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Divorce: When It's A Friend

Maybe your folks aren't splitting up, but the parents of a close friend are.

If your friend's parents are getting a divorce, here are some ways you can help:

  • Give your friend some space if that's what she or he needs. Sometimes people who are sad or confused need some time alone, and you shouldn't push your friend to be "happy" if he or she is not ready.

  • Let your friend come to you. Your friend will let you know when he or she is ready to talk about the divorce. If and when this happens, don't try to solve everything. Most likely, your friend just needs somebody to talk to, so be a good listener and let your friend know that this won't change your friendship.

  • If your friend has to move, send him e-mails or letters. Let him know that you won't stop being his friend just because he might be living in a new place. Change can be hard, and it's good for friends to know that they can rely on your friendship.

Listening to your friend talk about his or her parents' divorce can make you wonder, "could this happen to me?" If you want to put your fears to rest, you might ask your parents about their marriage. What do they do to get through the tough times? How do they stay in love?

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