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What's the worst punishment your parents have ever given you?
--From Ryan, 11

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"This isn't actually a punishment, but if me or Flora do something bad, we have to go to our room. I think that if we do something bad we're grounded for 2 to 4 weeks with no TV, no phone, no computer, only reading, doing our homework, and playing with each other."

"I usually don't get grounded for a long time but my parents grounded me for two weeks once!"
--Emma, 11

“When I had a bad punishment, I had to stay in my room for about a week. The good thing was that I got to spy on my friends out the window. We got to talk from the window. It was sort of a good punishment!”
--Heather, 11

“I was grounded for cursing at my parents. I wasn't allowed to go to my best friend's party and had to clean the whole house ALL BY MYSELF.”

“This isn't actually a punishment, but every Christmas morning my sister and I can't go downstairs to look through our stockings until 6:00 A.M.! Since I usually wake up at about half-past four, I have to wait up in my room for about ninety minutes of pure torture.”
--Connor, 10

"Unlike many of you, I haven't been grounded for more than 2 weeks. Thank God because I wouldn't have survived. Always, my parents would lighten up with me because I'm now older. Wait till your day comes!"

“Once I hit my sister when she popped the head off my doll. I had to go to bed at seven for a week and help clean my brother's room two times. My sister had to buy me a new doll, repair the old one, and clean the washroom three times!”
--Breha, 9

“My brother and I were fighting over the computer when my arm got caught on a cord and I accidentally pushed the computer off the table, breaking it. Not only did I have to pay half of the repair costs, I also was not allowed to use the new one for three months.”
--Mahry, 11

“Once I pushed my twin sister and she fell and hit her head on the stovetop. It was on (but it was turned on 30 seconds before) so she burned herself. I had to pay her $20 and clean her room (properly) for a week.”
--Ahren, 9

“I was grounded for fighting with my teacher. For one month I couldn't come out of my room, go to see friends or parties, and worst of all, no TV, computer, games, phones, and cell phones. I had to do my homework and stay in my room all day. On weekends, I sat in my room staring at the walls for 12 hours. That is not right to make kids face boredom.”

“My worst punishment was when I was 10 and I had to wear my mother's pants that were majorly too big. For half a day I had to put big pants on my little brother. I hated that.”

“I got grounded and had to be a pooper scooper for 1 week. I cried and screamed and was a maniac!”
--Smile, 11

“I got punished once for calling someone stupid. I got sent to my room with no GameBoy, TV, or computer. I just got to sit on my bed and read. When did it happen? A few years ago. My mom did it.”
--Daniella, 8

“My worst punishment that I know of is when my dad gives me lectures because they're so boring. I just sometimes drop the subject.”

”Once when I was at my friend Sarah’s house, I told her dad that my sis' babysitter was at my house and that I wasn’t allowed to go home when the babysitter was there. So when my mom found out, she was mad at me and I couldn’t play with Sarah for 3 days. When my dad found out he wouldn’t let me play with her for one day and I had to play with my sister all day and that I had to do lots of chores.”
--Britt, 12

"I don't think I've ever gotten punished really bad. I think my worst punishment would probably be getting grounded for two days which wasn't that bad."
--Courtney, 11

"I've actually never been severely punished because I hardly ever misbehave! I'm not saying I'm some perfect child, but I hardly ever get in trouble! I've only been sent to my room once and I was only six!"
--RM, 11

"I said something naughty to a younger kid and my mom took away my babysitting privileges."
--Olivia, 11

"One time I went to play at my friend Hannah's house and she lives on the lake. It was winter and we wanted to go sledding. We slid onto the ice. My mom found out and my punishment was that I could not watch TV for a month!"
--Devin, 9

"My worst punishment was when I got all F's on all four report cards last year. My parents grounded me for 2 years. When did this happen? Last year. I have one more year to go. They don't know I'm on now. I better get off or I'll get grounded for another YEAR!! Oh man…my mom just came in here… grounded for another year. :("

"Once I stole A 60 dollar shirt from the mall. When my mom found out I was grounded for 1 year and I lost my cell phone privileges. Plus my girlfriend dumped me."
--Ryan, 13

"Once I was babysitting my brother Harry and he ran on the street and broke his leg. When everything was sorted out, my dad came in my room and made me lie on my bed and he spanked me."

"I always get punished because I love practical jokes but when I play them I always get caught. When I get punished, my mom first tells me to go to my room. Then she comes up and tells me I'm about to get a spanking. We go over it a couple of times and then she spanks me HARD on the backside. Then I get grounded for a week."

"I was grounded for a week. There was no TV, no outside, no phone and no computer. Very harsh."
--Brittane, 12

“My punishment was that if I do anything bad, I’m punished with no TV, computer, PS1, but only reading.”
--Cody, 8

"Not getting to go to horse camp just because I didn't clean my room."
--Rae, 12

"When I couldn't talk to my only friend because they didn't like him, but now they know him better and they love him. I was so depressed for those days I couldn't talk to him, I had to go to a doctor for my depression."

"My worst ever punishment would have to be when I got an F on my report card. It was in Math. My parents grounded me for 2 weeks. No TV, no phone, no computer and my mom took away my drawing paper, pencils, and pens so I couldn't draw. She would give me a couple of pens before I left for school and I had to do my homework right in front of them. Or at least show it to them when they got home."
--Jenny, 12

"I only got punished twice when I was really young. I got put in my room with my dad blocking the door. I don't like people getting mad at me, so I stay out of trouble."
--Kiera, 8

"I was being mouthy to my mom one morning and she grounded me from the TV for one day. Then she went out after school and when she came back she saw me watching TV and then I got grounded for one more week."
--Emily, 13

"I think my worst ever punishment was when I supposedly called my brother a bad name and I couldn't go to my basketball party. I figured that that was a really easy punishment for me."
--Tyler, 12

"My worst punishment was when I was grounded for 3 months, no T.V., no telephone, no nothing. They took everything out of my room except my bed, my dresser and a table."
--Jennifer, 13

"My worst punishment was when I entered a dirt bike racing competition and I got caught kissing a boy (lol!). Then my parents called the manager of the race and made me cancel! I was really mad!"
--Annie, 11

"Me and one of my best friends Ashley, prank phone-called this dude. We acted like we were advertising for the band Evanescence but we forgot to block the number. He kept calling back and every time we picked up the phone he would yell at us. After the 13th time he called us, we didn't pick up and he left a BAD message saying all these things we didn't do. Then he called the police and the police called Ashley's parents. I was in trouble for at least 4 or 5 months, and now I barely speak to Ashley!!"
--Rachel (llama), 12

"My mom grounded me for 3 months!!!! I was dying. I couldn't do anything. Those were the worst days of my life."
--Kami, 12

"The worst punishment that I ever had was when I had to stay in my room for a while and got grounded for a week. On top of that I couldn't go in the living room for a month. But I think I deserved it."
--Megan, 10

"Well, since I live in a foster home, I have to stay out of trouble. If I don't then I get sent back to Juvenile Detention Center. The worst punishment I've ever gotten was I was grounded for a year, four months and nineteen days!!"

“My mom caught me out with my friend in the middle of the night. We live in Newark, so it was pretty dangerous. She took away my cell phone, all my shoes (except for a pair of sneakers), my most expensive clothes, CD's, TV, computer (she doesn't know I'm on it now) and all the ‘luxury’ items I can’t live without. When'd this happen? Last year.”

"It was being grounded for my whole 6th grade year and sitting in the hall all that year because my parents couldn't trust me."
--Alisha, 11

“I kissed my boyfriend in front of my sister and she told on me. I had no phone, no TV, no friends, and no video games for 2 months. I thought I was going to DIE!!!! But I lived!”
--Gina, 11

“The worst punishment was that I had to clean the fire pit all by myself.”
--Melissa, 10

“First I had to stay in my room for 6 hours without eating or anything, then when that was over I couldn’t watch TV, go on the computer, talk on the phone, and I couldn’t play at my friends house or even talk to her after school (she doesn’t go to my school either). It totally stank!”
--Sarah, 12

“The worst punishment I’ve ever had was when I got grounded for my 72 on my report card. I was grounded for the next whole 6 weeks. I guess that they were not used to it since I usually get high B's and low A's.”
--Michelle, 11

“They took away my electric guitar for a month!!! I couldn’t go to practice with my band!”

“My parents told me no TV for a whole 2 months. I couldn't go outside to play with my friends for a month. It was really harsh!”
--Anna, 10

“The worst punishment I ever had was having my phone taken away and not being able to go online. That's the worst punishment I ever had.”
--Jenna, 11

“The worst punishment was on a Sunday when my brother and I weren't doing what we were supposed to do. We had to clean the whole house (not really), but most of it. While my mom and dad were doing nothing at all, we had to clean. What a bad time that was. :P”

“Once they gave me a week without TV, Gameboy, and computer.”

“They took away my AMP so at band practice you couldn’t even hear my guitar. It was embarrassing because my crush was there!!!”
--Cynthia, 13

“I didn't tell my parents that I was going to the mall with my friend Alicia since they were at work and couldn't get a hold of them. We got late coming back and my mom had come home. She was furious! I was grounded for 1 month which was the rest of the summer.”
--Shauna, 11

"The worst punishment was to clean the toilet on Saturdays at 2:00 in the morning before going to bed. That's the worst punishment I've ever had."
--Aimee, 8

"My mother always punishes me for nothing, and she took my phone privileges away."
--Victoria, 14

"I would say that my parents' worst punishment given to me was for about 8 weeks."
--Alisha, 12

"When I was five, my brother was turning seven. He chose to go to Disney World and bring a friend. I was going to go but the night before. I got in trouble and was not allowed to go."
--Helen, 10

"The worst thing my mom has done to me is make me stay in my room all day. I couldn't do anything but stare and couldn't come out at all."
--Allie, 12

"Hey! My worst punishment was when I got grounded when I was 6."
--Felicia, 10

"The worst punishment I ever got was when my parents wouldn't let me go dog sledding or watch t.v."

"The worst punishment my parents have ever given me is not letting me play my favorite game for 2 weeks."
--Michelle, 12

"The worst punishment my mom or dad gave me was no candy or money, t.v. or no mall."
--Leeana, 10

"My dad sent me to my room and yelled."
--Kandi, 11

"They said I couldn't go to my Bff's birthday!"
--Kaleigh, 13

"I got grounded for a month."
--Danielle, 10

"The worst punishment I've gotten is no PS2 for a month! That is hard for me!!"
--Lainey, 13

"Hi! What's up? The worst punishment I have ever had is that I had to stay in my room for two months. I was mad but I had to stay in there and could not talk on the telephone or watch TV."
--Krenisha, 13

"That I had to stay in my room all day without doing anything all day except work. That is not right."
--Lashanna, 10

"The worst punishment my mom ever gave was taking 3 days without the phone."
--Caitlin, 11

"My worst punishment ever was when I got suspended from school."
--Stacie, 9

"They have grounded me for 6 months."
--Allison, 10

"Punished for 1 year."
--Hysen, 13

"The worst punishment my parents gave me was that they grounded me for a week and I couldn't do anything but sit around and mope! It was horrible!"
--Nikki, 11

"They took away everything, I mean EVERYTHING for three entire months. The only thing I had in my room was a bed, a desk for homework, a dresser, and four walls to stare at until I was bored to death."
--Karoline, 9

"The worst punishment was that they grounded me and I had to fold and put away the laundry for a month and 4 days."
--Jessica, 10

"The worst punishment my parents gave me was a six-month grounding."
--Natalie, 12

"When I was 5 years old, I did something really bad, but I don't remember what it was. I do however remember that I was grounded for 2 weeks…over my 6th birthday. I was allowed to have my party but we had to stay at my house and everyone had to go home at the end of the day instead of sleeping over like I had planned."
--Laura, 12

"Once I could not listen to any music or watch television."
--Kate, 11

"My brother and I were up at my grandpa's and grandma's house and threw beer cans down and busted them on the tennis court! Oops! I was too young to understand but my cousin was also doing it and I got yelled at because I was the littlest."

"I got grounded from the entire entertainment system."
--Emily, 11

"NO phone for a month!!! (BOYFRIEND CALLS AND I CANT TALK TO HIM!!!)."
--Katie, 12

"My worst punishment was when my mom didn't let me go to my friend's house for a sleepover."
--Ashley, 9

"The worst punishment my parents have ever given me was that I had to fix everything that was broken in the house. If I didn't, I could never go to any of my friends’ houses or parties!" --Laura, 12

"No TV for a year!!!"

"I'm on my worst punishment right now. I can't watch TV for a week. Pathetic isn't it?'
--John, 9

"The worst punishment was putting me in a home schooling program. I haven't seen any of my friends in 4 months. The worst part of it is that I live about 1,000 miles from town. It's not like I live close to the village."
--Destenie, 11

"The worst was when I couldn't go to a party."
--Jamie, 10

"I got grounded for 2 months because I lied about when I didn't stay on for my limited time and just today they ungrounded me!"
--Amanda, 11

"I never have punishments because I'm good most of the time."
--Laura, 10

"The worst punishment my parents gave me was not getting to go online & being grounded for five months."
--Madeline, 9

"I was once grounded for 2 months with no phone, no going out with friends, and I had to go to BED at 8:30 PM. That was just torture. I thought I was going to die. That was my worst punishment ever!!!"
--Rebecca, 13

"The worst punishment that my parents gave me was having me haul cow manure."
--Cheyenne, 12

"The worst punishment I ever got was for backtalking to my mom. I was grounded for two whole weeks and missed my Bff's b-day party!'
--Jessica, 11

"Once my parents threatened to ban me from reading, but the worst punishment was putting me to bed at 8."
--Carissa, 10

"I've never done anything really bad so I've never had any real punishments except time-outs when I was younger."
--Sierra, 9

"Not letting me see my boyfriend."
--Katie, 11

"The worst punishment my parents have ever given me was not letting me use the Internet for 2 months."
--Mireya, 12

"When I got two D's on my report card and didn't tell my parents and my mom found out when she called the school. I wasn't allowed on the computer for two weeks and now my parents always bug me about how I'm doing. I hate it, but I guess I brought it on myself."

"Being off the computer and MSN and that kinda stuff for a month because I got in a fight with a girl ‘cause she was talking about my best friend."
--Shelby, 11

"For not practicing piano enough and talking back too much to my parents. They took away my piano lessons for a short period of time and the worst part was they told my piano teacher exactly why they were putting my lessons on hold!"
--Grace, 12

"When I forgot my whole homework assignment during school vacation and I did not tell my mom. She grounded me for a month and I had no TV for 3 weeks."
--Asia, 11

"My worst punishment ever was being grounded for 1 month."
--Brendan, 11

"I had said something I was not supposed to say. I had to rake all of the leaves, vacuum our two-story house and write a three-page apology letter to the person I said it to."
--Lauren, 10

"Being grounded from the computer!"
--Jennifer, 10

"Once my parents took my allowance away from me."
--Ivy, 10

"The worst punishment my parents gave me was no TV for 2 whole months because they think I got on the phone too much. I go on the phone so I can call my friends and ask them if they understand the homework."
--Simie, 12

"The worst punishment my parents ever gave to me was no TV for 1 week, no Internet for 2 weeks, and I wasn't allowed to see my friends for 3 weeks."
--Daniel, 12

"I think that it is when my parents were dropping me off with my boyfriend and they showed nude baby pictures of me. I think that that was the worst punishment my parents did to me."
--Kaylee, 13

"Taking away all my stuff and not going on the computer or play my games."
--Kiara, 10

"I got grounded from the stupid phone for a year. It really stank because I could not talk to my friends."
--Kendall, 8

"They grounded me from the computer and the phone!!!"
--Stephanie, 13

"When they take away my stuff and ground me."
--Nyzjah, 10

"Probably spanking and being sent to my room all at the same time but that was my fault and I deserved it."
--Frankie, 13

"I was grounded for a year when I didn't even do anything except being at the wrong place at the wrong time."
--Heather, 10

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