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Furious Fables: Cast Your Vote!

Stay or Go? Cast Your Vote!
Put yourself in the shoes of these five tweens who have to make a choice: stay in their home countries or risk starting over someplace new. Click on your decision, and see how many IML'ers agree with you!

John's Story
12-year-old John lives in a small town in

Topics on Immigration:
Moving Towards Hope
Who and Why?
Past and Present
The Family Factor
Living Undocumented
Myth Vs. Facts
Finding Help, Giving Help
From the Mentors

Stay or Go?
    Cast Your Vote!
England, where his single father is a sheep farmer. Things have been tough lately. A lot of their animals have died from disease, and they're having trouble paying the bills. Ten years ago, John's Uncle Bill moved to Australia, where he now has a family and a successful ranch. Uncle Bill has offered John's dad a job as a foreman -- the money isn't spectacular, but it will be steady and reliable work. John has to choose: go with his dad and start over, or stay in England and move in with his grandmother. On the one hand, he's always loved his Uncle's stories about sunny Australia. On the other hand, he's got good friends at home, and he really likes his school, especially the football team.

Cast Your Vote!
What should John do?
Stay! Things aren't perfect at home, but it's the only       home he knows!
Go! John and his dad need a fresh start!

Maria's Story
Ten-year-old Maria lives in Cuba with her mother, father, and younger brother. They love much about their life, and their family has called this island nation home for five generations. But things are hard here. There are shortages of basic things like food and medicine, and the government often cracks down on citizens who speak out for change. Maria's father was even put in prison once, just because of his political views. Now he has a plan to join some of their cousins who live in Florida, but since movement between Cuba and the U.S. is very restricted, the journey must be made in secret, at night, in a small boat. The voyage will be dangerous, and if they're caught while on the water, they could be sent back home to face serious consequences.

Cast Your Vote!
What should Maria and her family do?
Stay! Trying to leave is too dangerous! It's not worth       the risk!
Go! The family should do what they can to start a new       and better life, even if it might be dangerous!

Miyu's Story
12-year-old Miyu was born in Japan, but her family moved to California when she was only two. She considers herself American in every way, has only visited Japan a few times, and speaks only a little Japanese. Now the bank that her father works for wants to transfer him to Tokyo, where he will earn more money and have better opportunities to move up in the company. But Miyu and her younger brother are happy with their life, and, unlike their parents, consider Japan a foreign culture. They're worried that they won't fit in or make new friends in Tokyo.

Cast Your Vote!
What should Miyu's family do?
Stay! The extra salary is not worth uprooting a happy       family!
Go! It's always worth pursuing new exciting       opportunities, and Miyu and her brother may love their       new home!

Kinzie's Story
13-year-old Kinzie lives in The Congo, in central Africa, he has never known peace or security in his life. The region is plagued by constant civil war and violence, which leads to homelessness, disease, and starvation. He has no family left, and for several months now he has been hiding from an armed group that kidnaps teenage boys and forces them to fight as soldiers. Now a group of volunteers who bring in food, clothes and medicine have told Kinzie that they can get him out of the country to live with a family in France. He doesn't even know where France is, knows nobody there, and doesn't speak a word of French.

Cast Your Vote!
What should Kinzie do?
Stay! How can he move to a country he knows nothing       about?
Go! It's the only way he'll survive! He has no choice!

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