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Birth Order: Only Children

Imagine if you grew up never having to share the bathroom, your toys, or the TV? Do you think this would affect your personality and relationships?

"Only children" spend a lot of time with grown-ups, so they can often be confident and well-spoken. Sometimes people even think of them as "little adults"! At the same time, they can find themselves under a ton of pressure to succeed.

Famous "Onlies":

Men Women
Robert DeNiro Natalie Portman
Tommy Lee Jones Charlize Theron
Robin Williams Sarah Michelle Gellar
There are many reasons why a Mom and Dad might have only one child. Sometimes it's not physically possible for them, but often, it's because this is their choice.

Here are some common personality traits of "only children":

Confident: Only children are usually not afraid to make decisions and are comfortable with their opinions.

Pays Attention to Detail: They like things to be organized and are often on time.

Good in School: Onlies tend to read a lot and have a good memory for facts and figures.

It's MINE!: Only children might have difficulty sharing or going second because they have always been first in line for everything.

Overly Critical: While being a perfectionist is not such a bad thing, you may have a tendency to take this to extremes and be really critical of yourself and others.

If you're an "only," these feelings may be familiar:

  • "I didn't do as well as I should have."
  • "Sometimes I feel lonely."
  • "I would be much happier with a brother or sister."
  • "I'm not getting enough attention."
Even though, as an only child, you probably spend a lot of time talking with your parents, make sure you express yourself to them about any long-term feelings that get you down.

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