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Birth Order: Youngest

Okay, so your parents have already had one or two children. By the time the youngest child takes his or her first steps, they may not even get out the video camera. For this reason, many "youngests" of the family crave the spotlight. They'll often work hard to be the center of attention or break the rules.

Here are some famous "rule-breaking" youngest children:

In 1530, the scientist Copernicus said that the earth revolves around the sun. This theory was the opposite of what most people thought back then. In fact, scientists who followed his work were punished for believing him.

Harriet Tubman's father taught her scouting, which means being able to find your way in nature. When she was thirty she escaped her brutal slave life by traveling alone, following the North Star from Maryland to Philadelphia. Her Underground Railroad freed an estimated 300 slaves.

We're glad that these youngests decided to go against the norm!

Send in the clowns:

Often, youngest children love to make people laugh or take center stage. Many actors and comedians are the youngest children in their families.

Famous Youngests:

Men Women
Drew Carey Rosie O'Donnell
Jim Carey Whoopi Goldberg
Billy Crystal
Eddie Murphy
Here are some personality traits that are common in youngest children:

Persistent: When it comes to a goal, many youngests just won't give up!

A Great Storyteller: Whether it's true or not, youngest kids can spin a mighty good yarn.

Affectionate: Youngest children often have plenty of hugs and kisses to give out.

Now, the downside. Although it's fun to be in the spotlight, many youngest children find that their parents don't give them a lot of attention or praise during important first-time events like tying a shoe or riding a bike.

If you're the youngest, these feelings may be familiar:

  • "I have to work hard to get other people to pay attention to me!"
  • "Nobody takes me seriously."
  • "Everyone treats me like I'm younger than I am."

Remember: when treatment from a parent or sibling seems unfair and makes you feel bad in the long run, talk to someone about it.

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