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Home Alone: From The Mentors

From Danielle
Well, I've had experience being alone and having to take care of my younger brother. Sometimes it is scary, but you know what, there are a lot of things to make being at home alone without your parents a lot of fun. My favorite thing to do is watch television. It keeps me company (it's like having another person to talk to). And if my brother is home and he keeps on fighting with me, we make a deal. We'll play his game first, and then he has to play mine. That way both of us get what we want. And don't worry if you get a little scared. Just remember that there is always someone you can call on the phone, and you have your next door neighbors too.

From Leah
When I started staying home alone I found that keeping the TV or radio helped to make the house seem fuller. I also always had the phone numbers of the neighbors and my parents in case of an emergency. When watching younger siblings I would play games with them and leave more lights on than usual. I would also keep phone numbers of doctors near by.

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