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Great Books About "Green Living"

Fiction Books

by Carl Hiaasen
Roy Eberhardt has just moved to Coconut, Grove Florida from his home in Montana, and is having trouble fitting in. Typical problems of making friends and dealing with bullies lead Roy to an amazing adventure-trying to save endangered ground owls from losing their home to a construction project. Can Roy and his new pals save the birds in time? Read this funny, pro-nature classic and find out.

Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo
By Jean Craighead George
Fleeing an abusive relationship, Liza's mom has taken her to live in a tent in the Florida Everglades, where they meet a small group of down and out friends-and a kind, 12-foot alligator named Dajun. But Liza soon learns that the gator is in trouble; he's threatened by the condominium owners nearby and by a pest control agent determined to shoot him. When Dajun disappears, it's up to Liza and her band to find and keep him safe. Ecological and anti-pollution themes run through this exciting adventure.

Non-Fiction Books

Everything Kids' Environment Book: Learn how you can help the environment by getting involved at school, at home, or at play
By Sheri Amsel
Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or out with friends, this book will give you simple actions and clever, everyday solutions for protecting the planet, from creative uses for old grocery bags to making your own greenhouse and compost pile.

Save the Earth Science Experiments: Science Fair Projects for Eco-Kids
by Elizabeth Snoke Harris
Fun, easy-to-follow guides help you plan and build awesome earth-friendly projects for the science fair, or just for the heck of it. Snoke isn't just an author, she's a scientist too, and her book will show you how to create alternative fuels, generate wind energy, test the ozone, and on and on! Great fun with a great result: learning more about how to save the planet!

Fun With Recycling: 50 Great Things for Kids to Make from Junk
By Marion Elliot
Why throw stuff into the garbage can, or even into the recycling bin, when you can use it as art supplies? This fun book will show you how to make treasure from trash, and save money by skipping your next trip to the craft store.

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