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IML First Aid Tips

Here's what to do if...

Your brother/sister has a stomach ache or headache

  • Ask him or her to lie down.
  • If it's cold, cover him or her with a blanket.
  • Call your parent or guardian to ask for advice.
  • Never give or take medicines without getting an adult's permission.

Someone has a nosebleed

  • Make sure the person is sitting up, not lying down. It's a good idea to go to the kitchen or bathroom so he or she is not dripping all over the house!
  • Put an ice pack on their forehead and press the bleeding nostril to the center of the nose.
  • Continue to apply this pressure for five minutes.
  • If the bleeding hasn't stopped, press the nostrils together for another five minutes.
  • If there's still bleeding after ten minutes, call a doctor or 911 immediately.

Someone got something in his or her eye

  • If dust or dirt gets in your eye, blink a few times to clear it.
  • Don't rub!
  • Ask him or her to hold their eye open for as long as he or she can. The eye will start to water and wash out the object.
  • If a liquid chemical like cleaning stuff gets in the eye, flush the eye with cool or lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes. An adult should take you immediately to the doctor or the emergency room for help.

Someone gets burned

  • All burns should be chilled, so hold the burned area under cold running water.
  • Keep ice on it.
  • Serious burns should be reported to an adult immediately because they can get infected.

Someone breaks a bone

  • If you think your sister might have a broken bone, don't move her. Cover her with a blanket, and get adult assistance immediately. The only real way to tell if someone has a broken bone is with an X-ray.

Someone eats or drinks poison

  • Call Poison Control immediately. You'll need to tell poison control exactly what was swallowed, and how much.

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