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What do you like best and/or least about being home alone?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"I like being home alone, because you get time alone to yourself. The only thing is that,sometimes, you hear noises that scare you. Like one day, I was going to the kitchen,and I heard a bang on the window. It freaked me out, so I called my mom and told her about it .She said, 'I'm sure it was just a bird, I mean, they can't see the window very well.' And so that is what happened. Well, I think so."
--Nicole, 11

"It is fun to stay home alone, 'cause you can watch TV and play games by yourself, without noise in the room. That is why I like to stay at home alone."
--Loiloi, 9

"What I like best is that I have a time to myself and I can think about things. What I like least is that if I hear something I get really nervous. One time I was home alone and there was a knock at the door. I thought it was my friend so I opened the door. Then suddenly I realized that it was not my friend but that it was a girl selling Girl Scout cookies. I am sure glad that it was not a burglar. The girl asked if I would like to buy cookies and I said just one minute. I went to the back of the house and pretended that my mom was back there and that I was talking to her. I came back to the girl and said no thank you thanks anyway. Now we have a secret knock for family and close friends. I will never (open the door like that again)."
--Lisa, 13

"I don't like to stay home alone cause I get scared that someone will come!!!!!!!!"
--Lina, 10

"I love being home alone because I can do private things such as, talk to myself, and go on places on the Internet. I agree with Cindy. It gives you time to relax."
--Musarath, 10

"I love being home alone because it makes me feel like my parents have trust and respect for me. Being home alone is a big responsibility!"
--Meg, 11

"I like being home alone because you can have a party."
--Maya, 9

"You feel like the world can be yours but then if you hear a noise it's a whole different feeling."
--Audrey, 11

"The best thing about being alone is that you can do anything you want to. I can eat all the candy I want to. Plus, I don't have to be by my mom!!! I love to be by myself!"
--Adreauna, 11

"I like being home alone because my girlfriend can come over without me having to make sure it's okay!"
--Sam, 15

"Sometimes when I'm home alone I hear weird noises."
--Caylan, 10

"I don't like the eerie noises but I do like that I get to watch TV."
--Yolanda, 11

"I like to play soccer and basketball."
--Roxanne, 13

"I like to be home alone because I can answer the phone."
--Nicole, 13

"The worst thing about being alone at home is that it is so boring and sometimes scary."
--Shea, 12

"What I hate is when you're just sittin' there watching TV and stuff-when all the sudden u hear a strange noise. Then you get all squirmy and uncomfortable. Also phone calls. I'll admit that once at one of my first home alone sessions a person called and asked for my parents. I said that they were not available and then the person said-"Oh! They're not home! Ok! Bye!" So what would you do? Well, I immediately called my mom freaked out and crying. Being home alone can be a pretty scary thing-just make sure you're prepared for anything-and I mean anything!!!!!!!!!!"

"The Best thing I like about being home alone is I can do anything I want to do!!!"
--Jana, 9

"It is very scary home alone. I all ways call my mother."
--Megan, 8

"I don't like being home alone because I get board."
--Ashley, 10

"I love being home alone cause its the best time to think. I do most my writing then and I don't have to hear my mom always nagging me to do stuff."
--Sara, 13

"When you're home alone talk on the phone with friends or with boys."
--Nichole, 12

"The only time I like it is when my sister Kensha is there because she is 15."
--Ticheyla, 10

"I can do whatever I want to do."
--Aaron, 10

"When I'm home alone at night, I get afraid that someone might come in my house."
--Nina, 10

"Well I like best about being home alone is that it is sometimes fun. It is not fun when someone is starting to walk up to your door."
--Bryann, 10

"What I like the best about being home alone is that you don't always have a grown-up telling you what to do right after you get out of school. What I like least about it is that people slow down in front of my house to see if my father is home yet. Sometimes I get really scared because my eyes play tricks on me and I start to see things!! agghhhhhhhhh!!!!"
--Tiphani, 11

"I was never afraid before. But now that everyone has asked me to be careful so many times... I am automatically afraid... I dislike being afraid!!"
--Emily, 10

"I love to stay home alone because I can jump on my mom and dad's bed and get on the computer and also I can watch pg-13 movies and R movies. Thanks, bye."

"What I like most about being home alone is that you can do everything. But also being home is not the best. My friend came over and we were home alone. While we were playing we heard a scary noise. I called my mom and we went outside. We had the windows open and we saw the blinds moving. We thought there was someone in our house.. Ahhhhhhhhhh."
--Paige, 9

"The bad thing about being home alone is that if u need help no one is there."
--Jessica, 11

"I like to go outside and play with my friends or sometimes get on my computer."
--Andrea, 10

"I like to be home alone it doesn't scare me. I feel safe. I just don't answer the phone or the door. I have caller I.D.I know if my mom or dad is calling. I also have a dog to keep me safe besides I'm home from 3:00 o clock till my mom gets home at 5:00 o clock so I have nothing to worry about!"
--Ronni, 10

"Sometimes I like being home alone because I can get away from my brothers. Other times I HATE being home alone because, if my parents say they will be home at a time and they aren't, I get real scared."

"(The worst thing about being home alone is) getting food for yourself."
--Khyla, 9

"I love being home alone because I can mess around all day. I don't like it because anything can happen to you."
--Ed, 8

"I stayed home all alone because my mom went to do something. She went to get the keys."
--Siranda, 12

"I didn't like being home alone because it was scary. I thought someone was going to break in. But I know that no one is there but they could be. I just hope that no one thinks of breaking in. I wouldn't know what to do if someone was breaking in!"
--Ali, 10

"(The best thing about being home alone is that) I get to sneak and eat candy before dinner."
--Shalekiah, 9

"I like being home because its computer time for me."
--Daniel, 10

"I like being home alone because I can relax. I don't have to worry about my mom or dad telling me to do chores or to finish my homework."
--Ashley, 12

"I once was home alone when my mom had to go and get my brother from school and it turned out she stayed away until 6. I had so much fun that I still stay home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Tiara, 8

"I use to like staying home alone but last month a burglar stole my mom's purse."

"I thought it was scary at first but I got used to it. I kinda think it is fun. I play Nintendo 64, and I watch TV!"
--Jordyn, 10

"I think it's scary to be home alone sometimes and sometimes it's not. Like when I'm home alone, I turn the radio on and dance with real loud music. What I like least about being home alone is that you never know what is going to happen."

"I have never really been home alone before cause I have 3 older sisters. When my mom is gone my oldest sister Melissa takes care of us. One time we were home alone at night before my mom got home and someone started to knock at the door. We got scared and we didn't answer but then they started to knock at the window! We were soooo scared! Then we heard someone yelling our names and it turned out to be our grandma. She was bringing over a gift for my mom's birthday. We were so relieved it was her. I still get nervous when my mom leaves us home alone at night. "
--Mackenzie, 10

"Well, what I like about being home alone is that you don't have to go to those BORING after school programs. What I least like about being home alone is that the only way you can talk to your parents is the telephone. "
--Jordan, 10

"I would get scared because somebody could knock on the door. I always hate being home alone at night time. That's the scariest time of day. Aaaaaahhhhhh!"
--Melissa, 9

"I like being home alone by myself because my brother is bothering me, he bothers me every day."
--Laura, 9

"Eating junk food!"
--Khushbu, 10

"Well, I think that it's cool to stay at home by myself, but my mom says that I can only stay at home for 30 minutes alone. Like if she went to the store or something. One of the things I don't like about being alone is that sometimes, I get scared, because we have a really big house, and burglars could be hiding upstairs. We leave our windows open a lot."
--Sarah, 15

"I like the idea that my family trusts me (with the house, dogs, fish, etc). I think that's the best part of staying home. "
--Erin, 13

"When you're home alone you can do anything you want, right? Well, once when I was home by myself, someone came to my house (that I didn't know) and asked if he could come in and use the phone. I said hold on. I immediately ran to the phone and called my neighbor. The man saw her coming over and he started walking away. My neighbor had her husband with her and he asked him what he was doing at my house in a very angry tone. He said, "Oh I was asking if I could use the phone." Well, we called the cops and it turned up that he was a kidnapper and knew I was home alone. My parents never left me home alone again."
--Sara, 12

"I love it when I'm home alone because I can blast my music up and not have my mom yelling at me while I have it up so loud, But I still worry about the fact that when I'm home alone someone might try to kidnap me."
--Kayla, 11

"I HATE BEING ALONE! It always seems that someone was gonna break in when I was alone at home. Like once my parents were going for a walk and taking my brother with them (of course) and asked me if I was coming but I just kept reading. Then they started to walk out the door and I realized they were leaving and RAN after them. It wasn't one single bit fun or good."
--Vanessa, 10

"The best thing is that-- what your mom or dad do not know will not hurt them. So, you can do a lot of things you are not supposed to do."
--Jessica, 12

"When you're home alone you don't have to share with anybody."
--Samantha, 12

"It's not as bad when I'm home all by myself as it is when it's late at night and my mom's in town shopping, which leaves me home with my step-dad. My mom is totally different from my step-dad. Mom's really alive and unruly, while he's REALLY shy and he always keeps the house dark and quiet. I usually call some friends."
--Abby, 11

"What I like about staying home is that I get to play on the computer with you guys! Well, got to go, bye."
--Ticheyla, 8

"When I'm alone I can do anything but at night I have a feeling that someone is watching me secretly."
--Chris, 11

"I hate it when I'm home alone sometimes, like when I can't leave or have a friend over. But, I like to be in CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Emily, 11

"The best is that you know that you are being counted on and trusted for your actions alone. The worst part is those strange noises that make you feel nervous."
--Mary, 10

"I could do any thing I wanted and eat anything I wanted and watch gobs of TV!"
--Dylan, 10

"I always want to visit my friends' houses but my mom and dad won't let me go."
--Allison, 9

"Well, what I like best about being home alone is that you get privacy. What I don't like about being home alone is that you are scared some of the time."
--Melanie, 10

"The best thing about being at home to is that I can talk to my friends and be on the Internet Explorer. The least thing I like is watching boring TV shows."
--Kenyatta, 9

"I like that I can do anything that I want and call people on the phone."
--Jenna, 14

"Well, it's not like I don't like BEING ALONE but what IF someone came IN the house and kidnapped me. But, I like it when I'M ABLE TO WATCH WHAT I AM NOT SUPPOSSED TO! (meaning scary movies)."
--Terry, 10

"I don't like that I hear creepy noises. I like that no one is around so I can write in my diary."
--Megan, 10

"The worst thing about being home alone is when u are sick and u can't move if something bad happens. Like one time I couldn't get the phone when my mom called. Then, when she got home she said she had thought I had been hurt or something."
--Mandy, 10

"One reason that I don't like being alone is that a burglar could come in. The reason I like being alone is that I can do whatever I want."
--Meghan, 9

"My mom got laid off from work and sometimes she has to go to the store so me and my brother are home alone. It is scary because my brother is mean to me."
--Jamie, 8

"You don't get to go anywhere."
--Kirsten, 9

"What I like best about being home alone is that I can do every thing I want. And what I don't like is that I'm alone."
--Paula, 11

"What I hate MOST about being home alone, is that our house makes really creepy noises, like the creaking of the floors and stuff like that. It really freaks me out."
--Anna, 11

"When I'm home alone I'm not allowed to leave the house or call my friends. Once my boyfriend came over and I got into trouble."
--Kiesha, 12

"I LIKE TO BE HOME ALONE BECUSE I don't have to do chores."
--Mary, 10

"I think it's really fun to stay home alone! I'm home alone right now. You can see what it's like to be older."
--Justin, 10

"What I least like about being home alone is that it gets really boring and there is nothing to do."
--Chelsea, 11

"Well, the thing I like the best about being home alone is that I can boss my little sister around. The thing I like the least about staying home alone is when my little sister gets mad at me and starts chasing me around the house like a mad lunatic."
--Charlotte, 11

"You get free access to the TV, computer, and the pantry. The thing I like the least is that our house's floors make noise and it's spooky."
--Kelsey, 9

"The thing I don't like about being home alone is that I always get the feeling that something bad is going to happen. I like being home alone because it gives me the feeling that my parents trust me."
--Diana, 13

"I dislike how there's always a chance of a burglar breaking in or (the possibility) of someone kidnapping you. One time I was home alone and I heard something up against the window-and, it wasn't a tree or anything. I think it was someone trying to break in! I was sooo scared!"

"I love being by myself AND THE RELAXATION. Time alone lets you think and organize. I think my mom likes when she leaves me alone because I usually clean. I clean up to get on her good side if she's mad at me and to get more allowance. It also helps the time pass by. I also like being alone so my parents can't hear my conversations on the phone. :) One time me and my friend stayed home alone at night and watched the scary movie "What Lies Beneath." When her parents came home they purposely knocked real loud on the door and we both screamed and jumped! PS, We watched this movie with no lights on in the house."
-Cindy, 12, Pa

"You can eat anything, do pretty much anything. But it is also bad because the house feels empty and if something happens, there isn't anyone there to help you."

"I get to watch TV all day and eat whatever I want. The worst is that I'm stuck with my grandma."

"One time a pizza delivery guy knocked on our door but we didn't order any pizza. I think one of our friends was playing a joke but I'm not sure. I did NOT open the door."

"I made my brother and I mini-pizzas and I used some sauce that had been in the fridge a while. It made him throw up. I made sure he was OK then called my Mom."

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