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D: Why aren't I writing my stories here? I'll probably put my school 'journal entries' we have to do every week. We do certain topics, and I'll edit some to put 'ere. I actually got 100% in nearly all of 'em. Just some grammar errors. O.o DID YOU HEAR THAT CHUCK NORRIS IS BACK!? Wha-? Oh, sorry, just a random thought.

Guysguysguys!!! OwO My Daddy says he knows some publishers so if I get really good I might be able to get public!!!^0^ But...IDK if I'm good enough...Cuz my books really need polishing.-.- Tell if if you guys think people would like my books if I did...Cuz you guys are nice and give me all sorts if compliments,but there are more critical people out there...Who would probably despise me so-called,"writing ability..." Whaddya guys think?!

Oof...MAN I had a lot of typos in my last posts...It's Becuase I always post on my iPod cuz I can type faster...>.<; Sorry y'all!!! If ya can't understand why I put a weird word there it's cuz my spellcheck has gone wacko...^.^

I want to be done with writing. Simon Cowell would hate me. Would he even understand what I wrote? Because I sure as heck don't. Steven Tyler? What would he say? I'd get called whiny. Awful. Hideous. Don't choke on tears just yet, just that one burn... it asphyxiated me. I'm gone, invisible cloak as shield. How can I go on one more day? One more day of pity, cannot ever caress again.

Natashaton--Aww poo.It was the first time I've seen anyone but me write about a ferret on here...When I was little,or at least a long time ago,I wrote a short story with AWFUL pictures(I was a horrible artist then) about a community of mice who all had,like,nine-foot tails.Butthere was one mouse,(I think his name was Lenny) who was born with a short,stubby tail.He was different and everyone made fun if him for it,until one day he was walking home from school and saw one of his classmates about to reach into a mousetrap.He shoved the other mousling out of the way just in time,and when the trap snapped Lenny's tail was so short that it didn't get caught..^0^ The moral of my little kid's story is don't be afraid to be different,cuz the world needs people like us weirdos to survive.😂

GraceFromAK---LOLS...Yea I've heard of Sarah Palin...But the Palin in this story is a guy...And he's also a villan from the (BEST BOOK SERIES EVER) Dragons In Our Midst by Bryan Davis,my new writing hero.(^w^) I'm writing how he must have felt from a bad guy's point of view through time,his beginnings,inner conflicts,and finally...When he dies.Yes,he dies in the book...But it's kinda like Darth Vader...>w< He dies a good guy when he finally comes to his senses of the truth...:(

Ferret- I got too bored. I began to question my typing. There are many reasons why I stopped typing the Ferretpunzel story, but it was mainly the fact that my last character whose name ended in 'punzel' got shot in (and broke) her arm!

@ferretlover217, I love the story about Palin and the dragons!!! XD (Ever heard of Sara Palin???)!!!

Rest of my song: Seems like everyone's got someone else to hold. Everybody has the one, No one is left behind. Love, love, love. Love, love, love, is in the air. (Repeat chrous) 'Cause we're all a part of joy, A part of perfection. No, no one will stop us. From loving you.

----->(last entry IML!!! ^w^;) The Captian howled with rage as his face turned fiery red despite the chilling weather.He firmly grabbed Josh's shoulders and shook him violently,not even taking the care to avoid his aching back."Son,have you gone mad?! Why I oughta..." Josh looked him in the eyes and screamed over the frantic shouts if frenzied men,"There's a whirlpool up ahead!!!" He ducked under the Captian's iron grip and note the ship to the right even more."Are you crazy? You'll knock us off course!!" "Not too far,sir!" Suddenly the while vessel lurched and did on circular motion.The Capitan and crew all fell to their knees as a giant wave swept some small items off the deck."There's the whirlpool! We're right in the side if it!" Josh gritted his teeth,said a prayer,and hoped for the best.He turned one last time,hoping his timing wasn't too late.The ship was out if the rut! Josh wiped sweat off his forehead along with raindrops.

---> Steering her to the bottom."He sneered and set the ship back on course the best he could.But He wasn't ready to give up.The young sailor grabbed the elder and prayed his wrists free of the wheel."You have to trust me!This ship is in danger! If I don't steer this the whole ship will be..."His voice was drowned out by the screaming wind."Let me go!"Yelled Charlie,winding back for another punch-this one harder."No!!!" Josh shoved Charlie as hard as he could with his shoulder and the older sailor lost his balance on the next ship's heave and toppled to the deck.Josh grabbed the wheel and turned it sharply to the right-And a huge scraping noise was heard.The ship had just barely skimmed some sharp rocks.The Captian marched over to him and grabbed his shoulders."What do you think you're doing?!Why I oughta..." "Sorry sir,but I have to to this..." Josh kicked him in the shin with all his might and turned the ship even harder.The Captian->

-----> As soon as he stepped foot above deck he felt wind whip in his face and a thousand tiny droplets of water pelt his face.He struggled to keep his balance with the tossing and turning of the ship-He knew what the Captain was yelling about now.Thet were headed for a nasty storm,and it was too late to change course."Didn't anyone notice the pressure drop?"Josh asked a nearby sailor who was struggling to his feet after being swept up in a small wave."Yes,but we think it happened-"He coughed and sputtered-"During your flogging and nobody noticed!" It suddenly hit him.This was almost exactly like his dream..."This is for you,dearest!" He screamed into the wind,and charged to the wheel despite the pain in his back.He knocked Charlie from his post and firmly set his hands to steer."What are you doing,lad?! Trying to get us all killed,eh?" Charlie punched him right above his ear an knocked him flat on his rear."We don't need insubordinate-

Of course,GraceFromAK!!!I thought nobody liked it so I stopped...But here's the next part since you made me feel so good about the plot!!!^w^•••••••Josh was taken below deck by the surgeon and had salt rubbed into his wounds.This eat only to worsen the pain,but also for its therupic qualities.Soon the doctor left the room,and Josh's head soared back into the clouds..."What could this mean? Why was my fiancé in it? What's going on here...?"he replayed the dream over and over,hoping for it to make sense,when he realized it had been hours that he had been below deck.He craned his ears to listen to the men above.He heard the tromping of heavy feet and men screaming.The whistle of the wind through the masts grew louder and louder when he heard the Captian shriek,"She's heading right towards it! Charlie,hold the wheel!" Josh mustered all the strength he could fin and rushed above deck,gingerly putting on his white button-up undershirt.--->

Snapdragon,Are Vesh like ferrets with little messenger bags??? Cuz if so I like it already!!! (^w^)/

@ferretlover217,,, I just got the time to get on here and I went searching for "A Sailor's Nightmare" part 2, and I love LOVE love it!! And now I NEED the third part!!! It's really good and I was sucked into it, my heart started beating all fast and I was like floating on air,,, then it was over :((... So, if ya kindly wouldn't mind I'd like to hear the rest!???? XD

----> A young lady with jet black hair,a black dress,and a sullen face who would soon change his life.He met her by the side of the road while waking with Devin one night."Palin,dear,why dost thou break thy back trying to slay the deceitful beasts that lurk the secretive parts of this region?"she asked with a voice like honey."Forthe very reason you stated,fair maden,they are deceptive,evil creatures,those dragons are.Why do you put my beliefs to the test so?" he glanced at Devin for counsel,but he just stood,listening."Ahhh.I see.So,you belive that all dragons are fallen,do you?"She stood solemnly in front of him with a call stance,her eyes seemingly searching the depths of his soul."Y-yes I do,madam...But in what way does that concern a lady?" She seemed to laugh and inched closer."It happens to be that I,too,hate those scaly demons,and I have an offer for you.""Oh really?" Palin scooted further away from her grip range."Yes.

----->"Yes.Yes,he will do just fine.I will shape him into a wonderful young squire." Devin reached out his hand."What is your name,son?" He put down his feather pen softly on the paper and whispered,"Palin.Is there any way I may be of service to you?" the king stepped forward."My this knight,Sir Devin,is in need of assistance in his quest to slay those evil dragons.He wants someone will skills and dexterity,such as yourself,to aide him in his travels and to act as a witness.Do you accept his offer?" The kindly king smiled.Palin stammered,"Y-yes! I have been waiting for an opportunity such as this!" he stood up then bowed before his two superiors."It is an honor,sirs." Devin smiled and took Palin by the shoulder."Come now,I have much to teach you...Many things indeed."••••••Palin was heavily trained by his master,Devin,in the next year or so.He became naturally handy with a sword,to Devin's great delight.But one night,he met a lady--->

------> Palin went to his first day of school.His teachers were amazed at his apperant writing abilities,and so when the time came,they shipped him off to a wonderful writing school,where he studied to be a scribe.One fine day,a man dressed in fine silks and a pompous air knocked on his door."I am a messenger,sent from the King Arthur;long may he rule,"the man bowed slightly and continued."His majesty has heard about your writing capabilities.He desires for you to be his scribe.Do you agree or decline?" Palin was shocked,but agreed to follow him to the castle.It was there he was a scribe for quite a long time...Until he met a castle guard,a knight of high rank,named Devin.Palin was recording a date in his scroll diary when the king himself and Devin approached him."This young man here,"said king Arthur,"Is not only a wonderful witness,but is quite skilled with his hands as well." Devin leaned back on his heels and rubbed his chin."Yes.

~•This is Palin's story.•~ A small child held his mother's hand for the last time in front of the Orphanage of Poor Children.The woman glanced a last look at her lovely child,his tears glistening in the moonlight,and stooped low so she could whisper in his ear and look him in the eye."Mommy,why are you leaving me here?" he asked,scooting closer."Palin,my dear,you know how the crops have failed us this year...I'm afraid..."she stifled a sob and carresed his little cheek."That Daddy and I are gonna leave you here where you'll be fed and healthy and strong.Im sure you'll meet plenty of other little boys just like you."she turned to leave with a last glance as a caretaker took her son indoors where it was warm.As she walked away,she heard small children crying,laughing,and playing,though it was late.The last sound that rung through her ears were her boy's words:"Hi,I'm Palin! What's your name?"••••••••Three years later,Palin------>

I'm writing a book called the survivors, which is about 4 kids stuck on a mountain on an island in the middle of nowhere. when writing this book, i spent two weeks from dawn to dusk in the woods near my house with three other LARPers (live action roll players)living out the rolls of the for children. I'd come home covered in dirt and sweat. eat, bathe, and then write about it. we made a fort out of sticks and spears using one of the LARPers pocketknives. we had so much fun, and i will always treasure the experience.

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