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Divorce: Things Will Get Better

There's no doubt about it: divorce is tough. But most kids who have been through it will tell you that the first year is the hardest, and things get better after that. Your life will never be exactly the same as it was when your parents were together. However, if you try to understand your feelings, explore new ways of dealing with your parents, and work hard to adjust to all the changes you have to face, you can make it.

  • Remember to accept that the divorce is real, and things will not magically go back to how they once were.
  • Remember that you are not to blame for your parents' problems.
  • Remember to take a hard look at your emotions, and don't keep them bottled up.
  • Remember to ask your parents questions, and tell them exactly what you want and need from them.
  • And if you feel you need it, remember that you can talk to other people, like a teacher, counselor, trusted friend, or other kids who are also going through a divorce.

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