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When you get bad grades on a report card, how do you tell your parents? How do they react?
-- From Ashley, 12

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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“When I get a bad grade, my dad and grandmas get upset. They punish me by making me stay home on weekends and not hanging with friends. It helps, now I get good grades when I didn't used to. I think that kids should be punished if they get bad grades. That way they will try harder to not get punished the next time.”

“I just go up to her and tell her. Usually she understands and we just talk about it.”
--Kayla, 12

“I got a bad grade from my Art teacher (which I shouldn't have gotten anyway) last year, and we got to look at our report cards before we showed our parents. Our report cards are like a packet, so I ripped out my Art sheet and I crumpled it up and hid it. I lasted pretty long, but it was haunting me every night. At 2:00 in the morning, I walked into my parents’ bathroom and placed it on the floor. My parents told me a couple of days later that they were gonna have a talk with me, but they never did!!!! Yes!!!”
--Tyler, 11

“I usually get good grades, but I do have my slip ups. Sometimes it's not my fault (like I'm sick or something or the teacher wouldn't help me out). When I tell my parents, I don't get into trouble. Usually they say, ‘You'll do better next time’ or ‘Nobody's perfect’, but I can tell they are disappointed. The punishment for me is my own guilt.”
--Angela, 13

“I gave them my last report card and they grounded me.”

"I got a bad grade one time on a progress report. I think it was a D or an F. I was acting like it was the end of the world. Then when we had my parent-teacher conference, my mom told me it was okay and you got a bunch of A's. That made me feel A LOT better."
--Anonymous, 11

"I never got bad grades before. My lowest grade was a D+. If I did, my mom would really get mad. I could even be grounded."
--Denise, 10

"This one time I had bad grades and I was in trouble. I was too busy thinking of other things like how I liked this one boy. I was so worried about this thing that I didn't get good grades any more and I got my report card and I did poorly. After a while, I was so mad that I got bad grades that I started listening and I started to get good grades again and I sure learned my lesson."
--Megan, 12

"When I tell my mom, she says, 'Megan, how could you? You can do much better than this!' and it was only one mark that was bad. My mom acts like everything's a big deal. Even if I make one spelling mistake on my homework, she freaks out. But luckily, my dad just says, 'That's alright, you did your best' and he corrects my mistakes on my homework."
--Megan, 10

"If I get an A- on my report card, my dad will freak! Even though he got a lot worse grades than I did when he was young, he yells at me! If my sister or I get good grades, he doesn't say 'great job' or 'very good'. He does something even better! He takes the family out to eat! He gets real mad if we don't get good grades."
--Stephanie, 10

"If I have a bad grade, I try to tell my parents the pros about it. I tell them I did my best, and I really did. Then my mom will punish me like, 'No sleepovers or going to friends houses until that C comes up to a B or maybe even an A.' I hate it when she says that."
--Emily, 9

"Once, I got a really bad grade on my math test. Some people think that decimals are easy, but they weren't for me. It was the first time that I have ever gotten a bad grade. I was so scared when I had to tell my mom and dad. When I said it, they understood how I felt. They said, 'Well, I know that you tried your best, and that is what counts.'"
--Katherine, 11

"I hide my bad grades in my desk, and then I throw them away at the end of the school year."
--Brittni, 11

"I don't say anything because my teacher gives it to my mother at meetings."
--Evera, 8

"I've never gotten a bad grade on my report card until last year. I ripped it out of the report packet thing and hid it in a box for about 1 1/2 months. Then guilt overpowered me and I unwrinkled it and put it in my parents' bathroom at about 1:00 in the morning. They didn't say much, but they kept telling me that they had to talk about it with me. They never did, and for that I'm very thankful! :-D"
--Tyler, 11

"First, my parents look at me in a strange manner. After that, they ask me if I tried my best. If I say yes, they say that's all they care about. If I say no, they ask if I could have tried harder. Whatever they say, they are not mad at me for it at all."

"I tell them it's not my fault"
--Hannah, 13

"I wait until Sunday night to give it to them so they can't yell at me! Then I say I'm tired and run upstairs! But they get me on Monday! I'm a straight A student, so I'm planning ahead."
--Sonia, 12

"I don't get bad grades, but if I did I would just 'fess up. It's easier than keeping the secret, and your conscience starts banging after a while. Yeah, I would say confess."
--Scarlett, 9

"My parents give me a big lecture."
--Lill, 12

"I hardly ever get bad grades."
--Miranda, 8

"I always get bad grades, but I don't really care anymore. My mom and dad tell me I should care. I know I should, but I just don't. My parents don't yell at me often, but they get mad at me for not trying."
--Lindsey, 10

"My parents say, 'Okay, this is not too bad.'"

"I show them and my heart is beating big time! Then my parents give me 'THE TALK'. I hate it!"
--Lauren, 11

"Whenever I get a bad grade my mother yells at me but then tells me to keep up the good work. Nowadays I try my best to keep my mother proud of what will appear in my future."
--Angel, 10

"My parents found a bad letter from school and they grounded me for ages!"
--Kim, 13

"I get scared to tell my parents because I am afraid I will get in trouble."
--Emma, 9

"I don't say anything."
--Mallory, 9

"Does your mom or dad ground you if you get bad grades on your report card? I just get talked to. I don't go to my room or get grounded."
--Kelly, 9

"I get grounded to my room with no TV or anything at all."

"I have always gotten straight A's, but once I got a C on a math test. My parents just acted real disappointed and ask me if anything was wrong. Also, one time the problem was that I needed glasses. I hate it when they act disappointed because then I feel all guilty. I've always gotten straight A's on my report card because it makes me feel good."
--Emily, 12

"When I get bad grades I'll tell my mom first because she understands me more. Besides, I'm half and half (American and Japanese) so my mom (who is Japanese) understands that I'm really not good at speaking and writing English, so she never gets mad. But my dad gets mad sometimes."
--Wren, 10

"I don't get bad grades so I do not have to worry about reporting them!"
--Britnee, 10

"I get really bad grades in math. It's hard to explain. Sometimes I won't tell my parents, but that never works because my teacher calls and tells my parents. They sit me down and talk about it with me. I feel so stupid when they try to help me."
--Taylor, 10

"I hate getting bad grades. It always seems like my mom stays mad at me until I get an ultra-fantastic grade."
--Nicole, 10

"I let nature take its course. If they find out, I'm in trouble, but big deal…like I care!! If they never find out, great, that's their problem to deal with! Haha!"
--Serah, 13

"I have never handled a bad grade so I can't really give you an answer. I am a straight A+ student (it runs in the family). I am considered a brainiac by everyone in the grade, even the brainiacs themselves. If I ever did get a bad grade my parents would be pretty laid back about it. They would never ever ground me for a bad grade or even get the slightest bit mad."
--Jessica, 10

"The people that said change your grades shouldn't, because then your parents might find out what you did and you will get in trouble. So that's why you shouldn't do that."
--Samantha, 10

"I tell them after I get off the bus and then I show them the bad grade."
--Alexis, 8

"I practice what I would say to my mom in front of a pet or a stuffed animal. Then I take a deep breath and say to my mom, 'Can we do this calmly and not be over-sensitive?' It really works!"
--Carol, 11

"I like getting good grades and all, but on some days I get unlucky!!"
--Sue Ellan, 10

"I feel awful. I'm supposed to be smart and make good grades."
--Chelsea, 12

"If I get a bad grade, my parents don't mind as long as I tried my best. If I got the bad grade because I didn't understand whatever we were doing, they work with me on it."
--Lizzy-Grace, 13

"I have bad grades and my mom says that we can bring it up. This girl who sits beside me stares at me, talks 2 me and keeps on bothering me and I cannot do my work!!!"
--Alex, 9

"I get all A's on my report card."
--Jordan, 7

"I always get good grades, but if I ever did get a bad grade my parents would ask me why I think that happened and try to help me catch up."
--Nicki, 11

"My parents don't get really mad at me if I don't get good grades. They just try to figure out how I got it, and help. I'm glad. There's a note from a Jared, 12 who says he got grounded because he got an A instead of an A+! I wonder if his parents are crazy or if he is really smart enough not to be grounded every day of the year. Jared if you're listening, write back. I'd really like to know."
--Mairen, 13

"I'll never get bad grades, bit if I do I will bring that grade up."
--Tatianna, 10

"I got an A in math and my mom and dad got mad and grounded me. I'm only supposed to get A plusses!!!"
--Jared, 12

"I have never gotten lower than an A."
--Ashley, 11

"I had bad grades once, like my average was satisfactory. I was surprised 'cause I was never like that. So when I told my mom after two weeks of guilt, it was bad to see her disappointed. It hurt because she got mad at me for not telling her right away. She also had a long talk with me about bad things being told at the right time. I felt a little better at the end, but was surprised at how it turned out. I guess my lesson was to be honest and up front although it would hurt."
--Megan, 10

"I always get great grades."

"Well, they can tell me to try my best."
--Kimberly, 10

"My last report card wasn't so good. Thankfully, I got away with a lecture! Yet I got a B+ before, and was grounded. I have to go to my room if I get anything below an A -."
--Julie, 13

"I would deal with it by saying, 'What if I got really bad grades'. Of course I never get bad grades."
--Anne, 8

"Well just the other day, I had to tell my mom I got an F on a homework assignment from Advanced Language Arts. I began by telling her the grades I got from science, which were 4 A's and 1 B. I continued telling her about my language Arts grades (4 A's and 1 F). She looked at me strangely and told me I needed to read my book (that was the book the homework assignment was on) or she would take me out of track. She knows that will affect me deeply becuz I luv to run. U just have to be honest."
--Courtney, 12

"When I got a U on my test I was scared. I told my 10-year-old sister and she told Kyle (her boyfriend) and he told everyone. My parents found out and asked, 'Why didn't you tell us?' Now I'm grounded for 5 DAYS!!!! I HATE MY SISTER."

"Well, some of the time I get A's, but mostly I get B's or B-'s, and my parents are happy with that. When I do get a D or something worse, I'm really scared that my parents are going to go psycho when I tell them (just kidding). One tip: give them a good paper first. Hopefully you have a good paper."
--Jordanne, 11

"I have never gotten a bad grade. I only get A's and B's. My parents taught me good work habits so I don't get bad grades and I never have. I do know that if I did my parents would be disappointed, but they would still love me and work a little harder with me."
--Kirstin, 11

"When you get a very bad grade on a report card or progress report, how will your parents take this? What will they say? What is the reaction from them? Do you think your parents will ground you if you got a very low grade? Well, you've got to see how they react on the progress report and report card."
--Ashley, 11

"Weell…when I get bad grades my parents react mad because I can do better than what I got on my report card. I tell them the truth of how I got that bad grade, but I usually get in trouble when I get a whole bunch of very bad grades. What should I do to improve my grades?"
--Ashley, 11

"I never get bad grades."
--Miranda, 7

"Well, I am a good student so I usually don't get bad grades, but when I get a C every once a while I just go up and tell my parents I am sorry and I will try harder."
--Amber, 12

"Well, I've never gotten a REALLY bad grade, but once I got a C, and I talked about it with my parents, and we discussed on how to improve my grade, and we did!! My mom got great grades when she was in school. Both my parents expect greatness from me; what should I do if I get a C?"
--Liz, 11

"Well, when I get a bad grade I feel like I want to cry. It's like you want to make your parents feel proud of you. Even though you try hard, it feels like you didn't make any effort. My mom and dad tell me to work harder, but I already do. They help me, but it feels like they don't."
--Ashana, 11

"I have always had bad grades. I just can't seem to pull them up. I over-focus and then I just blank out on tests, quizzes, and homework. I still like my life. Yea, it's ok. I just wish I didn't have anything wrong with me."
--Lauren, 13

"When I get bad grades I hide them until dinner. I have such a big family no one cares. The last bad grade I got was not at dinner, it was after school for being late and trying to get out of a test and lying, so I stayed after school and took the test, so don't ever do that. I learned from my mistake."
--Brittani, 9

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