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When you get bad grades on a report card, how do you tell your parents? How do they react?
-- From Ashley, 12

Here's what other kids had to say:


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"I don't need to, I've never had bad grades before!"
--Gemma, 11

"You must be hating it to get bad grades, right? Try to imagine how I feel then."
--Saahir, 9

"I think that you should just tell them the truth and if they know that you studied well and did all your homework, maybe you won't get in as much trouble or they might just let it slip by. "
--Sarah, 12

"One time on my report card I got a D-. I was so scared because I never got bad grades. My parents were going to give me $50. When I went to show my report card to my parents, they looked at the D- and looked at my 3 A's. They told me that they were going to give me $50 but I was going to be grounded for a week."
--Paige, 10

"I never really have bad grades but if I did, I'd just tell them. They won't be mad because they know I try my best. As long as you do your best, I'm sure your parents won't get mad, Ashley."
--Daniella, 9

"Hi Ashley. I used to have that problem also, but the easiest way I know to solve it is to just sit your parents down and tell them right away because if you tell them right away, they probably won't be as hard on you! Make sure YOU are the one to tell them. Good Luck!"
--Kate, 12

"All the times I get a bad grade, my parents say 'You know better,' then I cry and say my BFF, her name is Paige, she is a brain wizard, and this year she is going to help me not to get bad grades."
--Tiffany, 11

"I get bad grades and I try a lot, but it is no use to me. How can I try harder????"

"When I tried to hide it, it was not a good idea."
--Shirneya, 11

"One time I came home from school, I had my report card. I didn't want to show it to my parents so I just left it in my bookbag, but my mom snatched it out of my back pocket and she saw that I got badddddddddddddddddddddd grades."
--Olisa, 12

"When I get bad grades, my mom makes me do part of a workbook every day, even if it's 'just avarage.' The only thing I'm not good at is long division and spelling. How can you expect an 8-year-old to spell a word with 18 letters?"
--Nicole, 9

"When I get bad marks on my report card my parents always give me a look and say, 'We know you could have done better,' when that time I did my best they think I'm perfect."
--Becky, 10

"Whenever I get bad grades, I have no problem telling my parents, because they are very understanding, and they know that I will do better next time."

"I have never brought a bad report card home, but if I did, they would be upset with me. The reason I know this is because, when I brought a paper home that was a B+, I was screamed at, so I TRY MY BEST not to be less than an A+ student. 'Put a smile on your face. Make the world a better place.' --Vitamin C."
--Heather, 11

"I haven't gotten bad grades before."
--Paige, 9

"I get all nervous."
--Chanvir, 10

"What I do is, I give the report card to my parents and I say, 'I will really work hard next time, and do my best.' They say, 'That is okay, and really try to do a better job next time.'"
--Deanna, 10

"I really don't get bad grades, but in 3rd grade I did, and I would just show it to my mom, and she would say, 'You can do better, and if you don't pass it's not my fault,' and I started to do better. So do your BEST."
--Alex, 10

"Sometimes people can feel down and upset. It's true, I feel that way sometimes, and that's okay to feel that way, but what u can do is say to yourself, 'I will try to do better next time.' (Remember, studying makes improvement.)"
--Samantha, 10

"I once got a D on my report card, and three C's, one A-, and the rest were B's. That was probably the worst report card I ever got. I told my parents, and they didn't really say anything except, 'Make sure you study.' So I think I got off with it pretty WELL."
--Monica, 11

"Hi! I usually get A's and B's on my report cards and I came home with a C! My parents said it's okay and I tried my hardest!"

"I just get told to do better. Most of my friends at school get bad grades. I do not get bad grades very often."
--Amanda, 9

"When I get bad grades, I'll go to my parents and say something like this: 'This is my report card, and I know some of the grades aren't perfect, but I tried my best, and I'm planning to improve my marks,' or 'This is my report card, some of the marks aren't as great as they should be. I know I can do better, it's just that I've been having a hard time concentrating on my work because (whatever it is for you), but I will try more to concentrate on my marks next term.'"
--Amber, 12

"Well, I never get bad grades, so they don't have to worry about it."
--Lil, 11

"I tell them by my face. If it's a happy face, they know it's something good. And [last time], my face wasn't happy, so they sent me to my room and said, 'Stay there for 3 hours.' "
-- Nancy, 9

"I've never gotten bad grades, but I think you should be honest with your parents. They won't blame you for trying your best. Study harder next time to prove to your parents that it was just a one-time thing."
--Cleo, 12

"You should really just tell them straight off. They will respect you more for telling them! Explain why you got the bad grade, and promise that you'll do better next time! And don't break your promise! Good Luck!"

"When I get bad grades, I get upset. But I know I can do better. My dad reacts calm because he also thinks I should do better."
--Brittany, 11

"I don't have to be scared to tell my parents and try to get all A's."
--Yasmin, 10

"I never get bad grades on my report card."
--Raashely, 12

"I tell them. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Janette, 9

"I usually don't have to worry about that, because I'm an A and B student, but sometimes my parents bug me about my French marks being better."
--Sarah, 12

"When I get bad marks, my mom just tells me to do better. And when I do better, I get a reward like a dollar or some gum."
--Leena, 12

"I think you should just tell them the truth no matter what, even if you do get in big trouble, because once you start lying, you will get into bigger lies, and then you get in bigger trouble. So just tell them! Good Luck!"
--Morgan, 12

"You should sit your parents down, and tell them why and how you got bad grades. They should react OK. If not, I don't know."
--Ashley, 12

"One time, I got a really bad grade. I started out by telling my mom the good grades, and then I said, 'I know you're going to be disappointed in me, butů' and I showed her my grade. She lowered my allowance, and I got grounded for a week. Actually, she let me off the hook a little because I told her and did not forge her signature. It's always best to tell your mom everything."
--Monica, 11

"Well, just tell them and get it over with."
--Jwong, 11

"This is never a problem for me, but it must feel terrible. I'd go to your parents and, without showing the report card, calmly say you have to tell them something. Explain about your grades and tell them why you think they're bad. Reveal the card, and tell your parents you'd like to talk it over with them. By watching my brother, I'm certain they will do it. They will be 'disappointed' and will want you to 'work harder' or 'ask us for assistance when you need it,' but that's it."
--Sabrina, 10

"If I get a bad grade (I hardly ever do, but sometimes), I tell my mom. She's glad I tell her, and she tells me to do better next time."
--Tara, 13

"It all depends on how hard you tried. If you slacked off the whole year, didn't do your homework, and memorized the route from your classrooms to the principal's office, you're parents probably won't take it very well. If you tried your best, make sure you tell them that, and do some extra credit to boost your grade."
--Megan, 13

"I tell them when they're in a good mood. That way I don't get in as much trouble as when they're already mad."
--Noel, 11

"Just tell them straight out, they will respect you. Hey, think about it this way, would you like for your parents to find out from you, or your teachers? Believe me, it's better for them to hear about it from you."
--Mandy, 12

"Well, I make pretty good grades anyway, Ashley, but if I make one that is a bit low for me, I show it to them up front, and they usually try to help me get my grades up. My parents wouldn't punish me, because I'm not the sort of person who doesn't care about my future or my grades, and if I were, I still don't think they'd ground me or paddle me or anything. Now, I might be restricted from the computer or something, if my parents thought I was spending my time there and not on my homework."
--Abby, 11

"When I get bad grades, my mom and dad freak out!!! Do U know what the worst part is? GETTING GROUNDED FOR A MONTH!! AHHH!!"

"If I get a bad grade on a report card, I feel guilty, so I share it with my parents. I get motivated to work harder, even if my parents look mad."
--Hajera, 11

"Hey, I'm new at this, so I'm just gonna say what I need to get out. Well, I have bad luck on tests, and my parents just can't comprehend that. So I would just like to tell everyone that gets bad grades to never give up. Let your parents know how hard you're trying, and they should understand."

"They don't react at all."
--Matthew, 9

"I don't get bad grades, so I don't have to worry about it."
--Haley, 13

"They put me on punishment, and it is totally unfair. I try my best at school, and that is all I can do."
--Veronica, 9

"My parents were soooo mad at me when I got two D's and an F. My mom had to go talk to the assistant principal. But for the final report card, I only got 1 D. I was so happy that I got a promotion to the 6th grade. I thought I wouldn't make it, I was so nervous. But thank you, it wasn't my fault, it was my stupid teacher's fault. Ohhhh, they get on my nerves!"
--Bianca, 11

"My mother grounds and screams at me, but my dad tells me to try better the next time."
--Miranda, 13

"Sometimes I get F's in school. I tell my mom about it, and she says that I will do better next time."
--Maria, 9

"I just tell 'em straight up that I didn't do well, and that I wanna do betta da next time :p."
--Lil Kay, 13

"The school mails it to my parents. They get so angry. I hide in the bathroom as long as I can."

"I just face it and give it to my mom, and hope that she doesn't get really mad."
--Amanda, 13

"I got bad grades this year. I don't know how to tell my parents, and I'm afraid they are going to be sad."
--Pearl, 11

"What you do is, tell them that you tried really hard and did your best. They should understand that."
--Lindz, 12

"When I get bad grades on my report card, I just come out with it, so that I can get it over with and off my chest."
--Shaun, 10

"When I get a bad grade on my report card, I show it to my dad. He'll say 'Try your best next time,' in a kind voice."
--Lizze, 11

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