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Adoption: From the Mentors

From Sarah
My great-grandfather was adopted when he first emigrated here from Ireland; if it hadn't happened, I wouldn't be here today! Adoption is one of the most wonderful things that any person can do for a child. It takes a lot of love to raise someone you didn't give birth to. It's also a great way to make a difference in someone's life. Adoption means giving a kid a chance at a happy, normal life, one that they wouldn't have had otherwise. I definitely plan to adopt a child when I'm older. I've heard of adopted kids being teased because they "weren't loved enough." There's a huge problem with that statement, though. You see, even in cases where parents have to give up their children (for whatever reason), it's usually the hardest choice of their life. It takes a lot of love to give up your kids so that they'll have a better chance in life. It takes even more love to raise these kids. They're loved just as much as "natural" kids!

From CinKay
I have two friends who were adopted at early ages. The one I talked to about adoption was adopted at one week old. She said that to her it doesn't feel any different. The only problem she has is wondering what happened to her birth parents. She says with being adopted at such a young age, she considers her adopted parents her real parents, although she constantly wonders about her birth parents. I do want to adopt a child in the future. I believe that every child needs a family that is loving and caring. If I found out I was adopted, it wouldn't change me that much. I would wonder what happened to my birth family and I might go searching for them when I'm at a certain age, but my family would still be my family. They raised me and they put effort into making me the girl I am and if I was adopted it wouldn't change the way I feel about them!

From Natalie
If I ever found out I was adopted, I would probably feel sort of angry that I wasn't told sooner. Yet, at the same time I don't think it would matter too much because I would have already grown up in the environment I was raised to know as my home and with my family. Sure I would have been born of different people, but they wouldn't necessarily be my parents. A parent raises you. But I would be curious as to who my birth mother and father were. I'm sure there would have been reasons why I was put up for adoption, but that all would have been for the best and in the past. In the future I actually do see myself adopting. Possibly from a country where the babies or children don't necessarily have the privileges that we have in America.

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