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Birth Order: From The Mentors

From Jenna:
I'm the oldest, and I have a younger brother. In some ways I get to act like a really cool parent. I offer my brother advice on life, girls, and school, and I love driving him around when my parents can't, and letting him talk to me about things he couldn't talk to my parents about. Being an older child causes my parents to put more trust and responsibility in me because I have to set a good example for my younger brother. I think it's really cool that my parents will sometimes ask me to talk to my brother about something, if they feel that they can't. I love being the older child and I wouldn't trade places for anything in the world

From Jordan
I'm the youngest of the family and I have an older sister of 17. We are very close to each other and are able to talk about lots of various things. It's great having an older sibling to talk with, especially since we get along well. Some downsides are seeing the advantages she gets by being older, such as driving, having a car, etc. My parents are very fair when it comes to treating us equally, but as a kid I was a bit more of a troublemaker than she was. She's always been a good figure to look up to, so it's great having her.

From Joyce:
I'm the youngest one in the family. I've a sister who's precisely 15 months and 20 days older than me. I'm not sure why, but my friends and I both agree that parents usually show special affection toward the youngest one in the family, or you can say that's favoritism. (I'm not sure if that only happens to Chinese families though.) So I tend to be a little more self-centered, and I always want to be the center of everything. Even though my sister is not much older than me, I'm still my parents' baby. I never ever listen to my sister because I don't think she's superior at all, but sometimes we're just like twins, and sometimes people think we are! We have a pretty close relationship because we're roommates, too.

From Jay:
I am the youngest of two children. My sister is about a year and 3/4 older than I am. It has definitely played a huge role in my childhood. I grew up a "momma's boy" in every sense of the word. My mother was utterly protective of me. And my father saw that and tried to change it. As for my relationship with my sister, she is my "boss" but also my second mother, which is nice to have.

From Elizabeth:
I'm the oldest of two siblings in my family, but there is something really unique about my sister and me. We're only 11 months apart, so sometimes it feels like we're twins. We're really close with each other and with my Mom. When I was younger, though, it was hard to be older because my Mom would automatically take my younger sister's side in a fight, but my Mom has learned to be fairer when looking at a problem between us and doesn't take sides anymore. I love being the oldest too, because even though my sister tries not to act like it I know she looks up to me and values my opinion. I know that I'll be able to do things like drive her around and take her shopping and that we'll be able to have quality time together.

From Jaron:
I am the youngest child, and I have an awesome older sister. It isn't bad at all being the youngest. As a matter of fact, I like it because I have someone to help me show me the way through life, because she goesthrough a lot of things before me, for example driving and such things. I get to learn off her mistakes. It doesn't really affect my relationship with my parents because we both are loved equally. The only thing that is different is, now that she is in college, I'm homewith my parents by myself, so I can't really blamethings on her anymore! Besides that, everything isnormal. Having an older sibling is cool 'cause there issomeone there for you, who you can relate to always. Iwouldn't change the birth order if I could becauseit's great the way it is, but that doesn't mean mysister wouldn't :).

From Leah:
I'm the oldest in my family, and my little sister and I are ten years apart. I know: BIG difference! I take care of my little sister a lot and so I often have a more authoritative position, which can challenge our relationship. If I could chose whether I was the oldest or youngest, I think that I'd still rather be the oldest because I get to do everything first. And although my sister and I have many similar traits, she is much more outgoing than I am. I'm much quieter than my sister.

From Paulina:
I'm the oldest of four children. Being the oldest has definitely affected my personality. First-borns tend to be perfectionists because parents set high goals for their first children. That's definitely me. I think being the oldest allows me to be closer to my parents. My parents trust me and we communicate well. The downside is all the responsibility. That's the only thing I don't like about being the oldest, but I wouldn't change my birth order for anything. I get all the new clothes!

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