an absolute sin, and she allows me to have a cell phone and my own room, even though my dad says Im a bit too young for that stuff. I can't watch TV on school days, nor spend more than 30 minutes on the phone per week, plus my mum has to know their parents before I go over to a friends house.
--Astrid, 12

"My parents aren't really that strict, but they are over protective and won't let me have my own phone. If a guy asked me out they'll just automatically say no! Seriously! And now that Im 13 I need my own cell phone because I do a lot more stuff after school and I go to the mall a lot. But there is just no reasoning with those lunatics!!! But hey, I still love them (I would luv them more if I had a little lump in my pocket that I talk in) heeheehee.
--Molly, 13

"Yes, I got three C's on my last report card And I can't go anywhere. My friends can come here. My boyfriend is having a Easter Party with his family and wants me to go but my mom said since Im grounded I couldn't go. I think he's mad and I think my parents are too strict. I mean come on, it's EASTER.

"I think my parents are highly strict. They always believe and take my little sister Ashley's side when we are fighting. They let her sing, scream, and yell in my ear up to 200% high when Im trying to do my homework or get some peace and quiet. They trust her more than me because she gets to wear whatever she wants while I have to be forced to wear what my parents wanted. My parents haven't trusted me for over 5 months already. I wish that I could be free everyday for 13 years away from my mean sister so I won't be in trouble, even though she's supposed to get in trouble.
--Michelle, 13

"Well, not really. I can get anything I want if I ask maturely. My mom is really fun too. My dad is never around and when he is, he feels bad and buys me stuff.
--Megan, 11

"I have to tell mom and dad before I leave the house exactly where Im going and exactly when Im coming back. My bedtime is 9 o'clock sharp even on weekends. I have at least an hour of chores every single day. And Im the only kid I know who still gets spanked, even though I see some other kids on the board still do. So yeah, my parents are very strict. I love em though.
--Kyle, 12

"When me, my brother, and cousin were supposed to go to the movies, I went somewhere with my friends and my cousin honked the horn. I can't even talk to my friends on the internet!!! They are really strict!!
--Ceira, 13

"Oh, heck yeah. I can't have a boyfriend, can't wear makeup, and need to go to bed by 9:30 every night. But they are cool. My cousin's parents are less strict because they are younger than my parents.
--Randi, 12

"My parents are kinda strict, but I can understand why. I can't have a cell phone, no computer or TV in my room, no "sexy" clothes, no dating 'till Im, like, 17? Not a problem. I don't need any of that stuff. Well, I don't get the point of having crushes if there's no way you can date them if they like you too, but oh well
--Erin, 13

"My parents aren't too strict, even if Im not allowed to date outside of school, have a cell phone, or baby-sit at night for other peoples kids until high school. They know what's best!
--Aimee, 12

"My parents are strict on everything. Most of the time its because they want to protect me. But my mom wont allow me to have a boyfriend but I just think thats plain mean.
--Jill, 11

My mom says I can't have a boyfriend or a cell phone. But I understand because I am only 9. She did let me have a phone in my room. My mom's boyfriend helped her buy it for me. Mom hates that I rack up the phone bill when I talk to my friends on the phone.
--D'Janae, 9

"NO!!!!!! My parents are really nice and when I get in trouble I know it is for the best because they want me to be a smart successful adult. But it always seems parents are strict. Except MINE!!!!
--Brittney, 10

"I think that my parents are strict. I just got a cell phone and they wont let me bring it to school b/c there is no use and my mom will refuse to let me watch PG-13 movies. I just want them to loosen up.
--Chelsea, 13

"It depends on what kind of mood they are in. Sometimes they are careless (that doesnt happen very often) and sometimes they are out of this world strict! But I always love them. :)
--Tasha, 10

"My parents are strict, like when it comes to a cell phone my brother Justin got one FIRST instead of me!!!!!
--Tisi, 10

"Yes. When I get bad grades on my report card and when I act-up.
--Gabrielle, 9

"They are strict when I get into fights with my siblings or when I don't feel like doing the chores Im suppose to do. They do let me watch movies that are PG-13 but not AVP when I already saw it at the theater with my granpa. I have dances at school but I cant go because I have homework or I lied about my homework. I guess I shouldve done it but I wanted to go to the dance. We got all our toys and video games taken away because we fight so much or we are just stressing out our parents.
--Mike, 9

My parents are good about TV and stuff, and they respect my privacy, but one thing we argue about is clothes. I say an outfit is cute, my mom says it's waaay sexy. My mom also thinks all my clothes look really tight on me but they are just normal fit! She also likes me 2 wear clothes that don't hint that Im a girl, if u know what I mean. She likes shirts to be so baggy so you can't tell. I think that is so ridiculous. News flash: you can look cute without looking trashy, and my mom doesn't seem to know that.

"YESSSSSSSS!!!!! My mom is super strict. I cannot walk home by myself (I live 2 blocks from the school). I HAVE to go to church every Sunday (or Saturday so I pretend to act sick, tired or busy). And I once got punished for spilling water under my bed. Then I could not go to New York City for 3 months.
--Greg, 9

My parents are like everyone's parents: only strict when they need to be.
--AnnaRose, 12

My parents are cool.
--Keegan, 10

My parents are strict, yes, but not too strict. Like my sister Michiko gets to go to bed at 9:30 and I have to go to bed at 9:00. She gets to watch movies all night sometimes and she gets to watch PG-13 movies. She also gets a cell phone and goes to the mall by herself. But I can understand because she is 13 and is older than I am, so I remind myself of that when I don't think something is fair.

Now that I have read this article Im not sure my parents are strict anymore. Maybe just a little strict but not too much.

"I live with my aunt and uncle and grandparents and yes they are strict. I may have mentioned this before. My aunt and uncle are young so they understand me better.

"Are you kidding? My parents are the strictest people ever. They have the most absurd rules and yell at every little thing. I can't wait till I turn 18!
--Sasha, 13

"My parents never used to be strict, until I messed up, badly. They don't trust me anymore. I can't do anything without messing up. I wish I could go back in time and fix what I did wrong, but I can't. Don't make that same mistake, it stinks. Don't lie to your parents, it only makes things worse.

"Sometimes I think my dad is way to strict. I have to ask him for permission for just about everything.
--Jane, 11

"My mom is so mean, I cant do anything on school days except watch TV & do my homework.
--Jessica, 11

My parents are OK. But sometimes I have to baby-sit my brother when my friend invites me to go somewhere. I can understand because my little brother has autism and needs constant supervision.
--Jessi, 13

"Nope! My dad lets me and my brothers watch 14+ rated movies and R-rated movies and he let my 4-year-old brother watch 'Deep Blue Sea' (18+), 'Badder Santa' (R), 'Jaws' (14+), 'Hellboy' (14+) and lots more!
--KD, 13

"My little sister gets to stay up late and watch TV. I don't! My parents moved her out of my room and put her in the guest room. She gets the better things and most funnest things while I get bullied at and all that stuff.

"YES!!! I can't stand my parents!! They won't let me have a cell phone, even though I need one, and they won't let me go ANYWHERE with my friends without a parent. They won't let me see basically ANY PG-13 movie unless it's been approved by a website. The real deal is that they are letting me go to Europe this summer on a youth trip, but they won't let me go to the movies or the mall 10 miles away. They are so embarrassing!
--Matt, 12

"Well, all parents have certain rules. I think that a kid with absolutely no rules can have an awful reputation when they are older!!! You know yeah I do have a cell, yeah I do have a PC and yes I do love it but I know I am not allowed to go to the mall by myself, I know it is only like 15min. away but I would much rather hang out with my mom and go shopping and then like go to the arcade with my dad. I love my parents and I die of laughter with them. I wouldn't make them less strict nor more!!! Lol lmao.
--Christine, 12

"First of all, my parents are not strict! They let me go 2 the mall with my friends and I got a cell phone when I wuz 11 years old. I travel the world with my dad and I love spending time with my mom but when I go out and I want to be alone and hang with my friends they let me!!
--Looneytooney, 13

"My parents are cool but strict. It is balanced and has its pros and cons. I have learned a lot about life like money. I have to save and I have to buy really expensive stuff and I dont get everything I want. And on birthday days they help me buy cause they still want me to learn to save.
--Tyler, 12

"Im tired of my parents!! They think they know everything about my life and about my friends. It seems like theyre judging me and its not right. So why do they think they know everything?

"Sometimes my parents are too strict, I know it is for my own good but I'd like it if they would talk to me instead of yell or spank.
--Morgann, 10

"My mom won't even let me be in the house by myself w/out calling every ten minutes. My dad won't let me have people at our house without giving at least two weeks notice. And Im not allowed to drink tea or chocolate or watch any TV. Or be in my own room alone for more than 3 hours unless Im sleeping, doing homework, or reading.
--Josephine, 13

"I think that parents are not strict enough because in almost in every culture there are kids that get in trouble, disrespecting their families, having children at a very young age, and they don't even care what happens to their families. It's very sad to know that our generation doesn't have any discipline nor no respect for elders and our parents.
--Aundrea, 13

"They are not really. They love me so much that they couldn't be, but I still have to do chores!
--Courtney, 12

"Depends on their moods.
--Tiffany, 11

"My parents are strict. We don't get along. I can't date until Im 16, which I think is unreasonable. So that's later than most people in my grade. I don't think that's fair because most people I know don't have those restrictions on dating, and the few who do will all be turning 16 before me. Also, Im grounded until Im 16 now because I argue too much and we've gotten in too many fights. The only things that Im allowed are church youth group, church mission trip, drivers ed, computer, and phone. So basically I can't do anything with friends unless its through church. My parents are too strict, and Im not happy. In my household nobody loves you until you're perfect. Thats just how it goes.

Yeah, they hardly won't let me watch a PG-13 movie.
--Jenna, 11

My mom wont let me watch scary movies like Boogeyman, Hide and Seek and The Curse.
--Sally, 12

My parents are very strict. They take my cell phone away for everything and they never let me do anything I want. I LIKE MY MOM MORE THAN MY DAD.
--Lisa, 13

Of course not. My parents let me have a cell phone, a computer, a TV, a telephone, DVD player, and printer all in my room. And she lets me go anywhere I want as long as I tell her.
--Krystal, 12

--Daniella, 9

OK first off, Sami (10), I think your parents are right. Someone could get hurt easily. Second off I live with my grandparents and yes they are quite strict. But they have an old way of thinking so I understand. They kinda had a freak-out when my girlfriend Keara walked me home from a date and we kissed on my doorstep.

I think my parents are way too strict. First of all, Im not allowed to have a boyfriend. EVERYONE IN MY SCHOOL EVEN IN LOWER GRADES IS ALLOWED TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND! What ticks me off the most about that is my friends are always asking me to go out with some guy cuz he wanted to know if I'd go out with him. I always have to say, No, and when my friends ask, Why not, I have to say, Cuz I don't like him! even if I do. And now everyone thinks I think Im too good for anyone. But it'd be even more embarrassing to say, Cuz Im not allowed! Thats only the start. I have to sneak out to go to the mall by myself or with a friend, my mom is always putting my very stupid school work up on the walls of my room and putting dolls on my dresser even when I say I don't want them there. My parents are too over protective and Im not allowed to wear low-cut jeans or thongs like every other girl! Theres lots more stuff too but Im not up for the typing!
--Lisa, 11

My mom is too strict, she doesnt even let me play games. Please help me!

No. my parents are the nicest people I know, I dont have a cell phone but I dont need one cause I am allowed to use my parents phone a lot and plus none of my friends have one either. I am not allowed to date until I am 21 but who wants to? I am not allowed to watch Harry Potter but I am not that interested in the books or the movies so I am fine with that. My parents would let me sleep over at friends house if I really wanted to but I dont. My parents are strict but theyre strict in the areas that I dont care about.
--Someonewholovesmoms, 10

"No. My mom lets me do anything. If I'm not doing SOMETHING by myself shes with me.
--Luigi, 13

"YES YES YES YES! OK, you put my dad who is really strict about clothes and movies with my mom who is really strict about make up and music together. You get SOME REALLY STRICT PARENTS WITH A GIRL WHO CAN'T DO ANYTHING!
--Anonymous, 13

"My mom and dad are very strict because of what have happened to them, that is why they are strict.
--Maria, 13

"My friends parents are extremely strict. You'd think this wouldnt have any effect on me, but it does. My parents arent strict, Im allowed to do most of the things I want. Although I cant you see, because my friends cant. Sometimes I think its more hard on me than them, because Im actually able to do these things. Yet I still cant.

My parents are OK but sometimes I'd rather be with my crew when I have to babysit my stepsisters who live with me. I hate it because they tackle me and I can't count how many bruises I got from them.
--Nick, 12

My parents are really strict about grades. In Japan (where I went to school until I was 8), they stress schoolwork a lot so my parents do too. But I am allowed to have boyfriends and go to parties and Burger King with my friends. They like to have a clean house but my room is mostly clean so they don't worry much.
--Michiko, 13

"Whoa! My mom won't let me get any contacts, cellphones, or spend the night at my friends house or go off our home alone. I got grounded for the computer until I get my grade up to a B in math! If I do anything 2 get in the newspaper, my mom won't let them put me in it because people might want to stalk me!
--Colin, 13

"Ok, I notice a lot of girls on this topic are between the ages of 9 and 13. Well let me tell you this, if you can't date until you are in 8th grade or 7th or any junior high grade, consider yourself blessed. I can't date until I'm 16, and yes that is only a year left for me, but its been a long time, and a lot of heartache to get this far. But since you all are dealing with certain problems that I was at that age, be prepared for the next 5 years of your life because stuff like this is only going to be minor compared to what you have to deal with at this age.

"My parents are really nice and strict at the same time. When we do something bad, like when I rode my bike without my helmet, we have a family meeting and decide the fairest punishment. In that case, not being able to ride my bike for 2 weeks. We never have unfair punishments like no dinner if you get bad grades. When my brother got bad grades, we tried to fix them by making him do his homework before he did anything else.
--Meegan, 10

"I dont think that my mom is strict, she makes us clean up our stuff but doesnt every mom? I do think that my dad is strict, just because I drop a crumb or brush some crumbs of the table he would make me sweep all the tile in the whole house.
--Felicia, 12

"I LOVE MY PARENTS!! Even though they're really strict, but they can be really dorky sometimes and make me laugh. I know they have their own reasons for being strict.
--Tiffany, 11

--Danielle, 9

"No. I think some children act too disrespectful. Also my parents know if they are too strict with me I will live a very unhappy childhood.
--Quinn, 9

"My parents are strict about some things more than others. I can't date until I am in college and I can't go to the mall without my mom coming with me. There is no way that I can get a TV or computer in my room and they won't let me buy an iPod. My allowance is only $2 a week and sometimes they never give it to me.
--Abby, 13

"Yes, they are and I think its because my parents are jealous because I hang with my stepmother all the time and not them. Sometimes she picks me up and we will go to the movies or the beach. Thats why I think my parents are jealous over my stepmom because I always want to be with her.
--Jeffery, 12

"YES! My parents are awfully strict! Its horrible. They have never let me go to sleepovers and such.

"I think that my mom is a little strict. I can't watch Recess or the news (I understand) or Kim Possible. It really drives me nuts because my other friends and old classmates always talk about them. My dad I would call pretty strict. I mean he lets us eat junk and get out of showers but he makes us eat French fries with forks. I mean hello! Eating French fries with a fork is for people like Queen Elizabeth. Sometimes I don't like my parents but sometimes I couldn't live without them.
--Anna, 10

"I think my dad is strict because he lost his job in September. Every since he lost his job he has ruined my life. I write my problems in my Diary. My brother is annoyed with him too, sometimes my mom.

"I love my parents!!! I mean yeah, sometimes I feel like they should be a little more flexible but what kid doesn't feel that way! I just want to make sure that I have I good relationship with my parents, unlike some of my friends because I might need them in the end.
--Taylor Victoria, 12

"My Mom is strict but not too much. She only wants me to get good grades so I can enter a good college. It will employ better jobs so I can get high pay and get a good life.

"My dad and I got along pretty well until he got married to my stepmom. Now everything is falling apart, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. He doesn't understand me. He makes me stay at the house all the time so I can take care of my stepsister, who is 4. I love her to death, but she has completely taken over my life!!!!

"My parents are really strict, but they say that one day I'm going to thank them for it. (Right now, I don't see how I could thank them for not letting me do a lot, but I'm sure there's a reason.) My mom won't let me have a cell phone or a boyfriend right now, and she only lets me watch TV for 30 minutes at night. But, personally, I'd rather read than watch TV. I'd rather IM than talk on the phone, and I can see why my parents wouldn't let me have a boyfriend at 10 years old. I think these rules are okay. The only time when it ticks me off is when my friends say, Did you see American Idol last night? or bring their cell phone to school. Other than that, my parents aren't that strict.
--Amelia, 10

"My mom wont let me go to the movies or mall with friends. I'm not allowed to spend the night over friends houses, and I'm in my house on a Friday night. Oh and I'm not allowed to date till I'm 18.

"Yeah way too strict, especially about boys.
--Sarah, 11

"My parents are too strict. They don't let me wear shorts to school and they get mad if I go past the street. What could I do?
--Ana, 13

"My mom's mom can sometimes be strict.
--Laura, 9

"My situation's basically the same as Libby's. I've had one girlfriend for one year now and they had NO objections. Rules reek, but they're for your own well being I guess."
--Shane, 13

"My parents are TOO strict!!!! My mom won't let me wear make-up to school. My dad didn't like it when my boyfriend gave me a locket for Christmas. My mom and I DO NOT GET ALONG!!!!! I I get along better with my grandparents more than my own parents."
--Stephanie, 11

"My mom and dad are a bit stricter than my friends parents but theyre ok with some things like boys and stuff like that, which I suppose I should be more grateful for!!"

"I DON'T, but I do feel bad for my cousin. She is not allowed to do a lot of things!"
--Christine, 12

"My parents are too over protective."
--Chelsea, 13

"Yes my parents are too strict. They dont guide me in the right direction because they dont know the right direction and I dont want to end up like them so Ill just avoid their mistakes and make sure I wont do most things they tell me to do. Ok ok, Im just saying I know what is best and what is good for myself."
--Katey, 13

"My parents are way too strict. I am not allowed to go out because I told them I do not want them to go through my backpack."
--Becs, 13

"My parents are so cool. Yeah, they're uptight sometimes, but what parents aren't? I mean, they won't let me have a cell phone until eighth grade but this year they let me have my first boyfriend. I broke up with him and my folks didn't make a big deal of it like some others. My mom lets me buy miniskirts and bikinis and both my parents don't care if my room is A LITTLE cluttered. We do have rules though. But they rock (my parents, not the rules!)!"
--Libby, 12

My mom says no one-on-one dates until eighth grade and no belly shirts and stuff, but she is cool. They say I need to put in a lot of effort for school and if I do, they don't care what my grades are. They are cool. I do have chores like feeding my dog. But they are not so strict.
--Liz, 12

"Yes, I think my mom is way too strict. She is always too 'tired' to drop me off at the mall and because I am Chinese she expects me to be smart. I got 4 A's and 3 A-'s. She thought that was bad but I think it is good. Every time I ask her if I can go to the mall she says I should go do some homework or something. It is so annoying."
--Nikki, 12

"My mom is the coolest. My step-dad however is the most horrible thing that happened to me and my real dad smokes. What would you do in a situation like this?!"
--Maddie, 10

"My parents are strict enough! If they got any stricter, I would freak out!"
--Hayley, 9

"My mom is not strict at all as a matter of fact. She's really cool!"
--Shawntel, 12

"My parents are only strict sometimes. They said no real boyfriends until 7th grade (I'm in 6th) and no piercing anywhere except my ears. No sexy clothes and do what your elders tell you. Other than that, they are pretty cool. I mean, I don't want to wear a midriff or get a belly ring."
--Olivia, 12

"I don't think my parents are strict! Of course I might get ban from the computer if I use it WAY too much or have a talk about why I got in trouble at school, but I'm not the kind of kid who gets grounded for things that most kids do get grounded for. Boy am I glad!"
--Lisa, 10

"They are way too strict! They wont even let me have a boyfriend or cell phone but I don't care if I get a boyfriend. I won't tell them. They think they need to know everything about my life. I hope my mom or dad goes on this Web site and sees this and if they do I will say, 'Yea that's me. Oh well and that's how I really feel.'"
--S. V. S., 11

"I really want to go to a New Year's Eve party tonight at a church that is a few towns away but my parents won't let me and I really want to go. I will be in the hands of very safe people and I'm not sure what to do."

"My parents are so strict it's not even funny. They wont let me go anywhere or do anything and they don't even trust me but its not like they have a reason. They just don't trust me. I've never done anything bad or even gotten in trouble but still they won't let me do anything. The worse part is if I'm even allowed to hang out with my friends, I have to be home earlier than ever one else like an hour at least, earlier than everyone else."

"Some parents are overprotective but they do that to protect kids. My parents might be strict, but they do that to steer me in the right direction."
--Kathy, 9

"My parents are strict but not too strict. They make the rules and tell me what they are so if I break them and get spanked or grounded I know it's fair."
--Arianne, 11

"My dad and stepmom are kind of strict, but my older sister says that it's because we live with them full time and they are being responsible parents. I only see my real mom two or three times a month and she is really, really strict and mean."
--Alyssa, 9

My mom is very strict. I don't know if they are too strict, but if I'm bad my mom spanks me with a paddle and I'm grounded to my room until she says I'm ungrounded. Most of my friends parents aren't as strict.
--Charlie, 11

My parents are very strict. My bedtime is 9 on school nights, 10 on weekends. There is no TV until homework and chores are done and I have a lot of chores. Any sassing or disrespect and I get punished. Oh, they also tell me what TV shows I am allowed to watch and if I watch something at someone else's house that I can't watch at home, I get punished.
--Emaline, 13

I hate my parents because they wont let me do anything. They think that something is going to happen to me. They won't even let me do anything with my friends except sleep over and if I do get to do something with my friends, they have to come.
--Kristen, 12

I dont think they are too strict but sometimes they can get me on my last nerve.

My parents are semi-strict and I'm glad. They don't make me go to bed every night at 8:00 or not let me go to school dances, but they have reasonable restrictions. Most kids who have overly-strict parents end up rebelling, and kids with parents who don't set any restrictions get in a lot of trouble.
--Marisa, 12

Occasionally my Dad will yell or get mad even though he shouldn't, but other than that, no, not at all.
--Talia, 11

My mother can yell like its just the funnest activity and yes, she's VERY strict.
--Angelie, 9

Are my parents strict, you ask? Oh yes, they are. They are really fussy about my hair which is the kind that never looks brushed. The tell me to brush it. I do the best I can. I come out. Do it again, they yell. I hate that so much.
--Anonymous, 10

I think my parents are too strict. I am not allowed to go anywhere because they think its too dangerous but really I am a pretty smart girl and I would know what to do if someone would try to kidnap me or something.
--Ema, 11

My parents always get angry when I don't study for one day. Why is that?
--Madeline, 10

No. Parents aren't strict enough. If you think grounded is bad, think about the past. Children got spanked and we get banned from computer and TV use. Yeah, HUGE punishment. People are just becoming too spoiled to see the difference.
--Gina, 12

I think they are because we can't even have boyfriends or we will get into trouble. We can't go anywhere, we can't go places with our friends, and we can't even go to birthday parties. I don't even like my parents because we get in trouble for everything that we do.
--Clarissia, 13

My parents wont like let me have the whole school at my birthday party. They said only 50 people! Talk about strict!
--Sami, 10

Yes. My mom blames me for anything my sister does and I never even do anything.
--Khadijah, 10

My parents are tough, but they give me what I need. I don't always get what I want though.

My mom and dad will not let me get the new Hilary Duff cell phone. They know I am like her #1 fan and they said only if you join a sport, so I did. I tried out for cheerleading and I got in and they will still not let me get it. But I still love them!
--Marissa, 11

Maybe. It depends on how you act.
--Jane Lee, 11

My mom is strict! But my dad isn't.
--Tyler, 12

Yes my dad is, all he ever tells me to do is clean my room, do the dishes. I hate it.
--Patricia, 12

No, because they are strict because they want to raise me right. Sometimes they can act strict but they are doing it for a reason.
--Kayanah, 9

Sometimes when I don't behave they'll be strict, but the rest of the time theyre great.
--Cassie, 9

I live with my dad and I want to get my belly button done. I don't think its a big deal. I have looked up all the pro's and con's about it but he still won't let me do it.
--Ashley, 13

Nope, they are too nice!
--Alex, 11

I think my parents are mean to me but not to my sisters. I am expected to do everything right because I am the oldest. My littlest sister hardly ever gets in trouble even though she is worse than me. I always get in trouble for their wrongdoing.
--Ashley, 12

No, but my father can get very scary if I act wrong.
--Yonit, 11

My mom is way too strict. She yells at me for everything!!!!!!
--Khadijah, 10

My dad is so strict, he thinks Im still like 5 years old. People keep telling me its for my own good but I don't see that yet, maybe I will soon.

My parents are way too strict. I not allowed to watch Barney even.
--Sharia, 12

Usually my parents are pretty lenient. Sometimes they can get strict. A lot of the time they side with my younger siblings when I get in a fight with them. They are good parents, though.
--Matt, 11

Yes! My friend can have a boyfriend. I can't even have a boy over at my house unless its one of my bros friends.
--Jordan, 10

"Not really. On some things yes and sometimes my dad is, but mostly no."
--Courtney, 10

"My parents are so strict. It's so annoying."
--Marie, 12

"Yes, just a little. She makes me do all the chores."
--Lauren, 10

"Sometimes I think they are too strict, but they are also very fun! They are strict but that is only to keep us safe. If they let us do whatever we wanted, then we could be in danger. So overall, I think my parents are just right!!!"
--Sarah, 11

"No! They are just trying to keep us on track. They do know what is best for us. Yeah!"
--Jojo, 9

"Well, my mom is willing to let me and my twin sister have more freedom, but my dad.well, he's stricter than my mom. "
--Alexia, 12

"I understand that any rules my parents set are to keep me safe and help me learn."

"The total opposite! My mom lets me do whatever I want, but sometimes I wish she would be more strict with me."
--Evelyn, 12

"Sometimes I think my parents are too strict. My dad is nice when he is nice but when he gets mad, he either hits me with a belt or hand. My mom lets the pressure get to her easily and when she hits me it really hurts."
--Isabella, 10

"I don't think they are strict. They are just sometimes strict when they are really mad or something."
--Allison, 10

"I guess in a way because I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16. That's kinda strict I guess."
--Courtney, 11

"I don't necessarily think that my parents are strict. My mom and dad are divorced so they have different attitudes. My dad is stricter than my mom but he's not that strict."
--Alyssa, 11

"Oh yes. My mom is probably the strictest person around. She yells at me if I get a B+ on a test and I get punished. Just the other day, I forgot two of my copy books at home and I needed them for school. She dropped them off at school with a note saying I was punished. I always get in trouble for whatever my brother does even though it's not my fault. This morning we got in big trouble for something we didn't do and even had candy taken away. My mom needs to loosen up, don't you think?"
--Samantha, 11

"NO!!! I usually get everything I want. I am an only child and I am proud of it!"
--Alex, 10

"My parents are two of my best friends. I mean I can talk to them about anything and they are so understanding. They are my parents so we don't always agree on everything. My parents have a lot of rules, but they are so down to earth. My parents are the best."
--Ericah, 13

"I don't think parents are too strict. The only reason they act that way is because they want to raise us to be good people when we go out into the world on our own. So when we get older and live in a house of our own, we can teach our kids the same thing they taught us and hopefully they will do the same for their kids. So, the next time you think your parents are too strict, rememberthey love you."
--Jessica, 12

"I think parents are too strict when you have to be in by a certain time, you get grounded, you get suspended at school, or when they make you clean the whole house by yourself."
--Khris, 13

"Yeah, sometimes. I have hardly any computer or TV time each day. Other than that, they're pretty cool."
--Hannah, 12

"No, I don't. I love my folks and sometimes they may yell at me, but hey, there is always a reason. My mom makes me clean my room a lot, but it does get a little messy. Don't forget, even if they do get mad or strict, they still love you!"
--CJ, 10

"I LOVE RATS!! I want one so bad, but my mom said I'm not responsible because I hated my fish and didn't take care. I asked how I could show I'm more responsible and she said, You can't, youre just going to have to wait to move out in 8 years.' So I went to my dad and he said pretty much the same but a little different. I'M SO MAD AT MY STRICT FAMILY."
--Kristy, 10

"Yes, they are, but if I were a parent, I would be strict too. I would want to show that I care for my child. My parents are strict with me. I know they care about me and that is their way of saying I LOVE YOU."
--Sandra, 12

"I have to do all the chores around the house and don't even get verbal praise."
--Megan, 13

"NO, I don't. I just think they are trying to protect us. For example, let's say you want to go to a really cool pool party and your parents say no. Then when you went to school you heard some one was beat up or worse. People actually don't think. You should be glad they are strict."
--Charlissa, 11

"My parents are way too strict. They let me do some things like go to the movies with my friends and stuff. But if I have a crush on someone they have to get all into my business and try to do every possible thing to make me change my mind or make me not like that guy! It gets on my nerves!!!"
--Rebecca, 12

"Yes, I think my mom is strict because she won't let me have a boyfriend or a cell phone. There is a certain kind of music I have to listen to."
--Crissy, 12

"My parents are not that strict, but they are once you get an attitude."
--Brittany, 10

"I do think they are too strict because I can't really sleep over at my best friend's house because of the way her parents act. I HATE IT SO MUCH!!"
--Kaycee, 12

"Sort of. But it doesn't really matter. They're strict because they love me. If they weren't, I'd feel like they hate me. When they're strict, it's like they're warning you to do the right thing."
--Basma, 11

"My parents aren't strict because they let me go to people's homes and parties."
--Barbara, 13

"No. They are simply making it so I don't make the same bad mistakes they did. They paid for their actions and through trial and error they learned so that I won't repeat it. They don't want me to be involved in the wrong ways and stray from what God wants me to do, which I feel is to be a pastor. I was not brainwashed. I feel myself God wants me to be a pastor and so they encourage me and help me not to stray."

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