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If you could change one thing about your bro or sis, what would it be?
--From Kyra, 11

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"If I could change anything about my lil’ brother it would be that he would stop kicking me ferociously.”
--Jazz, 12

"There are many things I would WANT to change, but I would not do anything. I think that everything that my sibs do has kind of a meaning, or happens for a reason.”
--CandyLover, 11

"Uhhhh…my bro is obsessed with making movies. I like that about him, but I hate filming the scenes for him. If I could change something about him, it would be that he didn't obsess over his movies and talk about them all the time and pull me in to filming. My little sister does a lot of stuff like me. That I don’t mind much, but I start minding when she takes it to the extreme!”
--Amanda, 13

"I would get rid of my 3 yr old's cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic disease that she has.”

"What I would change about my little brother is that he would STOP HURTING ME ALLLL OF THE TIME!”
--Alice, 9

"If I could change my brother I wouldn't know what to change. He is so mean. He treats me like a maid. He's 14. I do so much more work than him it's crazy. My parents don't even care!!!!”
--Anonymous, 12

"I would want my brother to be a girl, because brothers are very annoying.”
--Amala, 13

"If I could change summin bout ma oldest sib it would be... That she would stop dobbin in on me in everythin’ I did, and also to make her stop being so mean.”

“I wouldn't change them a bit, except for the fact that they cry constantly. My mom just had twins and their names are Max and Jonathan. Jonathan is older by 5 minutes. They are so cute.”
--Maris, 12

"It would be that he would just stop BUGGING me in every way!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Marissa, 10

"I would make my brother older (17 or so) and less of a dork, and I would make my sister my twin. I would make her a little less snooty.”
--Tyler, 13

"If there was one thing I could change about him is that I stop him from running into my room, and stop dancing. But the thing is, he's okay.”
--Sam, 11

“If I could change my sib she would be 2 years older than me instead of 2 years younger (she is 10). Not because she is too annoying (even if she sometimes is but we're super close), but because I don't like doing everything first because I’m the oldest kid!”
--Olivia, 12

"My brother never lets me do anything alone. He’s always bugging me and takes the TV away from me. Then I have to move, and if I don't, I get in trouble. I wish he would give me space and share stuff.”
--Jessica, 10

"If I could change my older sister I totally would. I would make her think that she's not the only one that matters in the world. If I could do that it would be SO tight!”
--Morgen, 11

"I wouldn’t change at all. I love my sister and brother, and they love me. We fight sometimes but that doesn't mean we hate each other.”
--Marie, 10

"My ONLY little sister (thank goodness) is sOoOoOo annoying. She lies and tells on me everyday!! The one thing I could change about her is that she is LESS annoying! If I had that come true I would probably be the HAPPIEST, SMILEYEST girl in the world.”
--Loan, 11

"I would let her be 10 years older than me and make her stop being annoying, or maybe be my identical twin sister so we can have real fun instead of fighting all the time.”
--Melissa, 12

"My little sister is mean and bossy and a tattletale and a liar. She gets away with eeevveerrryyyyttthhiiinnngg!!!!! I wish I can make her nice and stop her screaming and yelling and singing and tattletaleing and hitting and punching and her nosiness. That would make me happy!!!!!”
--Michelle, 13

"The one thing I would change about my sister is her whining and crying. Me and my sister are mean to each other sometimes and she makes me so mad my attitude just flies of the handle. And if I even punch her really lightly she starts crying and I get grounded for awhile.”
--Brittney, 10

"If I could change one thing about my sis I would make her be nice to me all the time because she's very very mean to me cause she's older and stronger.”
--Kaitlyn, 10

"I wish my sister would stop coming into my room and messing it up! If only somehow her room was as appealing as mine.”
--Aimee, 12

"The fact that he cries when he doesn't get his way (he's 3). Also the annoying part of him, and disgusting part.”
--Lili, 10

"I'd make my sister more close in age to me, because we'd have more in common and she'd probably be more mature.”

"One thing I would change about my little sister is to make her stop trying to be the center of attention when my friends are over. Let me tell you, that can be sooo annoying sometimes.”
--Elizabeth, 11

"Everything! My sis is sooo annoying, and I love her for it!”
--Hannah, 11

"If I could change my sibling he would be nice, and never hit me, and buy stuff 4 me.”

"I would have my 3 year old brother and 5 year old sister behave when I baby sit them (alone with no one in the house). And Morgan’s problem- she sooooo understands me!!!”
--Tasha, 10

“I would change the fact that I DON'T HAVE ANY SIBLINGS!!!!!”
--AnnaRose, 12

“My li’l bro died, so I have no siblings now. But my cousins live at the house I do. I would change the fact that my cousins Rufus and Jamie jump on me screaming 'Liam! Liam! Wanna play?' I love them anyway.”

"If I could change something about my little bro is to CHANGE HIS NOISE LEVEL!!!!! He can scream forever. Another thing is something to tell him to stop CRYING SO MUCH! He embarrassed me when he stood in front of my friends at school and cried that a bully was chasing him!!!”
--Abby, 10

"If I could change one thing about my sister it would be that she was my age and my twin.”
--Bridget, 9

"I always get mad for no reason and when I do I lock myself in my room and they can't open the door.”
--Christina, 12

"If I could change one thing about my 2 sisters and 1 bro, I would change my bro so that he would act like a regular person, and that my youngest sister would stop being loud. And my middle sister would stop being cross all of the time.”
--Girly, 11

"I have 2 bros and 2sisterz. I would change the fact that they’re so annoying.”
--Katelin, 12

"I would make my younger brother to stop being ANNOYING!!!!!!”
--Miranda, 10

"Me and my sister are like best friends but with me being the big sis now, I’m getting older. I just want her to get out of my space and quit tagging along.”
--Morgann, 10

“My brother has autism and I wish he didn't because he has hit me before and one time he pushed me and I hit something and I ended up getting 5 stitches near my lip. My parents don't get him in trouble but I understand because he doesn't know about this kind of stuff.”
--Jessi, 13

“That she picks fights with everyone and I end up fighting 'em for her.”
--Allie, 10

“I would make my brother still be alive because he died a few days ago.”

“I would change my brother because he jumps on me on Saturday mornings and starts screaming at the top of his lungs and my mom thinks I did it. He is 6 and very very very annoying but I love him anyway. My name is Lindsay and my brother's name is Rufus.”
--Lindsay, 13

"I would change little brother’s craziness.”
--KD, 12

"If I would change my lil bro I will say, change him to none-bugged or none-annoy me.”
--Devon, 13

“I wouldn't change anything about my little brothers except for the fact that they leave Cheerios in my room. They have blamed me for stuff, but my mom only reminds me of our house rules when they do. Plus the youngest one is cute."
--Betsy, 8

"She would be nicer to me and she would do whatever I asked her to do.”
--Emily, 12

"Sometimes my mom yells at my 6 year old younger brother. He is very sensitive and cries easily. He almost always comes to me in these situations, and we go to a quiet room to talk about what the problem is. He usually calms down and is in a better mood when he walks out.”
--Taylor, 11

“I'd change my stepsisters because they can get annoying. I'd have an alarm that would make them apologize for annoying me. Other than that I don't want to change them.”
--Nick, 12

"I'd change my sister of not being so mean.”
--Shayd, 9

"Ever since my sister became a Marine, she's been really bossy. She gets mad about EVERYTHING!”
--Lindsay, 13

“I would change the fact that I have TOO MANY SIBLINGS! I have 14 siblings and I am the 7th. I would rather have just my older sister Samantha because she goes to college in another state and sends me cool stuff.”
--Massie, 12

“My older brother's name is Kit. I would change the fact that he gets rebellious sometimes. But I love him because one time my parents were too tired to take me to the mall and HE TOOK ME VOLUNTARILY!”
--Ruby, 8

"All, my sister is special. She is 13, but she acts like if she was 3. I really hate it when my parents spend all their money on things for my sister and they can't buy me what I need.”

"I am the only middle child. I think it is the worst position. My younger sister is a tomboy who is a brat. she goes in my room and rips up things. So I need some advice. What do I do? I yell at her and take her stuff but it does not work. HELP ME.”
--Amelia, 9

"Ever since my sister became a Marine, she's been really bossy. She gets mad about EVERYTHING!"
--Lindsay, 13

"I wish I could just go back to the way things were before my little sister was born. HELP!!!!!!"
--Becca, 11

"I want my brother to stop teasing me."

“I don't wanna change anything about my siblings. I have only one. His name is Mike and he is 18 years old. He is the star quarterback at the high school in our town but he is nice about it. I love him because he drives me places a lot.”
--Annie, 9

“I wouldn't change my older bro Caleb for anything. He plays football and basketball and is really good at it. At his school they pick a Junior Cheerleader for every game. She has to be 9 or younger. It's usually me because 1) no other player has that young of a sister and 2) my bro's gf is a cheerleader and wants me every time. Her name is Rikelle. I wouldn't change my bro at all. Well, except for the fact that he is going to USC next year and I live in Florida.”
--Kylie, 9

"If there was one thing that I could change about my lil bro, it would be that he wouldn't get hyper so easily!!!"
--Shawntel, 12

"Change my bro? Heck yeah. My brother is on varsity football and basketball and gets A+'s and lots of awards. He also plays 3 instruments. My parents focus on him more than me and I would make him average, not a prodigy. I would change my other brother because...I actually don't wanna change him. Even if he is 7 and twerpy, I love to give him piggyback and ‘horsie’ rides. And he is adorable. By the way, my big bro's name is Logan and my lil bro's name is Ricky."
--Rhiana, 12

"I wouldn't change my brother too much. He doesn't blame me for stuff unless we are kidding around. Like, he knocks over his Lego sculpture and he's all, ‘Mom, she destroyed the basement’ and laughs about it with me. I would only change the fact that he hangs on my leg when I am at the door greeting someone! Other than that, he's an OK lil bro. By the way, my bro's name is Lucas and he is 5."
--Nisha, 12

"One thing I'd love to change is my sister's attitude. Because she is always getting me in trouble. Whether I really did something or not I always get yelled at!"
--Attitude Dudette, 12

"I would change my older brother because he is mean to me and he calls my older sister fat even though she's thin and has had problems with anorexia. Sometimes he is really mean to my dad and doesn't listen to my stepmom."
--Alyssa, 8

“If I could change one thing about my brothers, it would be for them to do everything I told them to do.”
--Ruth, 12

“I would make my sister free of disabilities.”

“If I could change one thing about my sister Tracie, it would be for her not to think she can talk about people and fight them all the time. I told her someone smaller than you is going to get you back for picking with them.”

“If I could change my 5-year-old sister, I would make her listen to me without hitting, smacking, and pinching me.”
--Annoyed, 9

“I'm the youngest in the family but I’m having some problems with my older brother. He lies a lot and I love my dad and all but the more my brother lies, the more my dad doesn’t want him.”
--Alison, 11

“My little sister is the most annoying person on earth. I try to pretend that she isn't my sister, but that's kind of hard because if she were my age, she would be my identical twin. Of course, I only think that she's annoying because she is my sister but she really is truly spoiled. I would simply love it if she was not spoiled. It would change her sometimes snobby manner.”
--Monica, 10

“If I where to change my brother, I would change him for something like this: First, I would change him for a nice loving person who would take care of me better. I would also change his personality. I love my brother but if I could change him these ways and many other ways it'll be much cooler!”

“If I could change 1 thing about my bro I would make him stop biting and hitting me, even though he’s really 11.”

“If I could change anything about my sis is that she would not bug me as much. Bugging me is like her dream come true.”
--Cassie, 9

“I don’t want to change one because I don’t have one!!!!!! I don't have a sib but we are going to adopt a baby!!”
--Alex, 11

“I would change my sister so she would listen to me.”
--Khadijah, 10

“I would change my sister's brain because she is mentally handicapped, so people make fun of me and I'll never get to be an aunt which I've always wanted to be. But she can't take care of herself, and it is hard for her to think properly so sometimes she gets frustrated and takes her anger off on me.”
--Kelsey, 11

“My big brother is VERY muscular so he can beat me up in 2 seconds. I wish he were not muscular.”
--Yonit, 11

“The only thing that I would change is not to be a fraternal twin anymore because my brother is always bragging to his friends that he is older than me. Then he tells me that he loves me at home. He acts different waaaaaaaayy different when he is with his gf but I don't act like him when I am with my bf.”
--Chelsea, 13

“I would love to get rid of my brother because he is a pain. He never listens to me. I would turn him in for another dog or something.”
--Lathrisa, 10

“If I could trade my big sister, I could catch more boys.”
--Charlissa , 11

“If I could change one thing about my brother it would be to make him much, much, nicer.”
--Jennifer, 9

“I would make my little brother my older brother, because I have always wanted someone to look up to other than a parent.”
--Megan, 13

“That my brother will never move and stay in Arlington.”
--Julia, 9

“I would change everything!!!!!!!!!”
--Elena, 12

"I have an older sister named Danielle. What I would change is that she would be 16 instead of 22 because she goes to college at UCLA (I live in Wisconsin). I also have an older brother named Bobby, who I wouldn't change because he is so nice. He is 17, and he voluntarily drives me places!"
--Sammie, 12

“I would change the annoying side of him.”
--Kathy, 11

"If I could change one thing about my sis, I would make her less bossy. She bosses not only me around, but my parents as well! She thinks she rules the world and I also might change the fact that she's a liar."
--Emma, 11

“I wouldn't get rid of my brother. No way, even though I do hate him. I would make him stop playing his X-Box and only play it on Sunday morning. Speaking of which, I'll go ask my mum right now. Buh-bye!”
--A., 10

“If I could change my little brother, I would get a famous life or trade him for a pet fish, turtle, and a kitten.”
--Devika, 11

“If I can change my bro, I would get rid of him because he always copies me.”
--Tari, 12

“If I could change my brother, I wouldn't change that much. I would like to teach him that he can't always get what he wants! You know, little bros are SO annoying sometimes, and for some reason my little brother is always crying if he doesn't get what he wants. It gets SO annoying and my mom and dad can't take it, so they give him what he wants.”
--Jasmine, 8

“I would change my younger sister so that she would leave me alone when I want to be. Sometimes she breaks into my room when my best friend is over just to get a reaction, and unfortunately my best friend is fairly hot-tempered so it makes my sister want to ‘come back for more.’ She also starts fights with me because I get my plate for dinner 5 seconds before her. If making her leave me alone didn't work, I would make her beg my parents for a trip to a psychiatrist.”
--Connor, 10

“I am a youngest child and I hate it! If I could change my brother, I would make him not be so snotty and perfect! So if you think being the youngest is fun? U ARE SO WRONG!!!”
--Neena, 12

“I have to admit that I DO love my brother John a lot! But, that’s only when he's having a good day. Sometimes, he can be a bit mean. He is 15 years old, so of course who doesn’t want his little sis bugging him when he's with his buddies or something. I just wished he could be nicer and spend more time with me!”
--Natalie, 11

“I wish my brother and sister would not whine so much. Perhaps I would only change my sister, because she is the one who whines at me!”
--Mahry, 11

“If I could change one thing about my sister, it would be to make her MYOB! She always complains to my parents if I stay home sick, and sometimes she breaks into my room when my best friend is over to annoy me. She also makes a big deal out of it if I get my plate at dinner first, and I wish she would stop!”
--Connor, 10

“If I could change my sisters in any way, I would change them A LOT. I would make them really nice to me, I would make them not spend all of their time talking to their boyfriends, and I would make my step-sisters a little bit different, too. One of my step-sisters, Emma, is always out with her friends and she is always hanging out with her boyfriend. I wouldn't change my other step-sister Abby at all.”
--Devin, 9

“If I could change my brother Thaddeus, I would make him a girl about 16. Then I would have someone to talk to and play with. Her name would be Catlin. I just love that name and my other brother is fine but I like the name Joshua better than Caleb. He's 2.”

“I would change my sister into a brother because my sister is so snobby. If a boy says something to her, she'll brag that she has a bf when she really doesn't. I am the older twin, so ha ha ha to her!”
--Emilia, 11

“I wish my sister wasn't as annoying as she is!”
--Smile, 11

“What I would love to teach my bro and sis is how not to take my things and share with me!”
--Jocelyn, 13

“There’s really nothing to change about my sister except that she would be just a little bit nicer and I wish I had a baby bro/sis, that would be cool!!!”
--Courtney, 11

”I would like to trade my two brothers for a twin sister or an older sister.”

“If I could change one thing about my sister, it would be her impatience with me at times.”

“I would change my sis to be nicer to me.”
--Britt, 12

"To be honest, I wouldn't change a thing! I love them dearly and we are so close. We never fight!"
--RM, 11

"If I could change one thing about my sib, it would be that she could be like other kids. She's going into 4th grade and she doesn't even know what 1+1 is!"
--Mollie, 9

"My older brother is really nice. I wouldn't change a thing about him. Well, maybe I would like to change the part about him being in the military and leaving all the time. He's always gone somewhere for a LONG time and I always miss him. Writing letters isn't really something he does all the time too. I'm just glad he's happy because he always wanted to join the military ever since he was a little kid."

"I would change my 9-year-old sister to a 17-year-old brother. A 17-year-old brother could drive me places and watch out for me. Also, I'd want an older sister who is 13."
--Olivia, 11

"If I could change anything about my sisters, it would be to make them be nicer to me, be pretty, be more healthy, a little more skinny (they are pretty skinny, but they still got a tiny bit of fat), and to make them play with me."
--Devin, 9

"I would make my brother 3 years younger."
--Jennifer, 9

"If I could change one thing about my sister it would be that I could make her stop pestering me."
--Khadijah, 10

"If I could change one thing about my sibs it would have to be that I wish that our birth orders where closer together. There are 17 years between me and my older sister and 12 between my other sis and me. There are 9 years between my bro and me, the third out of four kids. So I would want us to be closer in age."
--Lainey, 13

"If I could change one thing I'd change it so I'd actually have a bro or sis."

"I would change my brother's opinion about my crush because he really hates him and he doesn't even know him."

"I wouldn't change anything about my siblings. I have a brother named Shawn and he is fun to be with. Just don't make him mad! My sister Tracie is my role model. I want to be almost exactly like her. But I wouldn't change a thing about them. I love them just the way they are."

"I have one sister and she is horrible. She is about a foot taller than me and she is 2 years younger than me. She can’t help but rub in that she gets everything she wants and I always get blamed for things. She gets the same privileges that I got when I was 10 but I didn't have a mobile. She does and she's allowed out until 9.00pm. I had to be in bed by 8.30. She gets everything she wants and my whole family is nicer to me when she isn't there. I really do hate her."
--Chloe, 12

"If I could change one thing about my brother it would be that he becomes a nice brother that does not hurt me. I want a brother that loves me and protects me when I'm in danger."

"What I would change about my brother is so that he wouldn't be so mean to me around his girlfriend. Right now he was supposed to take me swimming but instead he's still asleep!!! Omg I wish he would wake up!!!"
--Kammy, 10

"I would make my sisters talk to me! Since I only just turned 13, they STILL won't include me in things. *hmph*"
--Zoe, 13

"I don't have any sibs, but if I did, I would want them to be my exact opposite so I could have someone to practice debating with. I LOVE to debate!!!"
--Sierra, 10

"It would be that my brother doesn't flirt with all the girls that I ask to come over to my house. I hate it when he does that!"
--Cathy, 11

"If I could change my sisters. Oh the possibilities! I'd get them to stop coming in my room and stop reading my diary."
--Amanda, 13

"I would definitely change my sister because I've always wanted a twin and my sister and I really look like each other. The only problem is that we have a 4 year age difference!!! My brother is a maniac and sometimes I wish that he wasn't able to talk!! Otherwise, he's ok."
--Tyler, 12

“If I could change my brother, I guess I'd make him more mature because he's 17 and acts like a 10-year-old. It's just his personality. I'd also make him nicer. Other than that, he's a pretty good brother.”
--Michelle, 13

"You really shouldn't think of those things, but sometimes I wish I had the power to change them, too. My twin brother can be so annoying! Sometimes I wish he wouldn't bully me so much, and he irritates me on purpose. I really wish that me and my older sister were closer and shared more interests."
--Raelyn, 12

"I'd make it so he was the coolest guy in high school."
--Madeline, 9

"I would never want to change my brother. Yeah, sometimes he is so stubborn, annoying, mean, and loud, but that is what makes him the person he is. It can be frustrating at times, but you never know what God will throw at you!"

"If I could change my sib I would pick my snotty little 8 year old sister. I try to be a good role model but me and her are completely different (despite our age difference). She is a little girly-girl and I'm kinda tough. My mom always takes her side and sticks up for her. For example, I tell on her a lot because she can be a brat, and my mom tells me to stop being a tattle-tale. My sister tells on me and makes up things and my mom listens to her every word. I would make her nicer and let her know what a great life she has and that she doesn't have as bad a life as some other people. I just want her to appreciate what she's got."
--Rachel, 12

"I would make my sister have a better temper. She needs anger management classes. Otherwise, she's not so bad."
--Natalie, 10

"If I could change anything about my brother, it would be to make him a little more grownup about things. Once he wanted to get a blowup pool and whined about it the whole day."
--Lizzie, 9

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