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Have you ever done something that made a parent just furious?
--From Martha, 10

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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“One day I was at my aunt’s house, and my cousin wouldn’t leave me alone!!! I got so mad I punched him (by the way he was 4 years old). My aunt started yelling at me. I got really mad at her for yelling at me, I told her that I HATED HER. So she told my parents. I got into so much trouble. I couldn’t watch TV, or do anything. I could only do my homework. The worst thing was that I got 8 spankings (I’m not kidding). Gotta go!!! Bye!!!!.”
--Angel, :)

“Yup, in fact just a couple of days ago. My mom got mad cause I kept talking a lot on the phone and I broke curfew. She got pretty mad so she spanked me for an hour or so. I hate spankings!”
--Tessie, 12

“Idk. I’m an only child. But my friends act likes sisters. Lol.”
--Grissell, 13

“I swore at my mom last week, like the b word. She was so mad. Then she put soap in my mouth, yucky. Anyone else ever get soap?”
--Ashley, 12

“I've never been paddled or spanked.”

“Heya. I play indoor soccer and we wuz havin a scrimmage, and I missed the ball and I said a swear word. But the only person who heard me wuz my friend Mandy on my team. I also got yelled at 4 talkin’ back 2 my softball coach. All I said, wuz ‘No, but there is an m & an e in team.’ And in cheerleading I got yelled at for saying ‘can’t’ in front of my coaches (my mom & my friend’s step-mom, Sheila).”
--Risa, 11

“Shoshana, spanking is not child abuse. Yes, it is an uneccessary punishment, but there are much worse! To all people in Britain: I’m just curious; do computer keyboards over there have a pound key (A key that makes the pound symbol? Like, the money pound?)? All we have is this! $$$$$$$. It's BLAH!”
--HarryPotter, 12

“Why are so many things that SHOULD be illegal legal? Spanking should be illegal, but unless it leaves a mark, and let's face it, who's going to show where they got spanked if you know what I mean? Dodgeball should REALLY be illegal, but isn't. If it is, nobody pays attention to it. Why does no one care?????????”

“Once I went to a creek but told my grandma I was going to my friend’s. She found me and made me sit in a frezzzing cold bath w/ soap in my mouth for lying.”
--Megan, 12

“U guys r soo right. Spanking is not the way to go. I live in Australia and no one I know is spanked. It’s just not a common thing. But once, lately when I was out with my friend from school, my mum was coming to pick us up and we were 20 minutes late! Of course, as usual, she waited for my friend to go before she yelled at me.”
--Salz, 12

“I sorta lie sometimes, so when I wrote on the wall, I told my parents that my brother did it. They said, ‘#1: your brother isn't tall enough to write where you did and, #2: he’s a baby.’ I got spanked big time. :(.”

“I lied to my mom. It made her really mad! But it's over now.”
--Kristyn, 11

“Anonymous: I agree. Spanking should be banned! I was just stating facts! Any kind of paddling or spanking should be OUTLAWED FOREVER!!!!”
--Michael, 12

“I talked back at my dad and refused 2 get dressed 4 school. But I finally gave in so I could c my friends and my ex-boyfriend(s)!!!! Ha ha, he he.”
--Merrisa, 11

“I’m an independent girl. I go where I like, when I like. So one day, I went to the leisure centre after school, not bothering to call my mom. I got home two hours late and my 'rents were livid. So I got paddled.”
--Holly, 12

“Don’t let your parents spank you guys. Defend yourselves...Seriously if you don’t, what are you going to do? We have no rights as children and we cannot file a lawsuit because we are considered ‘Inferior’ to adults, who are secretly jealous of our youth. So anyways, just defend yourselves as best as possible.”

“Where I live a spanking doesn't have to be by hand. My mom uses a paddle to spank us, and she is a legal secretary so she is up on what the law says.”
--Charlie, 12

“My mom paddled me last week for swearing at her. I was arguing with her and I just lost it. Even though I’m 12 now I still get it every few months.”
--Dylan, 12

“Zee: DO NOT SMOKE. JUST DON'T. Grissel: Wouldn't you still be good, even if you didn't have a sister?”

“Sorry Michael, I must agree with Shoshana on this one. I believe spanking should be completely banned.”

“Shoshana: No, it's not. Despite popular claim, it is not, as long as it doesn’t leave marks and is by hand.”
--Michael , 12

“Well, when I was little I crawled all over the dining room table while my mom was in the shower, and then I stupidly stood up and hit the chandelier. It fell and crashed into a million pieces. I tried to glue it back together, but my mom saw the mess and blew a fuse. That was the first time that I got grounded.”
--Rachel, 12

“It’s me again, but I just remembered a time when a parent was even more furious. I decided to take my little sister out on a bike ride. I told my parents, and I thought they said yes. However, we were just about ready to leave then my mom came just around the corner and asked us where we were. I was grounded for a day and I couldn't even read.”
--Anonymous, 12

“This is gross. Anyway, one day my sister, cousin, and me where walking in a store. And we were playing truth or dare. I said dare. She dared me to lick the dirty floor, and I did. My mom saw me, and she said not to do that. She said that I could get sick, and a lot of people walk on that floor.”
--Jocelyn, 13

“To Anonymous (12): I know that I am answering for Dylan (12), but an E means that you are dangerously close to failing.”
--HarryPotter, 12

“Every once in a while I give my dad a cross look on mistake, and that usually happens when I make a bad grade. And he goes crazy.”
--Abby, 13

“Dance and Aimee, I get paddled on the bare butt too :( Mom says my pants didn't do anything wrong, so why should they get spanked?”
--Charlie, 12

“I kept on calling competition lines and I had to pay the bill. It was like R170 ($300). Boy, my mom was mad...but I got the money and my mom wasn't mad anymore ^-^.”
--Kate, 11

“Guys, spanking is considered child abuse!!!!!!!!!!”
--Shoshana, 10

“Yeah. When I was 13 I went through this phase where I kept stealing my sister's money. It's not like I ever needed it, I just wanted to see if I could get away with it. My mom was real mad and I got grounded for a month.”

“At school, for ripping up a late slip and throwing at my teacher and calling her a bad name. I can't believe I did it. When I got home, mom gave me a major spanking. My friend heard it. That was two days ago. I am also grounded.”
--Chelsie, 11

“Zee (11): why did u even try smoking?!”
--Shoshana, 10

“Heck yeah!! I was smoking at school and a teacher caught me and I got sent to the principal who called my mom, and she went crazy!! I got grounded for 2 months.”
--Zee, 11

“I didn't get in any real trouble but I had all my family cry and tell me off sweetly when I self-harmed.”

“Nope I’m the Good One. I’m glad I had a sister.”
--Grissell, 12

“I got in trouble yesterday at school for talking back to the student teacher and telling her to shut up (under my breath - she wasn't supposed to hear it). I have detention all week, my mom paddled me (hard) when I got home from school, and then I got it again from my dad with the belt when he got home. I know I was wrong and I shouldn't have been such a brat, but I don't think it's fair that I got punished three times for the same thing (and it's REALLY not fair that I got spanked twice)!!”
--Amy, 12

“First of all Dylan: what does an E mean? Secondly, today my mom was furious because I accidentally deleted my brother’s essay.”
--Anonymous, 12

“Angi's: This is so sad but, one time, my so-called friend Laticia said she could spend the night at my house because her mom said she could, so she spent the night in my bed. And in the morning my mom slammed my bedroom door open and swore at Laticia to get out of my house. Then she broke my cell phone in half. Gaby's: Once I went to my friend Angi (who was the first story)'s house. My cousin and I went there for awhile and then my cousin wanted to go home, so I had to ‘walk’ him home (the house was like a block away!). But anyway, I told my mom that I was going over there and she was all like ‘okay.’ She didn't even tell me what time I was supposed to come home, so I went over to Angi's and we watched a movie, then I hear a knocking on the door and Christina opens it and my cousin's all like ‘Grandma's mad at you because you weren't supposed to come over here.’ I guessed he tattled on me. When I got home she said I didn't even bother to call and I told her about Angi's phone not working and her cell phone got broken in half. She said not to talk to her for the rest of the night.”
--Angi&Gaby, 12

“I am really tall for my age (and I mean REALLY!) so I am kinda heavy, right. One day I flopped down on my bed (*flopped*not*jumped*) and there was a huge CRACK! And the bed kinda went down a bit. I was just like OMG what have I done! I got off the bed and there was a massive crack in it! I had to get my big brother to come down and help me confess. Let’s just say my parents were 'annoyed'.”
--Helen, 11

“OH YES! I am really lousy at math, and I got a VERY bad grade on a test (Hey! Is it MY fault that the math fairy didn't fly over my crib?!?!). And she was REALLY pissed off because she wants me to do my best, and go off to college, and be really smart, AND SHE ISN'T GOOD AT MATH EITHER!!!!! I want to be an author! That doesn't require that much math! Just English (which I get EXCELLENT grades in)!”
--HarryPotter, 11

“My dad and me had an argument, and I ran off. My best friend Michael saw me and called him. My dad was SOOOOOOO angry.”

“Five words Jade: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? I’ve been stressed out before, but I always pull through. I hate to say this but you're being a bit stupid. PLEASE get help, Jade.”

“Well I know now that this is really stupid, but once my mom caught me smoking in our yard. She went crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don’t worry, I don't smoke anymore!”
--Murr, 11

“Yes that is my real name! But back on topic. I cut a piece of my hair of just this minute and now I am grounded. But she said I could go on the computer till 10:12.”
--Callahan , 12

“YES! I infuriate my mom every day! I talk too much about Harry Potter! I am always like, ‘I LIKE HARRY POTTER BOOKS! I LIKE HARRY POTTER MOVIES! I LIKE HARRY POTTER BOOKS! I LIKE HARRY POTTER MOVIES.’ Actually, if I do it for like, a half-hour, my whole family is like ‘WILL YOU STOP?!?!’ and I always answer ‘NO! I LIKE HARRY POTTER.’ It gets them really frustrated, and it's FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!”
--HarryPotter, 11

“My mom was furious when I belched really loud and disgustingly, which she told me was unladylike. But it was an accident. I didn't belch on purpose! I did this in public in Lowe’s home improvement store. She was mad.”

“This one time my mom was really ticked because I took off, didn't bother to call at all, and didn't come home after school because I was mad at her and wanted to get even with her for hurting my feelings. I went to the public library instead of catching the bus and coming straight home. She only found me because I called someone she knew and they told her. She said next time I run away she will have me put in juvenile hall.”

“I've sometimes done things that made my mom really mad, but not in a long time.”
--Lisa, 13

"I snuck out of the house once to go to a friend's house. They called my house and my mom gave me a spanking bad. She says I deserved it though.”
--Nicole, 11

"Um…ya. I kinda went to a movie with some friends without telling them…and well, I was not allowed to leave my room, only to eat or if I needed something (not the pleasant need stuff…the stuff like bathroom, shower, drink ya) P. S. DONT DO THAT! Byez :).”
--Jessica, 12

"Heck yeah. Well just yesterday I brought home my report card and I got all Es and I didn’t tell my dad. And he told me to go to my room, and a couple mins later my dad came up in my room and told me to lay on my bed and he spanked me HARD! And I am grounded for 2 years, plus I cussed at him. Oh man my dad just came in here a couple mins later. He spanked me for being on the computer OWWww!!!! And I’m grounded for another year.”
--Dylan, 12

"I was 7, and my dad brought home this pink bar of soap carved in the shape of a mermaid. I took it out of the box and admired it for days. But when it started to melt, I decided to put it into the freezer! After my mum found out, she scolded me for 2 WHOLE HOURS! Because the soap contained toxins that could blah, blah, blah. She made me use those liquid type of shampoo and shower cream after that.”
--Rachel, 9

“When I was 12, I did something and was grounded for five days! I couldn’t do a thing except sit in my room. I couldn’t even read my books!!”

“Aimee, I get it bare too and it stinks. Yup, it is unfair. I got it that way in October for lying - super stunk. I hope no one else gets it at 11 or 12.”
--Dancebaby, 12

"LivALittle, 12: ummmmm, I know this is an irrelevant question, buuuut are u Livigirl?”
--IrishAngel, 10

“Once I got in trouble @ school for passing a note with BAD stuff inside. Another girl was involved that wrote most of the bad stuff! I got in trouble but not as bad as her! My mom was so mad she didn't talk to me until my conference because I did so well. The silence went 10/14/05-11/19/05! Man that's my full-time record for not talking to my mom!”
--IGOTTHEXBOX360-Girl, 9

“Once, I ate about half a bag of marshmallows without telling my parents. I got caught, but my parents thought it was kind of funny. The second time I got caught, Mom yelled at me and told me she'd never buy marshmallows again. I've had one marshmallow in the past 6 months.”
--Laura, 11

“I was talking to my dad and he made me mad. I called him a beeeeeeeeep and then I got the talk.”
--Brat911, 13

“When I was 6 my mom and I were walking down the street and we stopped a while and I said a really bad word to her. Man did I get it! My mom, oh boy can she yell!”
--LivALittle, 12

“Ooh, I thought of something! Okay, back in the day (6th grade), I failed a science test, and my mom was SOOOOOOOOOOOO mad. She didn't let me go to my friend’s house.”
--Good Girl

"My parents were furious when I was not doing good in school and not getting good grades. And they get mad when I don't study.”
--Shenerica, 10

"Three times this year I forgot a homework assignment at school. My dad was so angry!”
--Kiera, 9

"Once I told my mom and dad I was going to my friend’s house on a school night to study ‘till 8 and instead we went to the ice area and McDonald’s. But we finished our homework, thank god. And another time I said a curse word in Spanish and I didn't know what it meant, in front of my teacher.”
--Emily, 11

"Last week I got caught cheating on a project in school for the first time ever. My mom didn't yell like usual but I got the worst longest spanking EVER (bare) and I am still grounded for a month. It was very unfair :((.”
--Aimee, 11

"Feel sorry for everyone but me, I stay out of trouble (most of the time…).”
--Michael, 11

"Totally, I was grounded for 2 weeks (you do NOT wanna know, trust me).”

"I got so down ‘cause of things that were happening in my family that I started self-harming and me and everyone else starting crying and telling me they were there and I should never do it again. I felt so bad and now I've done it again but they don't know!!”

"The time I got liquid eyeliner, which I’m not supposed to wear.”

"I told mom that I wuz going to a friend’s house 4 the nite but went to a party. And she found us after calling the police. She wuz soooo mad, yelling and stuff. I got ‘IT’ the worst ever.”
--Kiki, 12

"One time I almost got grounded because I touched my dad's glasses.”

"I got a D on a history test a few weeks ago (World History stinks!), but otherwise I’m the good kid in my family. My little bro, however - well, let's just say he's pulled a LOT.”

"My mom and I fight a lot over things that I think most other teenagers and their parents fight over, clothes and stuff. But she never stays mad long, and my dad never gets mad at me. Although I try their patience a lot because I’m very cynical and, um, spunky, putting it kindly. Here's a good way to describe it: hi, all fellow Joan of Arcadia fans! You know Grace? Well, I’m like her, just not as severe.”

"The time I used my mom's make up and the time I was found kissing my crush’s picture I don’t know why my mom was mad, it wasn't like I was marrying him:).”
--Kathleen, 10

"In fourth grade, I whispered a swear word into my friend's ear as a joke, and he made the idiotic mistake of telling someone else while he was RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEACHER! She asked him what he was doing and, needless to say, the rest of the afternoon was not a pleasant one. That was the only time I have done something that made both of my parents scream at the top of their lungs!”
--Taylor, 12

"My mom got mad at me because I got an 88 in science! Other kids get money for getting 80's! My life iz pretty sad. Plus I don’t get allowance, and I do chores! Bane the X says goodbye.”
--Jonathan, 12

"Oh where would I start? There was the time I wasted $156 on a phone call. Then there was the time I kicked the principal. And that time I wrote bad words on the chalkboard and the…well I guess you get the point.”
--KD, 13

"I nearly failed the 6th grade. I had a good laugh after that but she was mad. :-(.”
--'DW', 13

"Once I hit my brother in the face with a stuffed dog.”
--Anonymous, 9

"When I was 5 I stole my friend's Barbie with a surfboard and my mom gave me such a bad spanking with a paddle.”

"I was caught going to a bad website. Oops. Good thing I quit going to that website (it was very…bloody).”
--Dale, 13

"Yeah, I lied to my mom, then she didn't let me go to my friend’s party.”
--Debrielle, 12

"I went to a 6th grade thing. We were at a DQ after bowling and I took a ride home from someone my mom and dad didn't know and they were furious. OMG- I am not allowed to go anywhere with my church until they can trust me again. IT STINKS.”
--Melissa, 12

"Yeah, I threw away some ice cream and my dad was absolutely *livid*! This was back on July 24, and he's still ignoring me. I don't care, though, I mean, it was only ice cream, and it's not like I broke a family heirloom!! So he needs to get help!”

“I don't usually make my parents furious. I’m usually a good kid.”
--Livigirl, 12

"Last year when I went for Halloween I was in charge of my brother and sister and they ran off on me while I was distracted. Well ok, it was because I was talking to a guy I like at one of the houses. Anyway, they showed up at home without me and when I got back to the house I got spanked and grounded and had to forfeit my Halloween candy. They didn't let me forget what I did while I was grounded either.”
--Irlene, 13

"I always hang out with a 31 year old neighbor that has an 8, 6, and 2 year old and I always help her out. They are going on a road trip for a week, and my parents won’t let me go!”
--Liz, 13

"Yes, when I was 8 I tried on my mom's makeup and took it to school with me. I got grounded for 2 weeks!”
--Hope, 10

"I usually try to be good. Sometimes I get a bad grade and they go CRAZY! But about talking back or stuff... I write it down and nobody cares. I'VE NEVER STOLEN OR CHEATED ON A TEST OR ANYTHING, so it's really just my Algebra grades.”
--Good Girl, 12

"Okay, my real mom has been dead for 1 year now. But when I was living in a foster home, I punched a hole in the wall and my foster mom was so mad at me (and of course it was funny).”

"The maddest my mom ever got was when I got suspended at school for stealing. Besides a major paddling when mom got me home, I had to work at home ALL DAY for every day I was suspended (3 days). Every day she yelled at me about it too.”
--Charlie, 11

“Well I didn’t really do anything, but my grandmother is kind of…edgy shall we say. She told me to make my cousin’s bed when I didn’t sleep in it and I said, ‘Why can’t he make it himself?’ She kicked me out of the house. I wasn’t allowed to come back and I had to make all my own meals at my mom’s house because we were at my aunt’s when it happened. Then she called and was saying bad things and I got really mad and hung up on her, so she came up to my house was screaming at me she was sooooooo mad! She’s a bit sensitive.”
--Erica, 13

"It was my 14 year old sister, my 2 year old brother, my 11 months nephew, my 1 year old niece, my 4 months niece, and I. My parents, my 2 brother in laws, 1 sister in law, my brother, and my 2 sisters all went out. So my sister and I were in charge. My 2-year-old brother climbed upstairs somehow and went into my parents’ room where his crib was. 5 minutes later we heard a bottle crash on to the floor and my brother crawling back down stairs. My sister went to look to see what he broke. Sure enough it was my mom’s $350 bottle of perfume and it had fell on her rose like carpet. My sister tried to clean it up but the smell filled the whole entire room. When my mom came back home, she found out on her own and came after me and my sister. She was all red in the face and weak in the legs. Dad was holding her back while she hunted for some answers. My sister and I sat in the corners for 2 weeks and we cleaned her carpet with sponges and after we slaved on the floor for 4 hours straight, she calls the carpeters to change her carpet!!”
--Samone, 12

"My ‘friend’ used my best friend when she went out with him, tried to steal my boyfriend, and stole some of my stuff (memory card, belt, and Kingdom Hearts game *But I got them back*). So I did very bad destructive stuff upon her things that she let me borrow (Three Days Grace, FLCL Manga, Love Hina DVD, and her drawings and binder). My parents found out on the same day because my dad and her mother saw each other and must have talked when the movie was done after my friends and I went outside of the theatre to go home. They almost put me in anger management, but I talked them out of it. I got grounded for a week or 2. Wasn't that bad though, revenge is sweet, but all in all, it's bad.”

"In 4th grade during a test, the girl sitting next to me said, ‘Are you still working on your test?’ and I whispered back ‘Yes.’ My teacher saw me and thought I was cheating, so she gave me a D and sent home a note. Let me tell you, my parents were NOT happy.”
--Ella, 11

"Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was playing with a very EXPENSIVE pot. My mom said I couldn't, but I did anyway. I dropped it and it shattered to pieces. When my mom found out, I was grounded for a month. And I couldn't watch TV, or play the computer for 2 weeks!”
--Jackie, 13

"I’m not giving exact details, I don't want to give anyone ideas. But this boy really made my best friend cry so I destroyed something of his. Revenge may be sweet, but it has a bitter aftertaste. I need a mint.”
--AGirl, 13

"The one thing I did that made my mom furious was back in January of this year when I got expelled from school. She was so mad at me, and she said she was going to take everything away, but she never did.”

"A couple years ago I didn't want to do the dishes, and I told mom I was going 'on strike.' Mom got dad the ping-pong paddle. I got spanked like heck and had to do dishes every night for the next month! I think that's the maddest I made them.”

"I have, but it's SOOOO embarrassing.”
--Tori, 11

"Yes I have. One day I was getting ready to clean my room, and my dad said that I have to do something else. When I got done with what he had asked me to do he didn't like that I would rather do what he told me to do than clean my room. There was another time when him and my mom were fighting and he had asked me to solve the problem. But when I tried to solve the problem, he started to yell at me. And I told Social Services and ended up coming to live with my mom and favorite dad in the whole entire world. My dad isn't very happy that me and my two brothers are living with my mom and stepfather. He claims that my mom is a horrible person and that the judge should not have granted her visitation before we came to live with them.”

"I bought a Seether and an Evanescence CD and it had swear words (The ‘Anywhere But Home’ CD and I don’t know what the Seether CD was called).”
--Amy, 10

"When I was in first grade my brother and I tried to escape out my bedroom window. My dad was REALLY mad!! But we laugh about it now.”
--Aimee, 12

"My parents are furious at me right now for getting 8 F's on my progress report!”
--Carissa, 11

"Yes, I threatened to run away.”
--Danielle, 12

"I haven't, but my sister once shoplifted and got caught, and had to pay $314 for it. My parents went nuts! That was 3 months ago, and my parents are still making her pay for it.”
--Samantha, 12

"One time I got suspended for going in the boys bathroom and starting a fight. I got a spanking and grounded for a month.”
--Randi, 12

"Oh yeah!! A few months ago I got in this HUGE fight with a girl that lives down the street from us. I mean like rolling around on the ground, punching, kicking, pulling hair, and stuff! I was grounded for 3 weeks and I never saw my mom so mad.”
--Amanda, 12

"Well, I asked my friend to have a sleepover without exactly consulting my parents. And my dad was pretty angry. I am telling you, I will never do that again.”

"I cussed (accidentally!!!) in front of my mom (twice! yikes!), and she yelled at me. But she knew I didn't mean to say it, and that I don't say things like that. I also got grounded for being up too late on the computer.”
--Maya, 13

"I kept screaming, just to sleep in her room.”
--Abigail, 9

"Well DUH!!! Last year I got in serious trouble because I lied, I mean who HASN'T??!!”
--Bummed, 11

"Once, I was sitting on a bench with my little brother at an art show when he had to go to the bathroom. He's only 7, so I thought I should go with him. Well, mom went to the bench to check on us and we weren't back yet. So she went to find some police, and when we got back she was about to blow through the roof. My brother and I had to pay her $1.00. ‘Big deal,’ some of you might think, but we only had $5.00.”
--Alice, 9

"I always think when my parents get mad, like right now my mom is mad at me for something she doesn’t know! But to tell you the truth, I forgot what I was mad at. Now she is very mad at me and I start thinking ‘Why do my parents get so mad at me? All my friends have great parents and they never get mad at them.’ But then I am not sure… Please help PBS Kids!”
--Nina, 11

"My family got mad at me for getting suspended. I got grounded for two weeks.”
--Brandon , 12

"All my friends said that I was cussin' and stuff, and I got in trouble.”
--Martha, 10

"Well, no. My dad just gets mad at me for no apparent reason. If I do something, he just gets mad at me. I'm not perfect. He expects me to be perfect and I'm not. I'm just human, you know?"

“I had this silver hairbrush (we sold it when we moved). One time my sister and I got into a fight and I picked up the hairbrush and threw it at her. It was heavier than plastic ones and it hurt her bad. I got punished, but this was when I was 8 so I got a 'time-out.’ I have never been grounded before!”
--Olivia, 12

"One time, I was home alone and my Mom let me have a house party and I could only invite 5 people and they couldn't be boys. I told my friends and they were cool, then when the day came when it was my party my doorbell rang, I opened the door and there were about 7 people. Then next doorbell ring: 10 people. And I asked some people who knew about my party and it was from my friends, and I forgot to tell them only 5 people which was them, when my mom came home the house was a total mess. I was grounded for 4 weeks!”
--Lily, 12

"My mom gets mad at me for absolutely nothing. My dad walked in and didn't even say hi to me. Just because he didn't make his number in his job, doesn't mean he has to be so rude to me. Gosh this is hard. But I love Spongebob.”
--Emma, 11

"OF COURSE… who hasn't?! A few weeks ago I started computer club at school (after school) and for a week my mum was telling me ‘Go to the library, Go to the library,’ over and over again because it ended at 4:30 and she would pick me up at 5:00. So I had just said ‘Yeah OK,’ but after computer club (this was a week later) I went to the library and noticed there was no one there. I thought it was closed because the lights were off, so I went to the beach and hung around there for a while. Next thing I knew, I was whisked into the office and my mum was talking on the school phone. And when she saw me she just BLEW UP at me, rambling on and on how I was irresponsible and how there were four teachers, including the principal, searching for me, and when she got to the school there were two of the teachers trying to find out how to use the intercom! It was horrible and I was really furious, but I didn't get grounded.”
--A, 11

"Oh YES, and I enjoyed every single minute of it! My mum and I were having a GIGANTIC fight about a dance I was going to, and she was lecturing to me about for the millionth time that day, and I just started to walk away because I was tired, stressed and still had a lot of homework to do. And then she blew her top and started yelling and swearing at me, and told me to sit down on the couch and listen. And for almost an hour I listened to my mum just scream. It was fun!”
--Astrid, 12

"YES!!!!!! For some reason when I am mad I take it out on my little sis. I don't know what happened at school but I was real ticked off and then my sister made me really mad, enough to make me hit her, of course I got grounded and spanked. That just happened like a couple days ago.”
--Brittney, 10

"A friend and me shot off some illegal bottle rockets last summer and got caught. Luckily it was just by our neighbor. Mom and dad were fit to be tied and I got my butt burned and was grounded to my room for a month! You should've heard the yelling.”
--Kyle, 12

"When I was 5 I flushed my coloring book down the toilet and we had to call the plumber. It cost a lot of money!!”
--Tasha, 10

"I got caught with my cell phone because I had to open my mouth. I got wrote up and then I got detention. They called my mom. She was soo mad.”
--Victoria, 13

“I didn't make them furious, just frustrated. I wouldn't come out of my room when my dad told me he was going to marry this lady who had six daughters. But I was only punished for 10 minutes, so it wasn't that bad.”
--Nick, 12

"Oh yah! This one time I blended lettuce and water together in a blender and made a big mess. Another time I turned the girls’ bathroom into a bat cave and got suspended. I’m so BAD!”
--KD, 13

"Yes! Well I didn’t do it, but my best friend wrote me a letter that most parents would say was ‘inappropriate.’ But I’m like whatever, and now my dada is all mad at me. He wants me to get new friends, it stinks. I’m like, ‘I like my friends!’ LOL”
--Rachel, 13

"Hi. When I got an 87 in math as an average, my mom went berserk. She yelled at me and I thought she was going to hit me (again). I feel really mad and lonely because I don't have many close friends and I usually talk to my guidance counselor or my stuffed animals.”
--Ying, 11

"My mom got really mad one time because I got suspended from school for getting into a fight with this boy named Coty because I heard he called me a lot of bad names. Now he's scared of me.”
--Mercedes, 11

"Well once I hid a sandwich under my bed and a vitamin.”
--Gregory, 9

"A month ago I was outside with my 5 year old sister playing in our front yard. I was messing around with my mom through the windows...And finally she closed all the blinds. So I decided I would climb over the wall. After I did I went to the back door and knocked on it. She got very mad at me for leaving my sister in the front yard alone and told me to go back around. What my mom did not know was that I had NO shoes and had climbed over our wall. So I went back walking barefoot on the rocks and right when I was looking down, halfway over the wall I heard, ‘You’ve got to be kidding!!!!!’ It was mom...So I was grounded and told about how bad our health insurance is, how my dad could hear me trouncing through the rocks when he was trying to sleep because he had to work an overnight shift at the hospital, and never to leave my sister in the front yard again...(it went on and on).”
--Tasha, 10

"Yes, it was when I had left school and didn't go home for an hour.”

"I went to my friend's party, and I forgot to call for them to pick me up. They told me they were worried and almost called the POLICE!!”
--Abby, 9

"My parents get furious at me when I yell at my brother. I feel like they don't understand how it feels to be the oldest because they were both the youngest in their families.”
--Kara, 11

"One time my mom let me go somewhere alone with a friend, but I was supposed to be back home at a certain time. I forgot to put on my watch so I never knew what time it was! I ended up getting home 45 minutes late. My mom was so worried and furious, she wouldn't let me go anywhere alone like that again, no matter how many times I told her I would always wear my watch.”
--Hannah, 12

"I went off with my boy for a little while one night round 6:00 when she thought that I was at my gram's. Well they were furious. Plus she caught us making out when I finally did come home. I was grounded for one night. BIG DEAL! But they were still very furious!!”
--BB, 13

"Once my mom walked in my room and it was a disaster. She said she was going to throw away everything on the ground. She said to think of a punishment I said no radio for 2 weeks, and if I ever did it again, get grounded for 2 weeks.”
--Sarah, 10

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