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What is your definition of a family?
--From Kathy

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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“A family is a group of people who loves each other, even if they argue sometimes. They can be all related by blood, but they don't have to be. They just have to love each other.”

“A family loves and takes care of one another. Families should weep when other relatives are weeping and rejoice when others are rejoicing and always care for your family.”
--Mikael, 8

“My definition of family are people who will love you no matter what you did, and instead of blowing their stack when you do something wrong, help you to overcome your obstacle.”
--Victoria, 12

“My parents care about me.”
--Amy, 3

“My definition of family…Hmmm…Well I guess when you are alone and everyone is trying to help (although it doesn't work) lol...Eh...*sigh*.”
--Madelyn, 13

“My definition of a family is when you share time together. That could be dinner, a movie, or something else.”
--Anna, 9

“Family is an amount of people, say 2-10 who love to be around each other. Sure there may be some hard ones or sensitive ones but they all get along sometimes. Everyone in this world loves their parents and their sisters and brothers. Some of you might disagree but I know that you really do love your family. that's what family means!”
--Natalee, 9

“The definition of a family to me is a group of people who love you and care 4 u. They may not show it, but deep down they luv ya!!”
--Keiara, 12

“Dear daddy I just want you too come home.”

“People who love each other no matter what.”
--Polarcat, 11

"Awesome, Christian, funny, understanding, good looking, and the description could go on and on!”
--Sarah, 13

“A group of people who love each other.”
--Rosycheeks, 10

“My definition of a family is when your family supports you on every decision you make and a mom that you can tell secrets to and she wont tell a soul.”

“My definition of family is Steve-Irwin-Aholics!”
--Vanya, 8

“My definition of a family is when the parents and the sibs support you in whatever you...”
--Josie, 10

“My definition of family is people who are there for you and support you in anything you do or that happens. They treat you and your sibs equally and don’t care if you make mistakes.”

“Paris 10 Did you turn 10? Cuz u were 9 b4...”

“A family is people who feel welcome, happy and cared for around each other, even if things go wrong or troubles and fights start...”
--Vinni, 12

“I want to know how to find my family tree because my parents don't know how.”
--Destiny, 10

“My definition of family is a community of caring people. They love you no matter what you do. We care for each other.”
--Bryanna, 13

“Weird...Definitely weird. LOL =].”
--Kate, 12

"I hate when my family puts new stuff everywhere because I don't like it I hate it I ignore it and don't do anything with it."

"PopularGirl, my family stores are as follows: Dad: The Library (not much a store, though) Mom: Homegoods Eldest Brother: Michael's (art store) Older Brother: Barnes and Noble Older Sister: American Eagle Little Sister: Claire's Myself: FYE. (It has movies, CD's, a few magazines, some candy, really cool place!)."
--HarryPotter, 12

"Family is people who love and care about you."
--Corrine, 13

“I read the following quote or something like it once, when I was little: “Friends are the family you choose". That's my take on it.”

"Your partners for laughing on the floor! Hugs and kisses galore! (I've developed a knack for couplets. ).”
--HarryPotter, 12

“The Stores Of Family: Dad: Office Depot, Brother: Any video game store, Sister: Limited Too, Teenage sibling: Abercrombie, Aeropostale or Hollister, Baby: Babies R Us and Mom: Hallmark Cards.”
--PopularGirl, 9

“Whoa, weirdness! I guess I sort of made myself think I wrote it, to make myself think I wasn't insane. I know I didn't copy FantasyLife. I guess there was some kind of IML glitch. Oh well, there are more important things to worry about, like world peace, and a cure to cancer, and whether I'll pull off an A- in Geometry Honors, or if I'll have to get a B+, or...You get the point.”
--JS, 13

“Your family is the people you care the most about n they care about you to like no matter what they will always be there for you they’ll do anything for you n you’ll do n3thing 4 them a family looks out for one another n loves each other no matter what that’s my definition of family...Y3a y3a Boston EaRly!”

“I don't really know...Well what I do know, is that my family is unique! All of my cousins say that our family is endangered species. We kinda are! At camp, my 8-year-old brother climbed all the way to the top of a RRRREALLLY tall tree! It kinda scared me a bit when he did that. : / So, the definition of my family is unique! ^_^.”
--Evelyn, 11

“JS-someone impersonated me once. And Lori (maybe she was a Lori 2) but tell them to back them off. I have mad ninja skills (inside joke) and I will call them sissyfaces. Then my bff will come in and say ”Ur mom!!! Ooooh, burn!”

“Family can be your biological family, your friends from school or your work colleagues.”
--Ashley, 12

“JS, I wrote that! Maybe the IML ppl made a mistake!”
--FantasyLife, 11

“Wait a second...I think I remember writing it now. Okay, I feel a bit better.”
--JS, 13

“Way too crazy and way too busy: my schedule school, daycare, get food in me, go to soccer, homework, bed.”
--Secretly, 9

“My definition of family is that whenever you do something bad or if you have a fight with a family member your family will never stop loving you - especially your parents. It may seem annoying when your parents fuss over you and but that states that they love you. When you have kids you'll feel the same.”
--Kristine, 11

“Hey, I don't think I wrote that, about the blob of sisterly/brotherly/motherly/fatherly/doggily/love! Is somebody impersonating me...Or am I completely going insane?”
--JS, 13

“My definition of family is a family that wears old fashion clothes, and watches the Brady Bunch for entertainment, and sits and the table for dinner, while talking about their feelings. Wait, what?”
--Kim, 13

“Omg this is so sad I feel sorry 4 Emauni read the post--”Me and my brother don't have a home. Right now I'm in my new family car.” Emauni, 12.”
--Sillyputty, 10

“A family has friends, and parents, sometimes pets and maybe siblings.”
--PopularGirl, 9

“I have a cousin, Dominik who is really smart and in the gifted program at his school. He is 8 years old. I am really proud of him.”
--Isache, 11

“Umm. People that love each other and are related? IDK! Tomato! ”
--Sillyputty, 10

“American girl I wish I only had 2 brothers but I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters.”
--Paris, 9

“Your candy box: Dad-low fat ice cream Brother-mystery flavor air head Sister- C. C cookies Mother- Sugar-less gum.”
--Kristen, 10

“Js and fantasy posted the same thing...R u both the same person? (I’m chocoholic).”
--Sillyputty, 10

“My definition of a 'family' is any grouping of people that love each other. There doesn't necessarily need to be a child, two parents, two parents of opposite genders, or any pets. As long as there's at least two people who love each other and live together (and even sometimes not) , that constitutes as family to me.”

"1 mother, 1 father, at least 1 child. My family is still complete although we experienced death with my father. My brother Kyle whom I have not mentioned before experienced deep depression. He attempted suicide but failed.”

“Well I think a family is people living together. Nobody plays 'favorites' and nobody says mean words. 'I love you' is said once a day.”
--Kristen, 10

“Paris 9 You have 2 brothers? ”

“One big blob of brotherly/sisterly/fatherly/motherly/doggily love! (That sounds nasty, actually) ;).”
--JS, 13

“Esther I kinda regret saying I h8ed him and anyways I put the wrong brother on my 1st comment oops!”
--Paris, 9

"50% love, 20% annoyance, 2% hate, 18% bunkmates, 5% odor, 5% togetherness. (Hey! Less is more!) .”
--HarryPotter, 12

“Paris 9 Yeah I would be mad too if my brother did that but I wouldn't say I h8ed him on a website but whatever nvm it’s all cool.”
--Esther, 12

“One big blob of brotherly/sisterly/fatherly/motherly/doggily love! (That sounds nasty, actually) ;) .”
--FantasyLife, 11

“My definition of family is to always be there for each other they love you know matter what.”
--Taylor, 11

“Dana (10) : What you're feeling is normal for a middle child, but it isn't normal, healthy, or safe to be an anorexic! There's no reason to be that way, just talk to your parents!”
--JS, 13

“A family is a group that doesn't need a reason for loving each other, they just love each other because they're a family. If we are to achieve peace in our communities, nations, and world, it must all start with the family...”
--Taylor, 12

“Esther the only reason I wrote that is that Deven (my brother) just took my Ipod and put all of his songs in it.”
--Paris, 9

“J-Dog: Or, forgotten...”

“Family-a group of related humans who love and care for each other.”
--Brandy, 12

“I am the invisible girl in the family because I’m a middle child and my mom acts like she doesn't love me and my dad slaps me 5 times a week on average. I’m gonna be anorexic for attention. Is this normal 4 a middle child to do/feel?”
--Dana, 10

“A family is a group of people that stick together and love each other through good and bad times...”
--Amanda, 12

“A family is a group of people love and care for each other and stick up for one another. A family can be made up of friends, not just parents and siblings.”
--B, 11

“Well. The Definition Of Family. That’s A Hard One Well In The Hawaiian Island They Say Ohanna For Family, Which Means No One Gets Left Behind :) I Guess That’s What It Means You Support Each Other And Care For Each Other.”
--J-Dog, 11

“My definition of a family is...Family= Treat me as dirt.”
--DracoMalfoy, 13

“My definition of a family is a group that you can rely on, trust, love, care for, fight with, and just to spend quality time with. (>")>.”
--Shilpa, 12

“My definition of a family is people that are related to you who support you and your decisions and choices no matter what.”
--Lisa, 13

--HarryPotter, 12

“Haha! Funny post, HarryPotter! You have a good sense of humor!”
--Michael, 13

“Ashley: It would be nice if all families were like that. I wish mine were. But, frankly, if a parent dies, or is abusive, and one has to leave, or one refuses to get married, aren't they a family? Not everyone can have that kind of perfect family you described, and they're still a family.”
--JS, 13

“Paris 9, U shouldn't hate him...”
--Esther, 12

“I think the definition of family is when your parents and sibs care about you love you I think that is really important to no.”
--summer, 12

“Family are people who stick together in good times and bad...Except for my dad! He told my mom right to her face that he wanted to start off new and then he just left us. I hate him!!!!! He is so mean and nasty and abusive (even physically) to my mom. I have not talked to him since he started drinking and I saw him do an act of domestic violence 3 days ago towards my mother in front of me for like at least the 2nd time...But he does it to her more when his kids (me) are not around. He wants me no forgive him and calls me like 5 times a day (I don’t talk to him though...I just let the phone ring) but he has done so many awful things to us that I do not want to forgive him. He needs to learn his lesson that when he leaves me and my mom and my brother and sister he is not going to come back...The jerk!!! My mother, my siblings and I are the ones who are starting off new now!!! What do you think about that dad?”
--Miss Green Day, 12

“My definition of family is that you always have some one to talk to and you love them and they love you back I Really Love My Family!”

“I just think it's people who could come together and share everything and take care of each other.”
--Zanessaluver, 11

"Ashley (12), my friends are just like family to me, and so are my neighbors. Plus, I know many unwed parents and they are still known as, say, 'The Jones family'. So a family doesn't have to be like what you said, though it can be.”
--YellowRoseofTexas, 13

“My definition of family is a kind of group that pushes you to try new things loves you even if I hate my half brother Thor luv from Paris. : ).”
--Paris, 9

“Umm I’m not sure what that really means at all sorry Kathy.”
--bingo, 10

“A definition of a family are people who take care of you and they want you to make your dreams and goals in life, and they never give up on you on what you do. They are also people who give you advice on things you don't understand in life.”
--IloveColesprouse, 11

“A definition of a family is: a family is people who are there when you are scared, when you are sad, or mad. A family is people that you share some of your best moments with. A family can cheer you up when you might be in a really bad mood. The short definition for a family is: a group of people that are there for each other.”
--Cailee, 12

“Your 'team' if you will.
Father: Quarterback, living maker, and driver of car.
Mother: Catcher, maker of dinner, and payer of summer camp.
Brother (bother): Shortstop (literally), 'borrower' of money, and source of odor.
Sister: goalie (level of difficulty; 1. 5), worlds worst roommate, and shredder of school reports.
Pet: Referee. Will bite pants leg if foul is committed.
--Harrypotter, 12

“My definition is people who support your dreams and stay together when times get tough.”
--Danielle, 12

“Family means to care for one another, and to respect and trust... whether they're your real family, or a foster family, or whatever.”
--HarryPotter, 12

“To Austin: I was doing the same thing for awhile to my brother before he told me to stop and I realized how horrible it was. I don't think I fully realized what I was doing. Anyway, he did what you did-- ignored me, and finally he told me how he felt, and I’m glad he did. We're a lot closer now, and I've noticed he has friends over more often!!”

“My definition of family is a family that has fun together. Fridays at home with my family should be going out to eat then going to the movies together. We should be able to talk as a family about things that happened, and work things out when things go wrong. It would be good if my family did that.”
--Kim, 11

“I think a family should be close, honoring the LORD, and married parents (no arguing)!!!!! Just a happy family.”
--Ashley, 12

“FAMILY: (fam. I. Li) n. OK- a group of people who you just happen to be related to and annoy you every minute of life. A parent’s role is to: baby you, never fail to embarrass you in public, and always have something you're doing wrong to point out. Little sister’s job: steal your stuff, get you to babysit her for free, and throw a plate (yes a plate) at your head only to miraculously get you into trouble.”
--Gina, 12

“My definition of my ideal family is to have married parents and 3 sisters- 2 older than me and one younger:). I would be mixed with something kool like Italian and Latin! And well, it would be better over all!”
--Nicole, 13

“I don’t get you Kathy. Sorry.”

“Help each other out and work like a team.”
--Jessica, 11

“My definition of family is unpleasant and very distressing. This is because every single day me and my parents don’t stop arguing. I’m really getting fed up with it. Nearly every night I cry myself to sleep. My parents also never take me out on trips. It’s like a big surprise if my mum takes me shopping, only about twice a year. I definitely think my parents are just nasty and inconsiderate. Well anyway I had to get that off my chest. Xx.”

“My definition of a family is you have a sister and a dog and you eat dinner with them at the table. Sometimes you eat your dinner in the living room or in your bedroom. I wish I had dinner in bed and breakfast in bed too.”

“Family is about loyalty and trust!”
--Michael, 13

“My idea of family is a mom, a dad (which I don't have) and an older sister (preferably a sister). We'd have dinner together at our actual dining room table, not at the kitchen table. We'd have family movie night or family game night and we'd have nicknames for each other and we'd have a dog that we take turns caring for. We'd spend time together and become close with love and support with each other.”
--Izzy, 12

“My sis is outrageous. Every time one of my friends comes over, she uses them against me. I just wish I could make her realize she is being an abomination to my life. She is just like a tumor or parasite that won’t give up until all of the good out of that body is used. Then I found a way to destroy that parasite. Fight back and don’t give any good out. Just ignore her. Can you tell everyone this plz? Thank you. P. S. I know this really isn’t the topic.”
--Austin, 10

“Being friends, not enemies!!!!!!!!! Just helping each other out when the other needs it. Oh and listening to each other’s problems and helping her/him get through it.”

“Ramyak(8): that’s a really good definition of a family!”
--Esther, 12

“My definition of a family is simply a group of people who live with and for one another, who receive and give trust, respect, and love. They don't have to be related or the stereotypical 'a mum a dad and the kids.’”

A family means love and good times. Anastasia! I don’t agree with you. My family is just my mom, sis and me.
--Emm, 11

“A family can be the people related to you who are likely to live in your house, like parents, stepparents, siblings, stepsiblings, and half siblings. It can be people who are related to you who live far away, like cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Or it could even be good friends. For instance, my neighbor is like a second mom to me. My friend Conor and I fight (and support each other) like brother and sister. My friend Emmy is like a sister to me because we spend a lot of time together. Whatever it is, it includes lots of love and support for one another.”
--Via, 13

“The definition of my family is fun, because my parents always take us to the movies almost every weekend. And they also take us to the zoo and let us go swimming in our pool in summer, on the weekends and sometimes during the week. And they do a bunch of cool stuff for me and my sibs and they get us cool stuff, so I think the definition of my family is fun.”
--Nicole, 11

“People that love and care for each other…”
--Amanda, 12

“A family is a group of people who love you and accept you. They acknowledge your faults, but know that you're not perfect. They will do anything for you. They'll stay by your side even when things seem hopeless.”
--Laura, 12

“Sticking together. For example, my mom had gotten real sick and almost died. Work around the house, at school and pretty much everything else seemed to be on my shoulders. I was only about 8. It lasted until I was 11. All those years of my mom not being able to walk around at Halloween or carry my birthday cake to the table really got me depressed. My mom had endometriosis in her stomach lining and I was a young girl and I had to act like an adult. It was scary. The day my mom said ‘Okay sweety I’m getting a surgery while you go to school but when you get out I'll be all ready to go home.’ That night my dad told me that my mom almost died from blood loss and that was why she couldn't come home. When she did come home [a couple weeks later] she showed me an entry she had written about if she died what to give my sister, father and I. I cried many nights at other people's houses [aunts, uncles, grandparents etc…] because I missed or didn't get a call from my dad saying my mom was ok. I was also thinking she might die and I wouldn't be by her side. I loved her and she was my best friend. Luckily she didn't die but seeing her lay in hospital beds, hooked up to machines and sick made me go into the hallway and cry. My family stuck together. Now my mom is better and she is healthy. I guess I can't forget all those memories, but God knows I think of them every night. I also spend the most of the time I can with her happy because you and I never know when it could happen again. Thank you so much for listening to my story and please pray for my mom.”
--Victoria, 12

“A family is a big group of people who love and care for u. U don't need 2 be blood related.”
--Esther, 12

“No Anastasia! I don’t agree with you. My family is just my mommy and me!!!! You are so rude to say we're not a family!!”
--Ruth, 13

“My definition for a family would be there are good and bad times. But a family is sweet and special. I love my family because they are loving!!!!!”
--Princess, 11

"My definition of family is people who give you lots of confidence and love."
--RamyaK, 8

"My definition of a family is spending time together. It doesn't matter if you go shopping together with your family, or go to the movies. That's my definition of a family."
--Babygirl, 12

"Definition of my family is 2 dogs, Joshua and Diesel, 2 cats, Oreo and Barney, and my mom. She is nice."
--Evan, 12

"A family is loving and caring people that r stuck together. And that is when your mom's mom had kids and so on and so forth."

"My definition of family would be people that look out for each other. You don't have to be related to be called family. I find my best friends Shannon and Brianne to be family because we are always together. I think of them as my sisters, as they think about me. I'm in a drum corps and I think of them as family because they look out for each other and they are always there for each other. I love all my friends as they are my family and that is my definition of family!"
--Taylor, 12

"My definition of a family is the people that you love and that care for you."
--Brandi, 12

"My definition of family is many people who are related or born from or who came into the little group."
--Stephanie, 12

"My definition of a family is everyone having fun together."
--Jesse, 13

"Well, let's see what Nathaniel Webster has to say. Fam-I-ly noun-1. Parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not 2. The children of one person or one couple collectively 3. The spouse and children of one person 4. Any group of persons closely related by blood, as children, parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins 5. All those persons considered descendants of a single progenitor 6. A group of persons who form a household, especially under one head 7. The staff, of body of assistants, of an official (the presidential family) 8. A group of people who are generally not relatives, but share common attitudes, interests, or goals. I have way too much time on my hands."
--JS, 13

"To ANYONE WHOSE FAMILY IS HORRIBLE: I'm sorry to hear that! I can't imagine how a parent could hate his or her own child! It's such a shame! You all deserve better! I hope you guys will be better off! You're in our prayers!"
--Michael, 13

"Family: A bunch of people who care a lot about each other and share stuff with each other."
--Kimberly, 11

"Let's see...well, my mom is wonderful! But my dad... He's a serious pain in the (Blank)! He's verbally abusive! I swear, sometimes I wish he'd go away! Forever! I hate him to the core!"
--A, 13

"Um, Suzanne (9), a family doesn't always have to have at least four people. Do parents and only children not count as family? And also, what if you had a brother or a sister and your parents died? You'd still be a family, although a very small one."
--Phoenix, 11

"Jenna: Not my mom! But my dad! I know how you feel! You should tell your dad about your mom! I told my mom about my dad. She DID talk to him, but that didn't help! But it may help you!"
--Michael, 13

"Uhhhh, probably a group that STAYS TOGETHER!! My dad is in Saudi Arabia. I don't tell anyone anything, my mom is gonna die from all the stress and pressure, my sister has no real friends, and my brother's one and only friend is in Egypt. Yup, we are one happy family!!"
--Mohammad, 11

"The definition of my family is that they are crazy and weird but they are always a lot of fun."
--Cass, 11

"My definition of family is a mother, father, and well aged children. Well, that's what most people consider a family. I live at home...with my mom, who's single. Things don't always go great, but we're still a good family!"

"My definition of a family is when a mommy and a daddy really love each other they show their love with a child."

"My definition of family is when there is a baby that is made in the mommy and they have lots of food."
--Derek, 13

"My definition of family is my mom is pretty cool and lets me do a lot of things, but she also can be protective...I don't live with my dad. We live in Hamilton and he lives in Toronto. I go to his house every other weekend...my dad likes to go to good movies with me. He is very cool. I think he is sort of like a city cowboy XD...I have a guy named Charles (momís boyfriend), sometimes I feel like he tries to be a father, I hate when he does that. . . ."
--Casandrea, 12

"The definition of family is the people who take care of you or you take care of. BYE BYE!!!"
--Devin, 12

"An old saying goes 'friends are the family you choose,' and I believe that. Family isn't just who you're related to."

"My definition of a family is people. And kids."
--Isaac, 11

"Hey, my sister posted on here! Hi, Suzanne! It's me, Rebecca! Haha! Hey, Suzanne, Marble Blast! Ssssshhh! LOL, sorry, guys, but you wouldn't get it. It's strictly an inside joke between me and my sister, Suzanne! Woohoo!"
--Rebecca, 13

"They are destroying my own life. Why? "

"A group of people who care deeply about each other. I don't think they have to be related. For instance, I feel really comfortable at my best friend's house because her family is SO nice and the whole atmosphere is so comfortable. And also, in the book The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, the girls in that seem like a family even though they're not related, because they care about each other so much."
--Dragonmistress, 12

"To me, family isn't just relatives. Family is more like...All of the people who make you feel strong and confident about yourself. It's odd, because you can find family in places you'd least expect it. 6 months or so ago, I joined my school's Drama Club. We all worked together so well, and although there were over 70 members in our play, every single one of us became close. These people are still my family- they're people who support me, make me laugh, and cheer my accomplishments. I'm glad I met these people, my second (and very large) family. If you're low in self-esteem, you can count on your family to lift you up."
--Amelia, 11

"The definition of family to me means 'tight-knit' group of loving people."
--Diane, 12

"Big, there are 8 people in my family. I am the oldest. I am 10, and the youngest is 10 mos. There are 6 of us."

"A group of biologically related beings."
--Kaylee, 12

"My definition of a family is you have people to love and you might get in a fight with your brothers and sister, but oh well, at least you have a family."

"My definition of family is a mother, father, and well aged children. Well, that's what most people consider a family. I live at home...with my mom, who's single. Things don't always go great, but we're still a good family!"
--Holly, 11

"My definition is love."
--Shan'tore, 12

"Am I the only one who's real mom hates them???"


"Suzanne(9): Um, you don't need 4 people for a family! What about all the only children? Aren't they part of families?"

"A family is a group of people (big or small) who love each other and look out for each other."
--Violet, 13

"Going nuts and having fun with my twin bro beside me and our mom trying to keep us under control."
--Anonymous, 11

"My definition of my family is a quarter supporting and kind. And everything else is evil and vain. Really!"
--KittyKat, 9

"A family is a group of people, anywhere from 2 people to countless people, who care about each other and want the best from one another."
--Rachel, 12

"FAMILY (fame-lee) NOUN: The people who love you no matter what you do, through thick and through thin. Even if you steal their CD's."
--HarryPotter, 12

"Well, we play a lot."

"A family is a group of people who care about you and will support you no matter what decisions you make in life."
--Stephanie, 13

"People who are related."

"Well, there are 11 of us, so that is all."
--Abby, 11

"Family (FHAM-ill-ee) n. Two or more people living together nearby/in the same household."
--Jen, 11

"My definition of a family is a group of people who are all biologically related to each other."
--Clare, 10

"My definition of a family is one that is supportive. I mean, you can live in a house, and have ëfamilyí but without the love only a family can give, then it is just a house. But with family it is a home with people who care. Yeah, sometimes you feel no one cares, but that is so not true. There is always someone out there for you. If you believe in God, he is there. He's your dad. No matter where you go, there is a family, yours, just waiting for you to come home so they can take care of you. So appreciate your family, while they can still help you."
--Milky Way

"A family is people to love, to hang out with, and to get help from in times of need. Family is important, and while not all will like their family, they're there to stay. I love my family very much."
--Sarah, 12

"A family is a group of people that you can relate to, not just be related to."
--Leah, 13

"Well I can't figure out the definition of a family."
--Carly, 11

"3 or more people, usually two parents and a child. Anything else seems un-family-like. Anyone else agree?"
--Anastasia, 10

"A family is a group of 2 or more people that love and care for each other."
--Gronnie, 12

"A group of people related or not who care and love each other."
--Ruth, 9

"A family is people who love one another and would be willing to do things such as uproot their whole lives and move for another."
--Laura, 11

"My definition of family is the loved ones that surround you...the ones who care the most about you and will do anything for you that you really need. The ones that would risk their lives for you!!!"
--Nichole, 12

"Well, we all are funny and happy! Never negative! I love my family!"
--Tasha, 10

--Hannah, 11

"A friendly group of people who care and love each other. They can or cannot be related and live under the same roof."
--Gina, 9

"My definition of a family is people who always love and stand up for you. You get tired of them and fight with them, but you always forgive them in the end, and you love them too. Some families are big, some are small, but you are almost always happy with them."
--Lydia, 11

"A love of knowing that there is someone out there, for you."
--Amanda, 12

"My definition of a family is at least one person who cares immensely about at least another person. They don't necessarily have to love each other- just care."
--Halifax, 12

"A family is not just a family with a father, mother, brothers and sisters. A real definition of a family is a family that understands you and loves you."
--Sara, 12

"A family is a group of people who love each other."
--Liz, 10

"People who care and love for each other. Just because your parents are divorced does not mean you're not a family. Just because you're adopted does not mean you are not part of the family. Families arenít just mother, father, and siblings."
--Shoshana, 10

"A family is one or more people who take care of you. It might be your mom and dad, just 1 of your parents, or maybe grandparents, aunts, uncles, or someone else, but family is just people we take care of each other. You feel different if youíre adopted or your mom and dad aren't taking care of you, your other relatives are, but youíre not. Family is just someone who supports you. It takes 2 people to make a baby but really parents to take care of one! So no matter who it is taking care of you and loving you, it is a family."
--Karri, 13

"I think families have to be kind and generous, not little ogres you hate!"

"I think itís when you live with someone you love and care about and somehow theyíre related. A family should mean the world to you, and you should love them no matter what."
--Lucy, 10

"The definition of a family from my point of view is that there's always someone to catch you when you fall or make you laugh when youíre down or anything. And your family is always with you no matter what. But thatís my definition."
--Brittany, 12

"A group of people you know that will always be there for you; the people who have your blood. A group of people who will always be there in good times and bad. People who you love and care about and who love you and care about you."
--Jamal, 12

"To me itís just me, my brother and sister...itís just always been like thatÖ"
--Heather, 11

"I think a family is like a support system. Sometimes it can be hard 2 get the support U R looking 4."
--Laurie, 11 "Family is supporting (sometimes), and sometimes they can be real pain."
--Nabilah, 13

"You live with your family and in with your house too."
--Amanda, 11

"Me and my brother don't have a home. Right now Iím in my new family car."
--Emauni, 12

"A bunch of people put together all under one roof."

"Family-noun- a group of people related by birth or parents that has at least four people. Example sentence: Susan's family is her mom, dad, and her 2 sisters."
--Suzanne, 9

"Anyone who loves you and cares for you!"
--Michael, 13

"To me, family means always being there for each other and being supportive through difficult times."
--Rebecca, 13

"My definition of a family is parents and kids who are related and love each other. And it doesn't need to be the mom/dad/child thing. There could be just a mom, or just a dad, or other people such as aunts and uncles, so long as there is love."
--CheezyWeezy, 13

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