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What did you do after your parents told you they were divorcing? What did you do when your friend told you that his/her parents were divorcing?

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Divorce: Getting the News Your parents may have sat you down and told you that they're going to try living in separate houses for a while. Or maybe one of your good friends has been upset lately, and you've heard the rumors about his folks splitting up. Or maybe your mom and dad
Topics on Divorce:
Getting the News
The Big Questions
Dealing with Feelings
Express Yourself
Get Outside Help
Your Friend's Parents
Things Will Get Better
From the Mentors
have just been arguing all the time, and you're afraid that they're on the road to splitting up.

Broken heart and home Whether it happens to you or to a friend, the "Big D" is a pretty scary thing. Life is complicated as it is, right? It's natural to think that if your parents get divorced, things will get much worse...and you won't be able to cope.

Jackie is eleven years old, and her folks got divorced three years ago, when she was eight. At the time, she didn't know many kids who had gone through a divorce, and she had no idea how it was going to affect her. In short, she was scared.

Jackie's reaction is completely normal. Most people get frightened or upset when they don't know what the future holds, and divorce is especially hard because it feels like your whole life is turning upside down. Will life ever get back to normal? Will the fear, pain and uncertainty ever go away?

It would be a lie to tell you that things are going to be easy. But if you talk to kids who have gone through divorce, almost all of them will tell you that things seem terrible at the beginning, but they do get better!

In the next section, we look at what divorce is all about by answering The Big Questions kids ask about divorce.

Divorce Quiz Take our "Dealing with Divorce" Quiz!
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Divorce quiz
Take our
"Dealing with Divorce" Quiz!

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Your friend's parents are getting a divorce. You:
Don't call 'cause
        they might get
        all emotional.
Talk to them but
        avoid the
        subject. Let
        them bring it up.
Ask them about
        the divorce and
        what you can do
        to help.

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