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What did you do after your parents told you they were divorcing? What did you do when your friend told you that his/her parents were divorcing?

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Divorce: Advice from the IML Mentors

From Joyce
Don't panic! Remember that you're not alone. Ask for help from older students in school who have encountered something similar.

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Getting the News
The Big Questions
Dealing with Feelings
Express Yourself
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Things Will Get Better
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From Leah
When my parents decided to separate and then divorce, I was not unhappy with their decision. It's okay to have feelings of anger. Personally, I wanted the divorce to happen and have been much happier because of it. I have been able to have an even better relationship with my parents ever since (the divorce). Try to remember it isn't your fault, you did nothing wrong. Not every marriage lasts and that's okay.

From Ashlee
It's perfectly natural to freak out for a bit. The main thing to remember is that this isn't happening because of you and it isn't really anything you can fix. Your parents still love you as much as ever, they just want to make their lives easier by spending some time apart. The best thing to do, and I learned this the hard way, is to try and stay out of things as much as possible. Don't drag yourself into an argument unless you've got your boxing gloves on and you're ready.


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