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If you could have a celeb as your bro or sis, who would it be and why?
--From Melissa, 10

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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“Navygirl, 13: I think that they are bad actors. It’s painful to watch. They are always the same, they can’t be different characters. I will admit that the twins were very cute when they were little like in Big Daddy, but now they are not very good actors. I wasn’t making fun of anyone, I was either expressing my opinions or stating a fact. If you like those people, fine, I just think there are WAY better actors out there.”

“I would have the Jonas Brothers because I met them in person and they’re real nice and funny.”
--Merna, 11

“If I can have a celeb as a sister I would choose four people: Beyonce, Ciara, Cassie and Rihanna. I picked Beyonce because me and her were both born in September and we are both Virgo. I was born September 5th 1993 and she was born September 4th 1981. We do have a lot in common. I chose the other three because it would be cool to have them too. But then my friends would be jealous of me, but so what? I can also go to awards with them and perform with them. That would be so cool.”
--Ronnesha, 13

“If I had siblings then I wish I could have 1 sister- Miranda Cosgrove, and 3 brothers- Masi Oka, Milo Ventimiglia, and Drake Bell.”
--Angela, 13

“Miley Cyrus for a sister definitely! She's my role model so of course I picked her! Jason Earls 4 a brother 'cause I would like to see how he acts with Miley off set!!! :) :) :) :).”
--Emma, 10

“Duh Miley Cyrus!!!!! She’s like nice and pretty AND TOTALLY MY IDOL!!!!!!!!! PS: SHE’S THE BEST.”
--Alena, 10

“Dear Hannah, I wish that I could stay with you longer and that you were my best friend because it would be so cool to hang out with you.”

“I think Ashley Tisdale & Jesse McCartney make a greeeeaaaaat couple. Don't you think so?!”
--Donna, 13

“Jamie Lyn Spears and Josh Hutchercon!!!!”
--Nicole, 10

“I would have Fergie.”
--Kaylyn, 9

“I would like to have B5 as my bro's and Beyonce and Ciara as my sister's.”
--Jazia T, 11

“I would want Annasophia because I want an older sibling ‘cause I’m 12years old and I’m going to be 13 in September.”
--Annasophiarobb, 13

“If I could have a celeb as my bro or sis it would probably have to be one of the saddle club girls.”

“I have 2 siblings, so I am going to choose two. 1. )my sister would be Ashanti, she looks like she is very kind. 2. )my brother would be Chris Brown because we seems like a nice spirit to be around.”

“If I had a celeb bro or sis I would pick Vannessa Hudgens or Kelly Roland or Raven because they are all my role models!!!!! *And I would b rich*.”
--Tiffany, 12

“It would be either Carrie Underwood or Mary-Kate and Ashly. Carrie Underwood ‘cuz her songs rock! Mary-Kate and Ashly ‘cuz I love their movies and also ‘cuz my cousin Ashley looks a lot like Ashly Olson! Peace!”
--CreamPuff, 10

“DUH!!! It would DEFINITELY be Jordin Sparks! She is totally awesome and she is my role model! I also like Miley Cyrus ‘‘cuz her singing ROX! Peace!”
--CreamPuff, 10

“Miley Cyrus, because she is a great singer and actress and such a great role model. Every young girl that I know looks up to her.”
--Betsy, 12

“Miley Cyrus and Anna Sophia Robb for sisters, and Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron for my bros.”
--Denica, 13

“Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus.”
--Miss Zac and Miley G, 12

“Anonymous: how do you know Miley Cyrus’ e-mail? Are you j/k's?”
--Natalie, 12

“My celeb sibs would be, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Brenda Song, Zac Efron, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Corbin Bleu, and Jason Earls.”
--Navygirl, 13

“I would want Ashley Tisdale as my sis because we are such close friends.”

“Miley Cyrus would be my sis if I could choose! She's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :. }.”
--Bailey, 12

“I will choose Josh Hutherson and Drake Bell.”
--Andreana, 10

“Hey! I love Miley Cyrus’ hair.”
--Alea, 11

“If I had a celeb as my brother or my sister they would be Miley Cyrus as my sis and I would have Jason Earles as my bro, because they both have great personalities and it would be AWSOME to have Hannah Montana A. K. A. Miley Cyrus as my big sis and the always so funny Jason Earles as my big bro.”
--Alexis, 9

“I would love to have Pete Wentz has my brother, but I love him so I would want Emily Osment or Miley Cyrus.”
--Taylor, 12

"---<3- Miley Cyrus and the Sprouse twins are good actors. Athough I do agree that Dylan and Cole need haircuts, but it's their hair and if they like it that way than that is there business. And Miley is really pretty and I think that it is kind of mean to make fun of what other people say like you did.”
--Navygirl, 13

“I would have to say Miley Cyrus because she seems to be always happy and bubbly or that she is just a sweet and kind person.”
--Alexis, 9

“For a sister I would take Hilary Duff, and I would have two brothers: Chad M Murray and Jesse McCartney.”
--Maaham, 11

“Totally Miley Cyrus because she is cute and very pretty and I bet it would be the best for my sister.”

“Good influence. (1) Carrie Underwood. She is a nice person and would never think of doing any bad. (2) Miley Cyrus. She sings meaningful songs and doesn't party all the time. (3) Brad Paisley. He keeps country music, country music and doesn't put all the guitar stuff. (4) The TV Show Leave it to Beaver. It teaches real lessons without being too “Preachy.”

“If I had a celeb sister it would be Hanna Montana.”
--Shannon. Slater, 11

“If I had a celeb as a sib I would want Zac Efron to be my brother and I would like Miley Cyrus as my sister, but I’m fine with my two brothers because there my brothers and they love for who I am.”
--Cassidy, 11

“Sometimes I wish Masi Oka or Noah Grey-Cabley were my brother instead of my older sister but I think Masi Oka would look really out of place in my family because he is Japanese and my family is Hispanic!”
--Izzy, 13

“I would soooo have Corbin Bleu as my brother because I love him. I love his songs, his lyrics, his personality and him!”
--Lauren, 10

“Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani as my sisters and the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadians as my brothers!!!!!!!!!”
--Jessie, 10

“If I could have any celeb as my sis it would be Ashley Tisdale because she is an amazing actress, singer, and she is soooooooo pretty!!!!!!”
--Kaitllynn, 11

“Miley Cyrus because I love her music. And her personality. You Rock Miley!”
--Caitlin, 10

“Destiny Hope Cyrus a. K. A. Miley Cyrus a. K. A. Hannah Montana.”
--Lani, 12

“Idk...There are so many. Disney stars, because I <333 Disney Channel. And so much more...=) [I guess anyone] but I’m content w/ the one's I have [for now=], besides, I guess it would be better if the were, like, my BFF or 4end, because if they were my bro or sis, they'd get all the attention! = ) so. I really have no answer. I guess...Whatever.”
--Traceyy: )

“Sadie, 10: Her name is Osment. As in Haley Joel. Just so you know!”

“Jarrod, 8: Anna Nicole Smith died...”

“Woohoo to everyone who said Avril Lavigne and Jim Carey! They are Canadian, just like me! I loooove Jim Carey movies they are hilarious!”

“I can't help but notice that most people chose the same people. Lets try to be original shall we? Miley Cyrus and the Sprouse twins? They are really bad actors and they aren't that attractive! Someone give the twins a hair cut!!”

“If my brother was a celebrity I would want it to be Justin Timberlake because his songs are awesome and I would be spoiled. In school I would totally be popular-even though I already am- but still everybody would want to meet him. But it would also be bad because all the attention would usually go to him and he would probably deserve it!”
--Lindsey, 12

“Carole from the Saddle Club because I like how she is smart, nice, cool and she'd be a great sister.”
--Susan, 6

“Miley Cyrus because she is awesome.”
--Krystal, 9

“It would be Miley Cyrus because she is a really good role model!!!”
--Rebecca, 13

“I don't have older brothers so I would say Lil JJ and Christopher Massey.”

“I would love to have Jason Dolley because he is such a strong devoted Christian and doesn't hide it! I think that is very cool. Then there is Matthew Underwood & Jeremy Sumpter! : ).”

“It would be Miley Cyrus, Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Anne Hudgens...:).”
--Jade, 12

“My celeb sis would be Hannah Montana because she is super great and I could show her how good I could sing.”

“Zac Efron 4 my brother, and Hannah Montana 4 my sister.”
--Madi, 10

“OMG, what a great question, Melissa! I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and wouldn't trade them for anyone, but if I absolutely had to choose I'd choose Miley Cyrus and Dylan or Cole Sprouse! If it could choose absolutely anyone I know I'd choose my friend Denny and his seventeen-year-old sister Courtney. I'd choose these four/five people 'cause Court and Denny are awesome and Miley and the Sprouse twins look awesome too!”
--Dorianna, 13

“Vannessa because she is hott.”
--Melissa, 19

“If a celeb was my sis it would be Hannah Montana.”
--Mya, 09

“For my sister it would be Miley Cyrus because she’s nice cool and pretty. We would play games with each other and go to the mall and do each other’s nails. That would be so cool.”
--Alissa, 11

“I’m not much of a fan of Miley Cyrus. Why do I say this? There are SO MANY people on here who say they want her as their sister!”
--HarryPotter, 13

“I would like Miley Cyrus to be my sister because we could sing together and always share memories and secrets with each other.”
--Stephanie, 13

“I like to watch Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.”

“Well since my sister is a celeb...Just kidding. To tell you the truth I’m outside so much that I don't really know any. So I can't answer this, good bye...”
--Alyssa, 9

“If were my sis or bro. Well, it would be all names in Disney Channel!!! All the stars...”

“It would be Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Because I love her music and I could be in her band and travel all around the room.”
--T. T, 12

“Emily Osmelt, because she pretty and nice and she looks like she would be a great big sis.”
--Sadie, 10

“Miley Cyrus because she’s pretty.”
--Sadie, 10

“Cole and Dylan Sprouse as a boyfriend, ‘cuz they’re cute.”
--Sadie, 10

“Sisters- Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Annasophia Robb. Brothers- Zac Efron, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Jason Dolly.”
--Sadie, 10

“It would be Miley Cyrus! Because she is the bomb!! And my fave celeb.”
--Haley, 11

“My celeb sisters would have to be, Hilary Duff, Anna Sophia Robb, and Miley Cyrus. My celeb brothers would have to be, ORLANDO BLOOM, and Jesse McCartney. They all seem so nice.”
--Sara, 13

“Ashley Tisdale because she is really pretty and it would just be so cool to know her!”

“Chris Brown bro! Ashley Tisdale sis! LOVE YOU BYE!”
--Mahalia, 11

“Corbin Bleu and Emily Osment.”
--Mahalia, 11

“I would choose Miley ‘cauz we’re cool like that!! I know her e-mail!”

“I wouldn’t choose anyone ‘cauz I’m happy that I have 3 sis and 1 bro to annoy me!! The celebs are just like u and me (accept I’m much prettier).”

“Raven Symone.”
--Mayo, 10

“I would like Miley Cyrus to be my sister because she looks like a nice person to hang out with. She can make you laugh and she has good advice on most things that people need advice on like sister advice.”
--Trey, 12

“If I had a celeb as a bro or sis I would have to have Miley Cyrus as a sis.”

“I wouldn't really want anyone on Disney Channel. Maybe Hayden Panettiere, or Masi Oka. (Same show. Woooah. ) Or...DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!!!!”
--HarryPotter, 13

“I would want Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus 4 my sister. And Zac Effron 2 b my brother!”
--Bb12, 12

“I would want Kelly Clarkson 2 b my sister, Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana, Emily Osment and 2 b my brother Chris Brown, Jason Dolley from Cory in the House and Zac Effron!”
--Brittanie, 12

“If I had a celebrity for my sister I would defiantly pick Miley Cyrus. She is the most awesome person ever.”
--Courtney, 13

“For my sisters I will pick Miley Cyrus and Brenda Song.”
--Soyichna, 9

“If I could have a celeb bro and sis they would have to be Ashley Tisdale and Mr. Go Get 'Em (Lucas Grabeel). I just wish that if he weren't my bro that I could magically turn 23 years old. I have a crush on him.”
--Samantha K, 12

“Dylan and Cole Sprouse! And for a sister probably Annasophia Robb. Wait! I love Zac Efron and and Nick in the Jonas Bros. Sister, Miley Cyrus. I wish it can come true!”
--Lilly, 12

“I love The Saddle Club. Keep rockin'.”
--Syl, 8

“I would say Zac Efron.”

“Dylan because he is kind of like me and he is funny and people in school say I am funny that’s why I will like him as a bro.”
--Dantrell, 12

“If a celeb can be my sister or brother Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale would be my sisters because they r my role models and Zac Efron because he is a total hottie hot hottie!!!!”
--Briana, 13

“I would have Ashley Tisdale as my sister and I would love to be a Jonas Brother : D.”
--Louis, 12

"(Even though I like my family the way it is) I would have to choose Sara Paxton. (I hope that’s how you spell her name. ) But, I would choose her because she seems like a really nice person that is hard to not get along with! She is also in one of my favorite Halloween movies! Return to Halloween Town!!! I love that movie! <3333.”

“Ciara and Raven Symone. B'cos they are so cute.”

“I would choose Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus for sisters. I have no clue why I would choose them.”
--Emma, 11

“Dylan and Cole would be my brothers and Ashley Tisdale as my sister.”
--Natalie, 8

“I would like as a brother Dan Radcliffe and as sister Emma Watson. I am a fan of them. They are older then me so they can help me. They can help me follow my dream of being an actress too. They are fun and acts great.”
--Star, 12

“Vannessa Hudgens!”
--Kimberly, 10

“I would want Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere as my sisters because they are both very talented and they could help me with my singing...”

“If I were to have a celebrity bro or bros it would be Dylan and Cole Sprouse because they're so HOT!!”
--Jessica, 10

“Miley Cyrus. Because she has lots of clothes and shoes.”
--Cassidie, 9

“Zac Efron because he is cool.”
--Mariana, 13

“I would want Nat Wolff from the Naked Brothers Band but I would prefer him as my boy friend!”
--Rachel, 11

“It will be Veronica Taylor, because she did most of my favorite anime shows on TV.”

“I would love for Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens to be my sisters.”

“I think it would be sooo cool to have Keira Nightly or Kelly Clarkson as a big sister.”

“I would like to have Miranda Cosgrove and Jamie Lynn Spears as sisters.”
--Alexis, 11

“If I could have a celeb as my sis I would choose Hilary Duff, because she is talented, and has a great attitude and personality...”
--Gabi, 11

“I don’t know any celebs [I don’t have cable!!!! ].”
--Hannah, 8

“Ummmmmm I would definitely choose Miley Cyrus and Josh Hutcherson!!!!!!! <3 Brie.”
--Brie, 13

“I would have Chris Brown and Lil' Romeo as my celebrity brothers because they could teach me how to rap and I could go on tours with them.”
--Edenis, 9

“If I could have a celeb sister I would have Miley Cyrus or JoJo!!! : ) : >.”
--Schultzie, 11

“Miley Cyrus.”
--Kelsey, 11

“I would want Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus to be sisters.”
--Hanan, 8

“I would have Miley Cyrus because I L. O. V. E her show Hannah Montana! I would do anything to watch her show!”
--Sara-mei, 8

“If I could choose a celeb as a sister or brother I would pick Miley Cyrus as a sister.”
--Yohana, 11

“I would have Jason Dolley and Zac Efron as my brothers.”
--Merna, 10

"I would want to have Ashley Tisdale as my sis!”
--Adrianna, 10

“I think Miley is a sis to Bob Saget.”
--Tyler, 9

“If I had a celeb bro or sis it will be Raven or Millie. Because I think Raven roxs my soxs and she's so funny. And I'll like Millie as a sis because she's America's HOTTEST POP STAR.”
--Nadia Almosawi, 11

“I would want Ashley Tisdale as a big sister because she seems so nice and cool.”
--Anne, 11

“I would have Jim Carrey as my brother.”

“Well, if I had a celeb sister, I would want Ashley Tisdale, and if I had a celeb bro, it would HAVE to be Corbin Bleu!”
--Salia, 11

“Ummmm maybe Corbin Blue or Zac. They are sooooooooooooo hot!”
--Melinda, 13

“I would choose raven because if you have a look at what she is like with Sydney on television then anyone would love to have her as a sister.”
--Amanda, 13

“I would want Chris Brown and Jason Dolley.”
--Mariah, 10

“I would choose Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Anne Hudgens as my sisters because we could sing all night and if we stepped out of the house their would be camera everywhere and we would make a good trio.”
--Mattea, 8

“Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”
--Morgan, 8

“Well, bro dunno.”
--Nichelkl, 9

“I think I would want Miley Cyrus as my big sister because she is nice and pretty.”
--Mary, 8

“If you could have a house to your self would you build it your self or just move in and who would move in with you and why??”
--Jamilea, 12

“If I could have a celeb as a bro or sis it would be Neyo as a big bro.”
--Tyra, 10

“My celeb brother would be Jesse MCARTNEY.”
--Shelby Smith, 8

“I would have many. First, Miley Cyrus. Her dad is awesome. He acts like he's 14. And Miley would never think of doing anything bad. Second, I would have Carrie Underwood. She sings like an angel from heaven. Last, The Sprouse Twins. They are cool!”
--Taylor Kerr, 9

“I would love to have Miley Cyrus or Emily Osment as sibs cuz then I could go and be on Hannah Montana!!!!”

“I would want John Cena, Avril Lavigne and Randy Ortan. Because they would teach me to wrestle and to sing and to rap and how to flow.”
--Lucy, 10

“For me it probably be Zac Efron For a bro because he seems so cool, fun, and he looks like a great role model from TV to a sk8teboarding, guitar playing bro!”
--Cierra, 12

“I would want Vanessa Hudgens for my sister because she is really cool and a great singer.”
--Adrienne, 12

“Bam is really cute but even cuter with his real name. His real name is Brandon Cole Margera, but he legally changed his name to bam. What was the point???? Ya it’s a hot name & I can’t think pf any 1 else who has dat name. Well anyway it’s an awesome name.”
--Abriel, 13

“HarryPotter (13) is someone with REAL taste. Actors that can actually act.”

“Hilary duff because she is my role model.”
--Jade, 10

My Family’s Fun Thing “My family always goes on a trip during the summer : ].”
--Nicole, 12

“Every summer my family and I go to Australia! We spend 2 weeks there!”
--Vanya, 9

“Believe it or not a celeb is my sib. Event though I’m happy for her to be on the big screen I can't help feeling a tad bit jealous that she has fan letters, Hollywood premieres, and the occasional picture in a magazine. I mean sure it’s cool to live in Hollywood with her but I am getting so sick of having to watch her become rich and famous and have to dodge little kids who want to marry her or others words they would have me strapped down asking almost every possible question there is about her. Some please somebody give me some advice about what to do about the rich and the famous!!!”
--JealousSIS, 12

“Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus And Dylan And Cole Sprouse.”
--Hannah, 9

“I would want Raven Symone as my sis and Zac Effron as my brother!”
--Adi, 9


“I wish I was on Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. And I wish Miley Cyrus.”
--Cynthia, 8

“I’d want Aaron Carter as mine.”
--Holly, 13

“I think that Hannah and Emily should be sisters.”
--Alaena, 9

“I would want Chris Brown to be my brother and Ashanti to be my sister.”
--Brittany, 12

“It would be Elizabeth from “The View". Why? Because she is a Christian, just like me!”
--Ashley, 11

“I would want my sister to be Kelly Clarkson because she was an American Idol.”
--Malikah, 11

“I would want Miley Cyrus as my sis because she's really cool and I would LOOOVE to share her clothes!”
--Melissa, 10

“I would have Channing Tatum, Toby Hemingway and Ben Makenzie as my brothers. That would be so cool. I love them so much!!!”
--Cassie, 13

“I would like Slim Shady.”
--Nala, 9

“I would have Vanessa Hudgens and Dylan and Cole Sprouse as famous sibs!”
--Mary, 10

“I would like Ashley Tisdale to be my sister or just as a friend...”
--Bianca, 11

“If I hade a celebrity sister it would be Hannah Montana. Because she is my favorite celebrity.”
--Paige, 8

“If I had a celeb as a bro or sis it would be Dylan Sprouse off the Suite life of Zack and Cody. Because that is my favorite show on TV that is on Disney Channel. I think they are cute too.”
--Shelby, 12

“I would want Orlando Bloom to be my brother and Ciara to be my sister.”

“I would want Miley Cyrus, Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and Raven Symone!!!”
--Tina, 11

“I would love to have Emily Osment (Lily from Hannah Montana) as my sister because she is so witty and nice!”
--Jennifer, 12

“Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale- they both inspire me. And Miley is not a jerk, whoever said that. Or maybe Carrie Underwood, or Jordin Sparks. I have American Idol on da' brain right now.”
--Meredith, 10

“I would have Miley Cyrus because she is like so cool and she would rock my world!!!!!!!”
--Nasim, 10

“Sis would be Jordin Sparks, bro Sanjaya Malkar.”

“Well, if I could have a Celebrity sister or brother I would give that up to have my brothers & sisters.”
--Little Bee, 12

“I would like to have all of the kids from Disney channel because they are all so strong and very talented.”

“I would have Anna Nicole Smith as my sister.”
--Jarrod, 8

“I would want Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus!!”
--Tejesvi, 8

“Uhhhhhh-I would pick Raven Symone & Ashley Tisdale by~~Meme~~.”
--Meme, 9

“I would have Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus.”

“Zac Efron.”

“My sister is great.”

“I would like to have Hannah Montana as a sis and Corbin Blume as a bro.”
--Zach, 11

“I want Miley Cyrus, Dylan & Cole Sprouse.”
--Kristen, 8

“It’s Ciara.”
--Dernise, 11

“I would have Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale as celeb siblings.”
--Tyson, 10

“I would want Miley Cyrus and Raven because they are funny.”
--Ashley, 9

“My celeb brothers and sister would be The Naked Brothers Band!”
--Shantel, 9

“I would want Orlando Bloom or Hannah Montana.”
--Makayla, 9

“If I had a celebrity sis it would be Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana or Ashley Tisdale. Because THEY ARE people I could hang out with. I COULD TRUST THEM.”
--PAIGE, 8

“If I had a celeb sister it would be Anna Popewell who plays Susan on Narnia or Hayden Panittiare and if I had a brother I would want Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp.”
--Rachel, 10

“I love Miley rock on.”

“I would want Haley Scarnato, Lakisha Jones, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Johnny Depp.”
--Misty, 8

“There are so many celebs that I'd like to have as my siblings but I’ll only name a few. My first pick would be, Bethany Joy Galeotti from One Tree Hill, because she's my role model, and from stuff I’ve seen her on, she seems really nice. My next pick would be, Miley Cyrus because she seems really sweet and since we're the same age she could be my twin plus, I would get to have Billy Ray Cyrus (one of my fave country singers) as my dad and that would rock. My last pick would be, Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach and The Hills because she is another one of my role models.”

“I would choose to have Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for my sisters, and my older sister Jenny would want Johnny Deep for her brother. She is 17.”
--Rachell, 10

“My brother would be Will Smith and my sister would be Laila Ali!!.”
--Autymn, 11

“Definitely Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment. They're my faves.”
--Jessica, 9

“If I celeb as sister it would Raven.”
--Stephanie, 9

“It would be no one because everyone is weird.”
--Anna, 12

“I say Zac Efron.”
--Tosha, 10

“Josh Peck because I would be able see Drake And Josh on set.”
--Chris, 10

“I would have Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus 'cause I love them!”
--Emily, 8

“If I had a celeb sister it would be Mariah Carey.”
--Alexandra, 12

“I would have Raven Baxter and Miley Cyrus as sisters because they are so cool!”
--Sumaya, 11

“I would want Hannah Montana and Raven.”
--Ashely, 12

“Honestly, I wouldn’t want any famous brothers or sisters. Then everyone would pay attention to that person and only that person.”
--Jacqueline, 11

“If I could a celeb for bro I’ll have Dylan and Cole Spouse.”
--Julian, 8

“I would have Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff because they can sing and act really well and could give me some pointers and give my sister some fashion tips (she won't listen to me!!! : ) ).”
--Emily, 12

“Hanna Montana.”

“Sanjaya Malakar, and Jordin Sparks, and Melinda Doolittle.”
--Haley, 10

“If I could pick a famous star as a sister it would be MILEY CYRUS because she acts like Hannah Montana my favorite show on Disney channel and RAVEN SYMORE too but not as my sister only MILEY CYRUS LOVE, Christy, C, California.”
--Christy C, 9

“If I could have a celeb brother or sister, it would be Hilary Duff. Because, she's my favourite singer.”
--Nicole, 12

“I would have Hillary Duff and JoJo as my sisters.”
--Prachi, 13

“I personally would Hilary Duff or Brittney Spears. They are the best singers. Brittney Spears wrote my favourite song, Girlfriend. And also Hilary Duff wrote another song I liked, Wake up. And they can help me write songs. I could sing them in the next school talent show! It will be cool, 'cause it will be my last talent show and song! At least it's my best. It would be so awesome. But, I have to admit that, well, I don't really want Brittany. Hilary Duff is way better. She has a mad cool fan club and website. And if I’m an ultimate fan, why not? Why not, take a crazy chance? Why not, do crazy dance. I got that from one of Hilary Duff's songs. You see? An ultimate fan deserves to have a celeb sis. It just goes to show you, The Best Is Yet To Come!.”
--Meygan, 9

“I’ve probably got lots of people who I would to be my celeb siblings. For one, Taylor Hicks! I just love 'em! Then there's Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks, and Melinda Doolittle. Hmm. There's also some of the power rangers, like Connor (James Nepeir), Jason, Tommy, Andros, Hunter, Tori, Z, Cole, Carlos, Mike, and more. Let's see- there's Dakota Fanning, and Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment (heehe, she's got my name! ). Oliver, from Hannah Montana (I don't know his real name), Ashley Tisdale, and Brenda Song. There's also Estibon, from Zack and Cody. There's also Zac Efron! And Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and let's see, Taylor, from High School Musical (man, I’ve got a lot of siblings! ). There's also Kelly Clarkson. Phil Stacey, Diana Digarmo. Carole, Stevie, and Lisa from the Saddle Club. And I know that these three aren't celebs, but I love them. One is Breanna, my #1 best friend. The other two are Mackeenzie and her brother Gabe. I would love it if they were my sibs...”
--Emily, 9

“Harriet Tubman. Love Andrea.”
--Andrea, 08

“I would want Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Zac Efron as my siblings.”
--Hayden, 10

“I would have Kelly Clarkson.”
--Lauren, 10

“Zac Efron he’s so cute!”
--Ariana, 9

“That’s a hard and easy question. I think it would My favorite actress Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning and maybe even Kate Winslet. NOT KIERA KNIGHTLY! She is so...I just don’t like her! I would have the boys from Jump5 be my brothers and some other people. I love my family just the way it is, but it would be cool to have some celebs!”
--Emily, 11

“I would have Liam Neeson, Ewan McGreggor, Ray Park, and Jake Lloyd for brothers.”
--Melissa, 12

“If I could have celeb siblings I would want Emma Watson and Carrie Underwood for sisters!”
--Crystal, 11

“I'd like Miley Cyrus and Dakota Fanning.”
--Abby, 9

“Keria Knightly from Pride and Prejudice. She is so cool. I love her so much.”
--Emma, 23

“I think I would like to have Kiera Knightly as a sister.”
--Carly, 13

“I would pick Miley Cyrus she is awesome!! I know all her songs and think she would make a good sister. (she has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. ).”
--Mari-Belle, 12

“Either Carly Patterson (gymnast) or Eva Avila (Canadian Idol Winner).”
--Kristin, 12

“Who would you prefer Hilary Duff or Ashley Tisdale?”
--Rishithiya, 11

“My celeb sister will be Shakira.”
--Anita, 10

“I would want Dylan and Cole Sprouse as brothers and Alyson Stoner as a sister.”
--Benjamin, 10

“If you had to chose over two stars to hang out with, ( your choice ) and you could only take one, who would it be?”
--Liv, 9

“I would have Paris Hilton becuz she is kewl.”
--Summer, 10


“The Statue of Liberty, duh!”

“My bros would be the Jonas Brothers 'cause they're so hot and my sis would be Kelly Clarkson.”
--Mira, 9

“I would want MILEY CYRUS as a big sis.”
--Alexus, 11

“I think if I had a celeb bros and sisters well my bros would be Zac Efron and Dylan and Cole Sprouse and my sisters would be Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song.”
--Jamar, 8

“I would say Miley Cyrus and Amanda Casgrove.”

“It would be Miley and Raven.”
--Desiree, 10

“If I had Miley Cyrus as a sister, it would be AWESOME! And I would loveeeeeeeeee it!”
--Faith, 11

“If I could have a celeb as my brother or sister I would pick Hannah Montana.”
--Farheen, 10

“I would want Amy Lee to be my sister and Pete Wentz to be my brother.”

“If a celeb was my bro or sis, I would have Dylan and Cole as little bros. Because I saw a movie with them in it, when they were little, they were really cute. I would also like to have Vanessa Anne Hudgens as a older sister because I like her personality, it is a lot like mine.”
--Hana, 12

“It would be Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley Cyrus because their shows are my favorite.”
--Lizzie, 10

“I would have Miley C. or Hannah Montana.”
--Josie, 8

“I would have Hillary Duff. She is a great singer. That's why.”
--Samantha B, 09

“I would have Corbin Bleu as a brother because it would be easy to tell we were related. I'd be triplets with the Sprouses, and my sister Ashley Tidsdale...”
--Laura, 07

“I would want Chris brown and bow wow.”
--Alissa, 11

“I want Keke Palmer as my sister!”

“I would have Hilary Duff & Miley Cyrus.”
--Chloe, 9

“I would want Brenda Songs and Miley Cyrus as my sisters because I would be popular.”
--Anam, 12

“It would be my sister and brother because I am alone you idiot because in Fetches! Got new kids and I love Noah and Willie at same time...I was mad because they got new kids aragh.”
--Hannah, 13

“I would have Vanessa Hugens for a sister and Zac Effon for a brother!”
--Merrill, 9

“I would want Miley to be my sis that would be awesome.”
--Jessica, 11

“I would have Chris Brown for a brother and Beyonce for a sister.”
--Gabriyelle, 11

“I know I’m way 2 old 2 be writing this, but I would like 2 have as my sis is Ashley Tisdale cause she’s soo crazy and cool and always not being preppy about things!!! So don’t think I’m a freak of liking her cause trust me it’s awesome!!!! Bye bye...Lol.”

“I would want Chad Michael Murry as my brother and Fergie as my sister ‘cuz I like both of them. They’re awesome.”

“If I had a brother, it would be Zac Efron (which is Troy Bolton from High School Musical). And if I had another sister, (because I already have one) it would be Brenda Song (which is London from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody).”
--Cassy, 10

“If you can be inside a celebrity's body for a whole day, who would it be?”
--Jennifer, 13

“It’s tough 2 be 14 but I now who would be a great Bro, DADDY~YANKEE cause he’s the best reggeton singer in the world!! I listen 2 his music and it’s awesome baby ya...He’s my Bro!!!! And totally cool! Thx...”

“If two celebs were my brothers they would be Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron!!!!!.”
--A. C, 9

“I choose Gabriella and Sharpay because they are in high school musical and that's like my second favorite MOVIE! And they are so talented in singing I mean like TOTALLY!!”

“I would want Corbin Bleu as my brother because he is nice, he is good looking, and he has style just like me and he would say “I love you" every single night. And my sisters would be Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. I would always get backstage passes to their concerts. I would always have fun with my sisters and my brother also.”
--Ariana, 13

“I would probably want the Scottish guy from the Lord of the Rings to be my brother. And probably for my other brother I would pick Toby Maguire.”
--Rachel, 9

“My sister would be Hilary Duff my 2nd sister would be Kelly Clarkson and my third sister would be Miley Cyrus my first brother would be Jesse McCartney and that’s really all.”
--Cloe, 9

“My sisters would be Miley and Beyonce.”
--Teauna, 10

“My family. Don't know.”
--Irma, 9

“My bro will be Chris brown because I want to sing with him.”
--Imani, 9

“I want my sister as Milly and her sister as Lilly and a brother as Oliver.”
--Karina, 8

“I would want Miley Cyrus for my sister.”
--Emma, 9

“I would have Thomas Batuelo as a husband, David Levi would be my bro, Nat and Alex Wolff as cousins, and Rosalina Dimico as a sis. They r awesome!”
--JuLiA, 11

“I would have Miley Cyrus and London as my sisters, (even though London is spoiled rotten she’s still cool) and hmmmm.....For brothers...Yeah Anna I agree I think the Jonas Bros r cute sooo I wouldn't want them as bros. For a brother I’d probably want Corbin Bleu...”
--Iluvthejonasbros, 11

“I would choose Emma Watson as a sister. But I wouldn't choose Jesse McCartney or Daniel Radcliff because if I was related to them I couldn't marry either of them!!!!!!!!!”
--Unnamed, 11

“If I had a celeb. Brother, I would be around people 24/7. I would not like it.”
--Andrew, 10

“If I had to choose a bro or sis it would HAVE to be Zac Efron! He is soooo awesome!!!”
--Lisa, 11

“Hey! I want a boyfriend.”

“I'd want my sister to be RAVEN SYMONE because she is such a great singer, I totally luv her show, and she is so totally hilarious!! : ).”
--Rachel, 9

“I want Dulce Maria and Mia and Lupeta to be my sisters on Rebelde.”
--Blonca, 9

“I would have Jesse McCartney as my celeb bro.”

“Vanessa Anne Hudgens cause she is so nice and seems like a caring person who would love me and Ashley Tisdale because I love her clothes and I would probably get them when she is done. Also she acts and sings so she could help me sing really well. Also as my brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse because know them (live right next to them house is 2. 5 million dollars. ) and they are hot just looking at them in public. P. S: I am not Ashley Tisdale also I am in the limited too magazines.”

“If I could have celeb siblings, I would have Shailene Woodley as my older sister, Josh Hutcherson as my older brother, and I would have the Lochner girls Hailey and Hannah. I think those would be so cool, but if it happened that would be awesome!”
--Alison, 13

“I would have Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and Natalie Portman as sisters.”
--Nichole, 11

“I would like for a celeb bro or sis it would be Miley Cyrus and Drake Bell.”

“I would want Miley Cyrus as a sister because we have the same name and age. It would just be really fun!”

“I would want Jamie Lynn Spears she my all time favorite.”
--Jordain, 9

“I would choose Beyonce Knowles and Skaria Knowles as my sisters.”
--Zana, 11

“I would have Carrie Underwood as my sister because she is my favorite singer and she helps people when they need it.”

“I would have Antonella Barba from AI. I would have Paula Abdul as a mom.”

“Carrie Underwood because I love her songs and I would love if she would sing to me at night. She would make a great sister to me.”
--Amber, 10

“Corbin Bleu and Maddie.”
--Jasmin, 8

“I'd want to have Corbin Bleu or Miley Cyrus because I heard they were very sweet.”
--Liyla, 12

“I would want Dylan and Cole Sprouse as my sibs cuz they are cute!”
--Chelsea, 11

“I would have Rhiana or Beyonce Knowles. Because they seem like really cool people.”
--Polkadott, 11

“I would have Rihanna and Chris Brown so that I can show off and I can be popular.”
--Tatiana, 10

"If I have a celebrity as my brother, I would say that Mitchell Musso from Hannah Montana because he gets around with the girls and acts cool around them.”
--Yannick, 12

“I would have Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown.”
--Ariana, 10

“If I had a celeb as a sis or bro, it would be Miley Cyrus because she is smart, gorgeous, funny, and sweet.”
--Roann, 11

“Chris Brown.”
--I'mani, 11

“I would want Ashley Tisdale as a sister because she is so sexy!”
--Maddie, 10

“I would want Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and the main characters from High School Musical as siblings.”
--Kali Clark, 9

“Dear, Melissa: I wish that you were my sis too!! Hannah Montana.”

“I would have Billy Ray Cyrus and Hillary Duff.”
--Anna, 12

“I would have Beyonce and P. Diddy as my brother and sister.”
--Emily, 9

“If I could choose a celeb bro and or sis the sis' would be Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale, and the bros would be Jason Dolley, and Jesse McCartney. It doesn't matter if the boys are cute or how pretty the girls are, it just matters that we have fun!!!.”
--Chelsea, 11

“I would have Raven Symone as a sister and Aaron Carter as my Brother.”
--Kaliea, 11

“I'd pick Ashley Tisdale and Aly as my sister and Zac Efron, Jesse McCartney and Michael Seater to be my brother. (p. S. They're all hot!!!!!!! ).”
--Alexandra, 10

“If I could have a celeb for a sibling I would want Corbin Bleu for a brother, or Miley Cyrus for a sister.”
--Micah, 9

“Miley Cyrus!!!!”
--Ali, 13

“I don't think I want a celebrity as a sibling because I like mine. And celebrities are always doing something dumb.”
--Lucy, 12

“If I had a celeb brother, it would be Justin Timberlake and John Lennon. But John Lennon is dead.”
--Evan, 9

“Pretty cool if I did I would be exasperating.”
--Nicholas, 8

“If you could change your brother/sister into any animal you wanted to what would it be and why?”

“I’m related to Hillary Duff so beat that!!!!!!!!!”
--Hillary Duff jr., 10

“Uhm...I think that I would be Miley Cyrus and Dylan and Cole Sprouse. B/c I think they are kewl!!!”
--Jessica, 12

“I would like Miley Cyrus and Raven Symone to be my sisters.”
--Princess, 8

“I would like to have Jordon Pruitt, Miley Cyrus, Jason Dolley, and Josh Hutherson.”
--Cailey, 10

“I would have no one I already have a very good bro and a very good sis.”
--Sunjoo, 10

“Angelina Jolie and all the players on the Oilers and 3 players on Montréal which are Saku Koivu and Sheldon Souray and Cristobal Huet, but not Jofferry Lupul...He's weird and gross!”
--Jessie S, 10

“I wish I could have Daniel Radcliffe as my brother and Jessica Alba as my sister. They're cool!”
--Emmy, 11

“I would have Chad Michael Murray as a bro ‘cause he is in my fave TV show “One Tree Hill".”
--Kelsey, 11

“I would want as my sis to be Miley Cyrus and Jackson on Hannah Montana to be my bro.”
--Marissa, 11

"It would be Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone, and the guy who played Annakin Skywalker. He is so cute.”
--Shelby, 11

“If I could have a celeb sister it would be Miley Cyrus.”
--Anna, 10

“It would definitely be Chris Brown because he looks so cool to be around.”
--Terri, 13

“If you could change a sister would you change for Miley Cyrus.”
--Meagan, 9

“I would probably want Brenda Song from the suite life of Zack and Cody. Because she is fashionable and bossy and only cares about her dog, like me!”
--Kalei, 10

“Hannah Montana because she sings and I sing she dances and I dance. And also because she is on my favorite TV show.”

“I would have Lindsay Lohan and Fergie as my sisters.”
--Jamal, 11

“I think mine would be Keira Knightly. She just rocks at ALL the movies she's in. Pirates of the Caribbean 1-2-3 for instance. I loved them ALL!!.”
--Christianna, 11

“I would like Mya and Miguel as a sister and brother because they are twins and we don't have any twins in the family, Also I LOVE that show!!!”

“I would want Miley Cyrus as my older sister.”
--Kelly, 11

“The celebs I like are Elton John, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and Dom Deluise.”
--Evan, 18

“Most people who picked people because they are cute, is wrong because if you have them for your siblings, it would be kind of creepy to like a brother or sister.”
--Jay, 12

“Amy Grant for a sis, because she is my favorite singer! Wow she is good very good! And! She is COOL!”

“What's it like to have to kiss a bunch of different girls and do u kiss or is just a some kind of effect.”
--Ani, 10

“If I had celeb bro or sis my sis would be Carrie Underwood and my bro would be Tim Magraw!!”

“I think it will be DRAKE BELL! Or JOSH PECK! Cause there so funny, well I don’t want them as friends! I want DRAKE! A as a boyfriend and JOSH as a friend! I love drake because he has a great stile, he’s like perfect! Well not that perfect! But it’s a shame that DRAKE and JOSH is going to end! HOPE THAT I CAN MEET HIM ONE DAY!.”

--Marcia, 10

“Miley Cyrus or Troy Bolton.”

“I would pick Hannah Montana to be my sis!”
--Mai, 9

“I would have sponge bob and sandy!! Because it would be the BEST DAY EVER!!”

“If I had a celebrity brother or sister, my celebrity brothers would be “Price Is Right" Bob Barker & my other celebrity brother would be “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek because they're my great game show hosts and I’ve got their autographs...”
--Curtis, 10

“If I had a celebrity brother or sister, it would be Chad Michael Murray.”
--Patricia, 13

“If I had a famous sister, it would be my favorite artist, Kelly Clarkson!”
--Ashlee, 11

“My celeb sis would be Lindsay Lohan -wait- scratch that- it would totally be Kelly Clarkson -she rocks- I would never have a annoying brother-ha-ha!”
--Miss nobody, 12

“I would like Steven Curtis to be my big big bro.”

“MY sister would either have to be Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, JoJo, or Lindsay Lohan, MY brother would be maybe Jesse McCartney, or Nick Wheeler. P. S. Don't even laugh about my answer!”
--Don’t bother to know, 12

“Dude, my brother would have to be one of the All-American Rejects guys and my sis would be Hilary Duff- NOT Britney Spears.”
--Kyle, 10

“It would be Zack from Zack and Cody because he’s cool.”
--Jasmine, 9

“I want Miley Cyrus as my sister.”
--Kalee, 12

“I would want to have Orlando Bloom, Blake Lewis and Toby Hemingway as my brothers!!!! They are so freaking cute!! No one would be able to say no to them. I would like the attention that comes with them because just being around them would make me happy. They would be my family and I would love them just the same.”
--Cassie, 13

“I would like to have Reba McIntyre be my celebrity sister because I love country music.”
--Casey, 12

“Jason Mraz, because I love the way he sings.”
--Morgan, 9

“I would have Mia Hamm!!!!!”
--Mr. Moo, 9

“For my celeb sister, it would have to be Avril Lavigne because she's a great singer and her new album “The Best Damn Thing" got #1 on the top 25 Billboard charts.”
--Lindsay, 12

“My celeb sister would be Miley Cyrus.”
--Emma, 9

“If I could have a celeb as a bro or sis, I would love to have Ashley Tisdale as a sis and Kyle Massy and Christopher Massy as bros.”
--Sami, 12

“I would have Tom Cruise as a brother, and Reese Witherspoon as a sister.”
--Raymond, 10

“I would have to say Chris Brown because he just seems like someone who would be a good bro and also he is a great singer and cute.”

“Miley Cyrus of course because I love Hannah Montana!”
--Courtney, 10

“I would like to have Jessy McCartney to be my celeb brother ‘cause he could sing to me every night.”
--Madasia, 12

“If I had a celebrity as a sib, it would be Cole Sprouse and Miley Cyrus.”
--MaKayla, 10

“If I ever had a celeb. Brother, it would probably be Huey, Bow-Wow, or Chris Brown. For a sister I would take Carrie Underwood or Beyonce. If I could, I would take all my favorite boy and girl singers and make them all my brother and sister celebs, but for now, I will stay with my REAL family...”
--Katrina, 10

“Ashley Tisdale.”
--Alli, 10

“I would have Miley Cyrus or Henry Garza.”
--Kaitlin, 9

“I would say my sister would be HILLARY DUFF and my brother would be AARON CARTER!!!”

“My sisters would be Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.”
--Alicia, 11

“I would have Anne Hathaway as a sis and my brother as my bro. No boy celeb could take his place.”
--Carly, 11

“Well, my sister would be Hannah Montana-and she doesn’t show off like Lakita said! PS: Lakita has no sense of humor-Raven is the show off.”
--Denver machine, 10

“I wouldn't want a celebrity sib because: often times they start doing odd things (that are not good) and it would have an influence on you. They would get all the attention. So it would be kind of cool but not really. Also often times people are only put on shows because they are “Hot" and other people that aren't as “Hot" would do a much better job.”

“It would be Dylan and Cole. They are cool.”
--Danny, 10

“Justin Timberlake and Eminem as bros, ‘cause they are my favorite singers.”
--Chandler, 9

“I want my Mom to sign me up to be in a music video with Hannah Montana but my mom said no what do I do?.”
--Sarah, 10

“I would be the sis of Ashley Tisdale!! She is sooooooooooooooooo cool!”
--Callie, 10

“My sister would have to be Paris Hilton because she is very rich and she could buy me a lot of stuff.”
--Haley, 13

“It would be Fergie because she sings good songs or it would be Cole Sprouse because his show is funny.”
--Kayla, 12

“I would want it to be Hannah Montana!! Why? Because she is an inspiration to me and she is cool!!”
--Jenna, 10

“I would have Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale as sisters.”
--Mollee, 9

“Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale, Courtney Cox Arquette, Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani. I would love to have a large family with only sisters!”
--Saijah, 11

“I would really enjoy Vannessa Anne Hudgens as a older sis. She seems like a superstar!”
--Annie, 10

“I would want Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale as my sisters because they would be able to give me advice about things like makeup and boys and clothes. I would want Zac Efron, Lucas Grabeel, and Corbin Bleu as my brothers because they would be awesome to have as brothers and we could all hang out and have fun playing different sports together.”
--Brooke, 13

"1. Chris brown 2. Lisa (left eye) lopes.”
--Keke, 11

“Carrie Underwood.”

“I would like Vanessa Hudgens as my sister.”
--Adrienne, 12

“If I were lucky enough to have celeb bro. Or sis. Then I would want it to be Beyonce and Ciara.”
--Michaya, 11

"I would have Ashley Tisdale. She is soooo cool!”
--Mary Gabrielle, 10

“I want Cole and Dylan spouse as brothers because then I would be famous too!”
--Chrissy, 9

“If I had a brother or sister, it will be Kim Possible.”
--Shake, 13

“I would like Miley Cyrus and Jason Dolley as my celeb sibs.”
--Addie, 11

“I would choose London Tiptpon and Maddie from the Suite Life.”
--Skyler B, 10

“It would be awesome to have Miley Cyrus as my sis, and Zac Efron as my bro.”
--Lizzy, 12

“I would want Aly and AJ as my sisters.”
--Alyssa, 8

“Hilary Duff. She’s a great role model for everyone!”
--Zoey, 8

“I would want my sister to be, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron!”
--Kathryn, 13

“Who said Raven had talent? Miley would be my friend! Go Miley! Lakita, you're crazy that you said that Raven is much better then, Miley! Raven is bug and is a complete chow off!!!!!”
--Abbey, 12

“I would like Dylan& Cole Sprouse or Miley Cyrus for big sibs!!!”
--Kt, 9

“I would have John Lennon as my bro, except he is dead, and I would have Betty from Archie comix as my sister because she's so nice.”
--Katy, 10

“I would want Miley Cyrus as a big sis and Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song.”
--Izabella, 10

“I would want Blake Lewis from American Idol as my big bro. He is awesome. He sings great and he could teach me how to beat box. That would be so cool!”
--Kimberly, 12

“Jesse Mabey. I like him.”

“For a sister I would like to have Miley Cyrus because she's nice and fun to see. For a Bro I would have JASON DOLLEY!!! I LUV Him!!!”
--Brianna, 10

“If I could have celeb sibs I would choose Chris Brown and The Cheetah Girls.”
--Markia, 10

“If I had a celebrity brother it would be Orlando Bloom.”
--Brisa, 8

“Miley Cyrus, Hillary -n-Haley Duff, and Corbin Bleu!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Haley, 13

“It would be my little sister Miley. She is crazy.”
--Allyson, 12

“I want Hannah Montana to be my sister.”
--Morgan, 9

“Dylan And Cole You guys are so fine, but mostly Dylan. I LoVE you guys’ show. Please come see me. I live in CA.”
--Alexis, 9

“Miley Cyrus because she is my age and it would be cool having someone to talk to about girl stuff and of course the cute guys!”

“I think if I had a celeb bro or sis well my bro would be BowWow and my sis would be Ciera.”

“If my little sister was a celeb.....I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!”
--Alyssa, 9

“I would not want Miley Cyrus as a sis, b/c she is a HUGE show-off and a jerk. And she is always clammy, and she can be nice sometimes. Plus, SHE HAS NOOOOO TALENT! She thinks she has talent, but she doesn't. A real talent star is Raven-Symone. She got class, style, and jokes!”
--Lakita, 12

“I would have Kelly Clarkson As my sister because she is really rich so she could buy me lots of things. And I could be the first one to listen to her songs.”
--Gemma, 12

“Dylan and Cole are my cousins. Ashley Tisdale, and Brenda Song is one of my best friends.”
--Karinthia, 12

“I would have Zac Efron as my oldest brother, Ashley Tisdale would be his wife (my sister-in-law, they got something going on! ). Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Anne Hudgens as my sisters and the Sprouse twins as my brothers too. 'Cause all of them ROCK! Zac's so cuuute (luv his hair) and Miley's gorgeous along with Vannesa. Sprouse's seem like they're funny. Emily Osment looks like she has a funny personality and I would love her to be Miley's ACTUAL BBF. I would be obsessed with all of them...which is sort good, right?”
--Crazygirl, 11

“Dear Cole and Dylan: I hope you have a good time.”

“I would pick Ashley Tisdale because she is so nice and very good at smiling!!”
--London, 10

“It would have to be Beyonce.”
--Melody, 10

“Colin Meloy, lead singer of best band ever The Decemberists, would be my cousin. He's too old to be my bro, ha-ha...”
--Emma, 11

“Bri: OMG! Raine Maida is SOOOOOOO hot!!”
--Lala, 13

“Samantha (12), you're so lucky! I’m jealous! ; (.”

“It would be Ashley Tisdale because she seems really nice and could give advice and stuff!”
--Hallie, 11

“Ummmmm...There's a long list and I can't pick just one! Here's a few: ~Blake Lewis ~Sanjaya Malakar ~Daniel Radcliffe ~Hailey Joel Osment ~Emma Watson ~Jonathan Lipnicki ~Rupert Grint ~Hayden Panettiere ~LaKisha Jones ~Melinda Dolittle ~Jordin Sparks and a whole buncha other people! The list stretches on and on.”
--HarryPotter, 13

“I wouldn't want a celebrity as a sis or bro. They'd get all the attention!”

“Joe Jonas. He is super funny and hot, well that wouldn't be good bc my brother can't be someone I think is hot, so I'll just say Ashley Tisdale bc she has awesome style.”

“MY name is Cornelius Boyd and I am a big fan of Nelly. I wish I could meet him some day. I hope this message gets out to Nelly so that he would know how much I would like to meet him.”

“Vanessa Anne Hudgens cause she is so nice and seems like a caring person who would love me!”
--Abby, 13

“I would want Raven Symone and Miley Cyrus as sisters.”
--Ayana, 8

“I would have Ashley Tisdale because I love her music and if I had her as a sis than I could listen to her music all the time!”
--Ashley, 9

“I would never have Miley Cyrus as a sis because she is such a show off. I would have Raven Symone and Ashley Tisdale as my sis because they wear cool stuff and are really talented. I wouldn't have any brothers ‘cuz their annoying.”
--Mini-marshmallow, 12

“Anonymous, 13, Why would you want your brother to be Orlando Bloom, then you wouldn’t be able to think he’s hot...That would be creepy.”

“Anonymous, good choice. Marilyn Manson would be really fun to have as a bro. I don’t know why people hate him so much, if you ever listen to him in an interview, you would see that he is quite intelligent and has strong opinions...This doesn’t mean I like his music.”

“I would definitely have Shaun white, Raine Maida, Christina Ricci, Maynard James Keenan or someone else I can’t think of right now...”

“I would probably have Chris Brown as my bro because, everyday I could wake up and see him, you know what I mean, he's so totally dreamy and hot!!!”
--Rebecca, 10

“Hannah Montana b/c she's cool.”
--Paula, 12

“If I could have Miley Cyrus as my sister I would die b/c she's pretty, smart and a awesome role-model! I am her #1 fan!!!!!! So all you other so called '#1 fans' out there, step aside b/c I love her most!!! Miley has an awesome voice and is a great actress! I haven’t missed 1 of her shows! Miley you rock! If I could even get a glimpse of Miley I just might actually die! LOL! Go Miley! I LOVE MILEY CYRUS/HANNAH MONTANA/DESTINY HOPE CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”
--Megan, 12

“Hannah Montana is better then Aly and AJ.”

“Jesse McCartney would be my husband!!!!!!!! And I'd be an only child =P.”
--Chocolatelover, 11

“I'd like Miley Cyrus as my sister! She seems sweet, and she's also funny!”

“Well I think my celebrity sib would have to be Angelina Jolie.”
--Destani, 9

“It would be Miley Cyrus. She is a really cool singer. Her dad is a great singer and they are really famous but I don't care if they’re famous. I would love to be her lil sis because she look so great and pretty.”
--Danielle, 10

“Orlando Bloom. He is so hot!”
--Anonymous, 13

"Carrie Underwood."
--Emily, 9

"Well, it'll be Miley Cyrus as my sis and Cole Sprouse as my bro =D."
--Luisa, 13

"Dakota Fanning! She rules!"
--Tessa, 13

"Hi your are soooooooooooo cooooolllllllllllll I love Hannah Montana."
--Angel, 13

"Kelly Clarkson as a sis."

"I would have to say Ashley Tisdale. I would want her to be my sister because I love her clothes and I would prob get them when she is done. Also she acts and sings so she could help me sing really good. I WOULD JUST LOVE FOR HER TO BE MY SISTER I LUVE ASHLEY TISDALE I am her number one fan. I'm obsessed with her. I also think that that would be cool for her to be my sister. I would luv it!!!!"
--Anna, 13

"I would pick Miley Cyrus because she's pretty and she doesn't do bad stuff or wear bad cloths and also she seems nice."
--Aman, 12

"What does Miley Cyrus' bedroom look like?"
--Natalie, 10

"Soooooo Jessie Daniels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's soooooo pretty!!!!!!! She sings awesome too!!!!!!!!!!!! "
--Hallie, 8

"Yeserr. Chris Brown."
--Na Asia

“I wouldn't like my sister or my brothers to be a celebrity because I like them just the way they are...”

“I have to say Ciara I would’ve picked Chris Brown but then it would be awkward cuz I think he is super cute and I like him so yea...”
--Mimi, 10

“I would choose Emily Osment because she is really cool and she has a great personality.”

“If I could have a celeb as a bro and sis I would choose Marilyn Mason because I don’t know if he’s a guy or girl.”

“If I could chose a celeb for a bro I would chose Michael Rosebauem because I think it’s really cool the way he plays an evil person...A sister would be Makenzie Roseman because I think she is really pretty and nice...”

“Miley Cyrus or Kelly Clarkson as a sis, and Dylan Sprouse or Jason Dolley as my brothers : ).”
--Macy, 10

“I wanted to post something on: If you could change your name, what would it be and why? --From Gabby, 9 but there was no room...So I thought I could do it here. Anyway, I would have said.....”Miley, Vanessa, Ashley, Baylee. But I love my name".”
--Macy, 10

“If I could have a celeb for my sis it would be Miley Cyrus I love Miley...Go go go Mileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”
--Natalie, 12

Just clces and I love my nephew, but I always get in trouble because of them!”
--Kenya, 10

“I love Ashley Tisdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Kori-Lynn, 10

“It would totally be Beyonce or Miley Cyrus (like everyone said) because Beyonce is totally awesome and Miley Cyrus looks like she'd be fun. But I’m pretty happy with my sib.”
--Maya, 11

“Well, I would have Giselle Bunchden...”
--Abigail, 10

“Hannah Montana cause she's the best.”
--Atti, 11

“Miley Cyrus for sure!!!!!! Jillian (12) you are so right! But not just because I could go backstage, but also because so far she hasn’t done anything bad, like insane partying or NASTY clothes, or bad songs. She’s one of the rare celebs that are truly good.”
--Bridget, 10

“Zac Efron is sooooo CUTE.”

“I would choose Vanessa Anne Hudgens as my sister and Zac Effron as my brother.”
--Azana, 10

“Farmgirl, 13: u wouldn't have 2 TRADE ur sibs 4 a celeb. U could just ADD a celeb sib 2 ur family without getting rid of ur current sibs!!! ”
--MileyCyrus, 11

“My celeb sister would definitely be Ashley Tisdale because she is pretty and funny and nice! She is also very good at acting, singing, and just being herself! I love you Ashley you rock!!! ”
--Kori-Lynn, 10

“Hilary duff!!!! Cause I. M like her 1# fan she’s a singer actress she even has her own line of clothes! Man that would be so awesome : ) who agrees?.”
--Kitten13, 12

“I would love 2 be Miley/Destinyy Hope sis. She is the greatest actress and she is very nice!!!! My dream is 2 meet her she was meant 2 b a pop star!!! My user on mileyworld is Ashley987a123 if she will ever come on I would love 2 talk 2 her for hours and days!!!! Miley is so pretty 2!!!! I get A's on everything!!! If I ever saw Miley I would probably say oh my gosh it’s Miley and scream!!!! LOL!!! I hope 2 see Miley on mileyworld soon!!!! Ashley!!! ”
--Ashley, 10

“Shaun white, cause I love snowboarding.”
--Kate, 11

“I would never have Brittany Spears as a sib. She would be such a bad influence on me. I would have Lindsey Lohan because she stars in my fave movies, The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday.”
--DonnaCobanna, 13

“I would want Hannah Montana to be my big sister. I think it would be cool to go to her concerts and sit in the front row and get to go backstage because we I would be related. She would probably let me meet all the other stars that she has gotten to meet!!!”
--Jillian, 12

“If I could have a celeb for a bro or sis, I would have to say Dylan Sprouse as a bro because he's funny and Anna Sophia Robb as my sis because she's HOT!”
--Michael, 10

“I wish I could say it was ME!!! That's my biggest dream ever. I would be Ashley Tisdale because she gets to play a GREAT part in the Suite life!! OH YEAH!!!”
--MonkeyLuver, 12

“I would have Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!! [so cute!!!!! ].”
--Olivia, 9

“Celeste de Argentina,07: could u say that in English? I don't know a lot of Spanish. :).”
--CuteGirl, 11

“I would want either Cristiano Ronaldo OR Zinedine Zidane as a brother. As sister, I would want like Avril Lavigne or Hillary Duff or something. Oh yeah, I would LOVE Akon as a brother.”
--Mohammad, 13

“Zac Efron for a brother and Vannesa Hudgens for a sister.”
--Azana, 10

“I would want Dylan and Cole Sprouse for brothers.”

“I would pick Vanessa Ann Hugdes because she seems like a nice person and would not be mean.”
--Erin, 10

“It would be Lindsey Lohan.”
--Madalyn, 8

“If I had a celeb for a sib I would pick Miley Cyrus. She is so nice! Well, we already are like sisters but I would pick her. But it's kind of weird because my little sister's name is Mylie too, but it’s spelled different! : ].”
--AnnaMarie, 12

“I would want Miley Cyrus to be my sis because I love her songs and she is soooo PRETTY.”
--Alyssa, 9

“It would be Miley Cyrus because she's super funny, and we could sing duets together. Hee Hee!”
--Not telling

“I would Miley Cyrus because she is soooooooo cool.”
--Jess, 9

“Well, mine would be Raphael, because I want someone in our family to draw good. And also, to make a portrait of me!”
--Sumedha, 10

“Chris Brown.”

“Hey Danna Paola I want to be like you so good and I want to be a superstar.”
--Jennifer, 10

“Hmmmm. Probably Carrie Underwood and the Sprouse twins. Why? The Sprouse twins are cool. I love their show. Carrie Underwood sings like an angel. I would never pick Brittany Spheres. She dresses half-naked and tells people you need to do that in order to become popular.”
--Hannie, 12

“Josh Peck. He acts so weird sometimes, but is really funny!”
--Amanda, 13

“Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!! She is an awesome celeb and is really funny! Or probably Ashley Tisdale.”
--Ang, 9

“I would have Jesse McCartney as my brother because I could travel with him when his on tour and for a sister I would like JoJo because she is really nice and pretty.”

“Ashley Tisdale!!!!!!!!”

“Hola me ya celeste tengo 9 años y me encata tu peli y la 2 no me la ymagino te paso mi mail.”
--Celeste de Argentina, 07

“I would have Billy Ray Cyrus as my little brother! So I could hear him sing "Don't break my heart, my ache breaky heart!” Over and over again!”
--Kat101, 10

“Well I want Miley Cyrus to be my sis and then all my friends would be really nice to me.”
--Puggy, 9

“If I could have a celeb for a brother or sister it would be Miley Cyrus because she so cool and do not let me forget PRETTY!”
--Kayla, 10

“As a brother it'd be Daniel Radcliffe because Daniel is cute, funny, sweet, and sensitive. And as a sister, it would be Emma Watson, because she’s pretty and funny and cool. She'd be a wonderful big sister and we'd have fun together. Even if we fought, of course.”
--Karyn, 13

“I would want Johnny Depp cause he is so hot and also as a pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean), but then I would like my brother so if I could pick a celeb sis, I would have Vanessa Anne Hudgens cause we have the same name and I totally look like her…”
--Vanessa, 11

“OMG I would have Carrie Underwood. She sings like an angel!”
--Taylor, 9

“I would have Raven Symone as my big sister.”
--Mariama, 8

“It would be Drake Bell.”
--Shelby, 8

“Naomi Campbell because I want to be a model.”
--Noa, 8

“If a celeb was my sis I would have Ashley Tisdale as my sis, she is so cool and a good singer, and she would be the best!!!!!!”
--Olivia, 9

“If a celebrity was my sibling, it would have to be Paula Abdul because I think she is an awesome role model and is just plain cool.”
--Amanda, 13

“I would NEVER trade my sibs for anybody else just because the other person was maybe richer, idolized (which it think is wrong) or maybe had more single hits than anybody else! But that’s just my opinion!”
--Farmgirl, 13

“I would have Hannah Montana as my sis.”
--Gabriela, 12

“T. I. Harris cause I love the movie ATL.”
--Heather, 11

“I would really want to be Ashley Tisdale's sister because she is like way cool and she will lift you up when you are down.”
--Brooke S, 12

“Chris Brown, ‘cause he is so fine.”
--Diamond, 11

“If I had to pick any celebrity to be my sister I would pick Sarah Michelle Gellar, because I have been a fan of her since I was 4.”

“If a celebrity were my sib it would have to be Rihanna because she seems like a really cool person and she seems like lots of fun and she is so cute with her clothes.”

“Lauren London, if she was my sister I would probably be rich right now. She is a good character in movies.”
--Heather, 11

“Miley she is so cooooooool and her life she gets fame and her dads really coooool 2.”
--Lily, 10

“If I could have a celeb with my sisters it would be...Hilary and Hailey duff because they are so awesome and they would be cool to have a sisters.”

“If I would pick someone it would so be Anna Nichol smith.”
--Anicka, 12

“Lots of ppl on this luv miley (including me) :).”

“I would definitely have the whole Naked Brothers Band as siblings! Then I could be a part of their band and I'd be really the happiest person on the whole earth.”
--Courtney, 11

“I would like to have Lil Rob as one of my big bros because he sings Chicano music and I love that music and he is sooooo cool “brown pride 4 life".”
--Elizabeth, 12

“I would love to have Miley Cyrus for a sis. She seems so nice and we both have the same interests (I read everything about her on her website) and she is not too old. Maybe she'd even let me be on her show! But even if Miley is not my sister, I still have a little brother who I think is just as good.”
--Eiman, 11

“Even though I would not EVER change my little sister, it still would be nice to have a celeb as my bro because I would have some cash LOL, and he could teach me to be a musician one day, any way the celeb I want is.....Uh, bill gates!”
--Johannes, 9

“Samantha, 12: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooo cool. I luv miley.”
--CuteGirl, 11

“Miley Cyrus because I like her.”
--Katelin, 10

“I would have Derek Jeter as a brother bcuz he is awesome.”

“If I can have any celeb as a sister it will be...CIARA. I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND I LIKE HER MUSIC.”

“WHOA HOLD IT RED LIGHT: Jenny, dude, SERIOUSLY, Gerard is totally straight!! He is NOT gay, trust me (and no that line had nothing to do with the I’m Not Okay music video). Gosh. Honestly...”
--Shadow Fire, 13

“I would probably want Anne Hathaway cuz then I could ask her all about the princess diaries and Ella enchanted!”
--Nikki, 9

“I would say sprouse twins because they are soooooooooooooo cool!!!!”
--Jamie, 12

“If I could have a brother or sister as a sibling I would choose Carrie Underwood cause she could tell me all about her singing career and if she was in my family she would be Christian because my family is Christian then Anne Hathaway cause she could tell me all about the princess diaries and Ella enchanted Then Dylan & Cole sprouse cause it would be neat to have twins as brothers then I guess me Nikki Narsing Lane I’m the youngest!”
--Nikki, 9

“AnnaSophiaRobb because she plays in two of my favorite movies! Charlie and the chocolate factory and Bridge To Terabithia.”
--Vanya, 9

“Cole & Dylan r my bros.”
--Taylor Sprouse, 12

“Girls girls girls u don't want to fight over my men because girl I know every thing about them so u batter back off or else I will make u okay that's all I have to say they're mine. See ya booooooooooo!!!!!!”

“I want Chris brown my brother and 50 cent my other brother and Ciara my sister because the boys are hot and Ciara so very pretty too and I love you so very much.”

“Joe Jonas.”
--Pop princess

“It would be either Billy Gilman, Jesse McCartney, Aaron carter or josh Hutcherson or all I love these people but if they were my siblings then I couldn’t love them could I? but seriously I love these people!”

“I have a “Celeb Sib" kind of. I’m Miley Cyrus's cousin.”
--Samantha, 12

“I don’t want a celeb as my sib! If I had a celeb I would just feel bad bcuz he or she would have more friends and be much more good looking than me and be popular and those r three things that I DON’T have!!! So I’m sticking w/ my lil bro Jordan and that’s IT!!!”
--ME! ME! ME!, 10

“I love jasmine real talk I like her for who she is.”

“It would be bow wow but not as a brother as a boyfriend because I really want to meet him he is so fine.”
--Sancyrae, 10

“I want Matt Thiessen (lead singer of Relient K) to be my older bro because he's cute, and funny, and smart.”
--Jenny, 11

“If I absolutely HAD to be a boy celeb I would be Zac Efron cause I love net-ball - but I wouldn't swap being a girl for the WHOLE WORLD!! - so actually if I just had to be a celeb I would be Venessa Hudgens cause she is sooooooo good at singing...I LUV HIGH SCOOL MUSICAL!!!”
--Adrienne, 11

“Does Corbin bleu have a sister or brother.”
--Carlana, 13

“I would want Miley Cyrus as my sib cuz I luv her songs and maybe she could get me in the spotlight.”
--CuteGirl, 11

“If I could have a celeb as a sister, I would have ali and aj, because I really like them!”
--Truckersdaughter7, 12

“I would sooooo have Brenda Song because she is so nice and fun to be around. I know this because I actually met her. I LOVE you Bren!”
--Janelle, 11

“It would either be Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens because they are my role models and are so cool!!!”
--Erika, 10

“OMG!!! TOTALLY JAMIE LYNN SPEARS!! AAAHH!! (faints) Ahem. Anyway for the older bro...Not Cole--He is sooooo cute and wouldn't want him as a bro...Um...Who? Oh, I know! No I don't. Whatever--No bro.”


“I would pick Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson. They r both ah-mazin singers and they could give me a lot of stylin tips.”
--Emillie, 12

“Zac ef cute.”
--Alice, 9

"If I could have any celeb for a bro or sis, I would choose Jamie Lynn Spears, because she is a chick. I mean she is really hot. In fact, hotter than the Sun.”
--Cody, 11

“It would be hilary duff she's cool and when I got to speak to her sister she’s apparently really nice.”
--Mark, 12

“Dakota Fanning bcuz she is born the same year as me and I’m only a month older than her. Plus she absolutly adorable! I think IML should interview her! I would love to ask her bout her movies. Especially Dreamer. I want to know how they got that horse to do all that stuff! I also would like to know how she became an actress!”
--Mandi, 12

“It would be Johnny depp cuz he's gorgeous.”

“I would for sure want Brenda Song because was a met her! At first, I didn't know it was her because she was wearing sunglasses. When we met we had so much fun together and I felt like we were soul sisters. I asked her who she was and she took off her sunglasses and I discovered she was Brenda Song! But a lot of the people recognized her too and screaming fans surrounded her and separated us. Pray that I will meet her again someday and I pray you meet your idols too!”
--Janelle, 11

“I would want hilary duff and Angelina jole as my sisters because they are both so hott!!!”

“I think it would be hard to have a celeb for a brother or sister because you would get jealous- in less you were a celeb too-but. I guess I would have to say, sister, sister on Disney channel. They seem to be very nice...”
--Faith, 12

“MILEY CYRUS because she ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Rebekah, 11

“If I could have anyone be my celeb bro or sis it would be either Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale. Because I enjoy them and would be fun if they were included in my family.”
--Stephanie, 11

“I will like Raven Syonme as my sister.”
--Angel, 9

“I would choose...Ah! There's too many! Eeny...Meeny...Miney...Moe...Keira Knightly! She is such a good actress and has the same sense of humor as me and she seems like a good person. Yep. Bye-bye.”
--Hadley, 13

“I will have Zac Effon.”
--Taylor, 10

“I would have Zack and Cody as brothers because there cool and I like “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” It would be fun to join there wacky adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
--Khalid, 12

“I would probably want zac efron as a brother because he is so sweet and is really nice to people.”
--Courtney, 12

“I would want Holly Marie Combs, because she is on my favorite TV show; Charmed. She has two kids and she seems like a really great person.”
--Molly, 13

“Kelly Clarkson. She's nice and really cool. Maybe she can teaches me about music...”

“I would want Justin Timberlake as my bro. I would want him because I would get front row seats to his concerts. Maybe I would get to play in one of his concerts! Finally because he is my favorite singer/actor.”
--Michelle, 11

“Miley Cyrus, cuz then we'd be twins we were both born November 23, 1992.”

“I would do her or he chores.”
--Sabrina, 11

“If I could have a sis or bro it would be Ashley tisadle because she can sing and dance and at and she is really nice.”
--Lola, 8

“I don't like celebs! I would hate to have one as a brother or sister. Also, I’m an only child, and I like it that way. I don't have to share, or anything. I guess I’m just selfish!”

“Lil Romeo as me bro coz he is wicked but then again I wouldn’t want him as me bro coz he is fit as and that would be sick lol lov ya ldz Romeo xxxxxxxxxxxxmwahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.”

“Like totally it would be uhhhhhh.....I dunno! Hmm...This may take some thinking! Ill go with Britney spears.”
--Ashley, 11

“It would be Beyonce and Chris Brown. You know why!”
--Lindsey, 8

“If I could pick two I would pick Jim Cary and Beyonce. Because I really want a big sister and I'm the oldest. I want Jim Cary because he is nice and funny ex: B e a utiful!!”
--Samantha, 11

“If I had a celeb for siblings I would have more than one. I would at least have 2or3. For a sister's I would maybe like Beyonce and Fergie maybe even Britney Spears. For a brothers I might want Chris brown, Bow Wow and maybe Lil' Rob. I would have so much fun going to their concerts and going on tour with them. They might even buy me stuff once in the while and we would hang out a lot and go to parties or backstage at concerts. Even though they were famous they would still care about me because we are a family and we are siblings we might argue but, don't all brothers and sisters fight??!!!”
--Diana, 12

“If I had a sister she would be Hannah Montana, because I LOVE her songs. I can memorize almost all her songs!!!”
--Suzanne, 10

“If I had a celeb for a bro it would be drake bell! He is cute, talented, cute, and cute!!”
--Ash, 11

“I would want Beyonce to be my sister because she can sing very amazing. Also Jay-z would be my brother in law. Anyway Beyonce can dress. I would love to get some of her clothing lines. She's pretty too, and smart. Wouldn't you want her to be your sister?”
--Kiya, 10

“If I would have a celeb as a brother or a sister it would definitely be, ASHLEY TISDALE because she’s really pretty and she’s a great singer, plus she’s really nice!”
--Maria, 8

“I'd say Vanessa Hudgens because she's a good role model and she has younger family members, so I think she'd be a good person to trust and get advice from...”
--Daena, 13

“J. J.”
--Sally, 8

"It would be cool if Amy Lee was my sister because she is an awesome woman that I look up to. For a brother, Gerard and/or Mikey Way. They write inspiring music that keeps me alive.”
--Xandra, 13

“If I could have a celeb as a brother/sister. I guess I would have CHRIS BROWN. I guess I would have him as my big brother so he could teach me some of his dances. I know 4 sho' that he would be an awesome brother. Especially, my family. Also he has a pretty smile.”
--Chyna, 11

“I would love to have Jon Radtke (from Kill Hannah) as my bro he is sooo awsome; I mean he has mad guitar playing skills, is uber hot, he loves the camera (and it most def loves him) , he's got style, in concert he was great, and last but not least he can introduce me to Mat Devine! Squeee! I'd also get to meet the rest of Kill Hannah too! Maybe all them could be me bro's, cause they all rock, but I want Mat as my bf.”

“It would be Bam Margera cause he is like awesome and crazy. He skates and is on jackass.”
--John, 10

“Marki. M. She was on the august cover of American girl she is so pretty and nice so I would love to have her as my sis and for my bro I would love to have kid rook he is cool.”
--Natalie, 11

“I would so pick Paris Hilton as an older sis because she and Lindsay Lohan both have good style and know how to party!”
--Kelsey, 12

“Sometimes kids get too out of hand with cell phones. Some run up the bill, but don’t want to pay for it. I think kids with cell phones should be responsible enough to have one. I have one and I never run up the bill. That’s what I think.”
--Raquel, 11

“Katharine McPhee.”

“Ryan Sheckler.”
--Chad, 10

“If I could have a celeb as a bro or a sis I would have Kelly Clarkson b/c she is sooo cool and I lover her music and for a bro I would have Lebron James because I love basketball and my current (real) brother loves him too.”

“Prob Miley Cyrus...She seems nice and I luv her show and songs!”

"miley cyrus she is my fave celeb and if she was my sis wee could go to Hollywood and I could be a celeb too.”
--Natalie, 11

“I would want the members of JUMP5, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, or Aly & AJ as sisters. They're awesome.”
--Jasmine, 12

“It would be Christina- Carlson Romano 'cause she plays my fave character Kim.”
--FortuneTellersRCool2, 12

"If I were to have a celebrity brother I would choose someone I don't like because then I can't marry him. I would choose Johnny Depp because I don't like him and my sister won't be able to marry him even though she loves him.”
--Colleen, 24

“Scarlett Johannsen, Gwen Stefani, and Nicole Kidman would be the best older sisters!!!!!”
--ShiShi, 11

“Bro would be Chris brown cuz I love him Sis Ciera she is totally cool.”

“I have the strangest taste but Jason Earles from Hannah Montana because I think he's hot.”
--Teagan, 9

“The only real cuuuuteeee celeb is Patrick demsy and not in my craziest dreams I would have him as a brother than I can’t be my boy friend.”
--Carolina, 10

“If I could have a celeb for a bro or sis it would probably have to be either Gerard Way as an older bro or Amy Lee as an older sis. Both are wonderful musicians and they seem to be kind people, so I think it would amazing to have them as my bro and sis...”
--Shadow Fire, 13

“I would like Dylan and Cole Sprouse b/c they’re so cool and I love their show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I also happen to have them on my cell phone desktop! That's HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM.”

“Jojo because I LOVE her music and I don't have any sisters!”
--Cassandra, 10

“Probably Miley Cyrus, because she's my age and we'd have a lot of fun together. Also I might want Corbin Bleu as my bro, because then I would be able to get introduced to the GORGEOUS Zac Efron.”

“I would so chose Hilary Duff I love her movies and her songs! I would love to meet her. The closest I've been to her is when I went to her concert of course she was on stage and I was about sixty feet away from her and the stage.”
--Olivia, 8

“If I could have a celeb as my sib I would pick Dylan and Cole sprouse (of course) Hillary duff, Lindsay lohan Jesse McCartney Olsen twins Jodie sweetin John Stamos Danna Paola, Paula Abdul and Will Smith.”
--Hotandsaseygurl, 10

“Ed Speleers who played the part Eragon, because he could hook me up with all his hot friends!!!”
--Jess, 12

“Hm. Probably Hilary Duff. She would be such a cool sister cause we could like share clothes and everything!!”
--Brittany, 12

“I would definitely want to have Hillary Duff as an older sister. She is so cool!”

“I would have Jesse McCartney as a brother. He would be my best friend, and we would be extremely close. He seams nice and I would love to know him. Ashley Tisdale would be my sister, she also seams nice. We all would be one big happy family!”
--Maria, 11

“Jamie Lynn Spears, Josh Hutcherson or Jeremy Sumpter cuz I love them!”
--Selenia, 11

" If I could have a celeb as my sis it would be Hilary Duff.”
--Taylor, 9

“Mandy Moore.”
--Karen, 11

“I would absolutely L-O-V-E to have Alan Rickman as my bro! You probably have never heard of him, but he played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. HE'S HOTT!!! But having him as a brother would be tight. I’m an only child so it gets lonely around here, he's a great British actor!”
--Olivia, 12

“I'd pick Ashley tisdale because both of us were born on the 2nd of July and both of us are blonde and both of us do horse riding and both of us look alike.”
--Grainne, 10

“I would have Emily Browning because she seems really nice and I'd love to have her as a sister.”

“I would give away my sister for ali or aj, my brother for ashly parker, my step sister for mily cirus, and my step brothers for Jesse McCartney and usher.”

“I would pick avril lavigne because she's soooooooooooo cool I love her music and I think she is pretty =).”
--Isabel, 9

“I would like to have Miley Cyrus as a sister because she seems like she would be sooooo fun to be around!!!”
--Lex, 12

“It would be Dylan and Cole sprouse they are so hot I love them and their show. Peace out I love you Dylan and Cole.”
--Ashley, 9

“It would be Taylor Hicks because he is my American idol and it would be fun to have a brother who sings good ( thanks for the Taylor Hicks interview IML I liked it).”
--Holly, 12

“If I had to pick I would choose 50 cent or eminem...They are my favorite celebs and I love their music!”

“I would have Hannah Montana as my sister because she has the best music!!”
--Jacqueline, 9

“If I could have a celeb as my bro, it would be Tom Cruise because I looooooooove his acting.”
--Mitchell, 8

“It would prob be pink. Because I think she’s cool.”
--Ggirl, 10

“Ashley Tisdale would be a super sis!!!!!!!”
--Anna, 11

“If I got to pick a celeb to be my brother or sister it would definitely be Miley Cirus. She's just like me. She also dresses like me. She's so cool, like me. I love her.”
--Sara, 10

“I want drake bell to be my older brother but I already have 6 older brothers and 5 younger brothers.”
--Daniela, 11

“Jesse McCartney!!!! And Ashley Tisdale. Dude, Jesse seems soooooo nice (HES CUTE TOO). Ashley would kinda be like my role model. Maybe Jesse could give me some singing tips...John Travolta-dude, guy ( The dude from Grease) also seems nice. Good Bye! ^j^ ^j^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ( Dude that was so Random! ).”
--Maria, 11


“For me, I would rather have my sister as she is. Personally I think she is cooler then any celeb : D.”
--Johannes, 9

“If I could have a celeb bro or sis it would be Dylan Sprouse as a brother and Cole as a friend. Especially if they were NOT related. I guess I would have it like that because I think that Cole is VERY VERY hot and Dylan as a brother.”
--Shadara, 11

“I would LOVE to have Ed Speleers who played in the movie Eragon as my brother because he is so hot and he could introduce me to all of his hot friends!”
--Jessica, 13

“I would have to choose Gerard Way off of My Chemical Romance. He is not straight as is that means he's gay, but it wouldn’t really bother me...”

“Dylan as bro, I always wonder what he does with Cole.”

“I would pick Vanessa Hudgens because she seems so nice.”

"If I had to choose a celebrity to be my older sibling then I think I would choose Masi Oka from ”Heroes". I love Heroes so he would be perfect because he plays a main character and he is really funny. Plus he lives in my state! How cool is that?”

“If I got to pick a celeb to be my brother or sister it would totally be Dylan and Cole Sprouse because they seem to be good brothers to each other and it seems as if they have a lot of fun. And it would be cool to have fun with Dylan and Cole Sprouse.”
--Carmen, 11

“I would love Kelly Clarkson to be my older sister because she is a great person and if I had an older bro as a celeb it would be Jesse McCartney because his cute and a lovely person.”

“Jake Thomas and Kyle Massey, because they're the best child actors in the world.”

“Well I would have to say Ryan Sheckler because he is an AWESOME sk8ter and he seems so nice (besides I would rather have Dylan or Cole as boyfriend!!!!!!!).”
--Niki, 13

“I will definitely choose Aly and AJ…er…Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney and Anneliese. Yupps, they all rawk! N another V. I. P. guy in my life.”
--Lucinda, 12

“I wish ALYSON MICHALKA was my sister because I love ALYSON MICHALKA’S music because she is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so !!!!!”
--Allie, 10

“Britney Spears, because she’s hot.”
--Jasmine, 10

“Dylan Sprouse as my brother and Brenda Song as my sister. They are awesome. I’m never gonna meet them though. I wish I could. But I probably won’t. But hey, you never know!! Pray for me guys, and I’ll pray for you. I hope you guys get to meet your idols. Later!”
--Brittani, 13

“It will be Ciara because she is so cute. She dresses pretty and to me she is a wonderful person, even though I never talk to her in person. But I think she is my sister. We just got apart at birth. And I don’t care what anyone says, I wish she was my sis.”
--Ronique, 13

“I would not want Jesse because he is already my guy.”
--Amber, 12

“I want Zack and Cody as my brother or boyfriend. I love you guys.”
--Rachel, 9

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