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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

Hey guys!!! Here's an update on all my writing stuff-1.) My iPod notes story about Paul and Silas is going well...I'm writing about their adventures in the Bible from Silas's point of view.:) Silas is so cute...2.)About my Sailor's Nightmare story...I'll only finish it f people ask me to keep going.IDK,I guess I only feel like writing about stuff if people like it...I don't like wasting my time if they don't. 3.)The story that I asked people to give me their characters is actually going to be postponed until I have time until time to write it.-.-" Sorry y'all! Nice to see ya again,BTW!!!😁

hi um i wrote this in school for the county i live in because they were having a litter prevention poem contest. in my division there was 593 entries and i got 2nd place! yay! i dont think its good.its kinda cheesy though: I am a can By:Hanna M. I am a can Iam a sad and lonely can. no one bother to pick me up, like i am not here at all! I see the polluted air. it makes me frown.>:( seasons have past, and i am still here on this sidewalk. Look! here comes a woman, tall and young, she picks me up! Now im recycled! new as can be! im a new can as you can see!:)

(Continued) Finally, I grabbed my bag and sat down next to him. “Hi Jace, I’m Emily. I’m in your class at school. Why are you crying?” I said. “My brother is sick, and I don’t know where mommy and daddy are,” Jace whaled. “It’s okay. Your mommy and daddy will come back soon,” I replied. “They will?” Jace asked. “Yes. They always come back. My mommy and daddy always come back for me,” I said. “What about my brother?” he asked, and by now he had stopped crying. “The doctor’s will make him all better,” I said. “Okay,” Jace said. “Do you want to color?” I asked. “Sure,” he said. So that’s how Jace and I became friends. The shy girl came out of her shell, talked to the sensitive boy, and five years later, we’re still friends.//////How do you guys like that. I wrote it in like ten minutes.

Here's the epilogue to my new story, "Friends for Life". Tell me if you like it!///I never thought I would meet my best friend in a hospital. I remember sitting in the E.R. waiting room one day, waiting for my parents to come and get me so we could go home. I wasn’t worried; my little sister’s asthma had brought us here so many times, I knew all the nurses and doctors, and I had my backpack full of toys. I was also only in first grade. Just then, I heard a boy crying and looked up from my coloring book. The boy was in my class at school, but I had never talked to him, because I was too shy to talk to anyone. The boy’s dad picked him up and sat him down in a chair. “Stay here, Jace. Mommy and I will be right back,” his dad said. Jace started to cry even louder, but his parents followed a stretcher back to a room. I tried to turn my attention back to my coloring, but Jace’s crying had kept me distracted. To be continued...

the dancing pancake is about a girl and her new lifestyle. the grand opening of the dancing pancake isn't the only new thing in bindi's life: new friends, a new apartment , maybe even a cute new crush? but there are other changes like her dad's move to a new city , that left bindi confused ans wondering: what will happen to my family? will this new life ever feel normal? among and unlikey bunch of regulars who form a makeshift community at the diner, bindi will try to figure out how to be a new version of herself, one pancake and one silly elphant joke (her uncle's specialty)at a time. with plenty of surprises, milk shakes, fake spiders, and real feelings, readers are sure to flip for the sweet mix of humor and heart in the dancing pancake.

ferretlover217- I think I want my character to be tall and skinny with jet black hair and bright blue eyes. I want him to be the type that's shy when you meet him, but is very open when you get to know him. He's that guy that never speaks up, even when he's got the best ideas. Is this detailed enough?? Oh, and if it's okay, could you name him Jace. PS- Thanks for commenting on my story idea!!

We Call it Love is my lovely work-in-progress. Want more info on it? wait until the 28th that's the first day of no 4th grade fir me. I like trees.

and I said no competition no more.

:D I finally finished a quick chapter of my story. I'm still making up a title, but here it goes.. --> 14-year old Callie walks through the heavy rain as wind whips her hair. She only has her hoodie to keep her warm, and she silently regrets wearing a t-shirt underneath, despite the weather. She finally spots a telephone booth nearby and she runs toward it to rest for awhile inside. When she reached it, Callie sighed in relief as she closes the door behind her. "After so much walking!" she exclaimed. Callie sits down on a bench by the phone, then sets her backpack beside her. Shivering, Callie opens up her backpack. "I'm still far from home," she thought, "So I hope there is some extra change for a bus or taxi.." She finally finds some money for transportation, and she stands up excitedly. "I think I will get a bus, since it's cheaper, and walk the rest home," she muttered aloud. She sits back down, closing her eyes for a few seconds.

FERRETPALOOZA! I will tell you my character.. in a while. ;)

Along with the stories I have now,on my iPod notes I'm also writing about Paul (in the Bible) adventues from his companion's point of veiw.(Mostly Silas.) It's so much fun!!!😁 ^w^ I really enjoy writing...I have SO MANY books started and none of them are finished...>.<

FERRETPALOOZA!!! lol im probaly SO LATE...

I am writing a book about the musical I was just in!

Cybers3,CONGRATS!!! You have won first place,but I need you to tell me what your character will be like.:) PS I love the idea about the handicapped girl named Bella! So cool!;). Lavender11,You won second place! I love your character idea...She sounds so awesome.Ill be sure to use her.And Natashaton,I LOVE PEACH FUZZ!!! And what do you mean by the competition?0.o

FERRETPALOOZA! I hope I did in time, Ferretlover217. My character is named Keesha Grace. She has night black hair and golden brown eyes. Her skin is caramel colored(she is Black). She is artsy and a bookworm and a writer and actress. She is strongwilled and has a loving heart. She loves spaghetti and has a beutiful voice. She's good at karate and loves family and friends and Jesus. She is 13 but is so smart she is already in highschool. She is compassionate. Hope you like her! :)

I finished heron's black falcons book one, shall I put it on here? It's epic now, and it only has one part that I need to blot out/edit! Ferret, this does not count in the competition if you don't want it to count. Just tell me if you don't want it to count.

Hey all, I finally got ferretpunzel planned out, hopefully it won't be like Hoshipunzel!---------> <''l FERRETPUNZEL was a beautiful princess with short blonde hair. One day, she grabbed a brush and combed her hair until it looked long. "I wish I had long hair, as long as the longest race course!" She yelled to the world around her. She had tried everything. Well, almost everything. She still hadn't tried the race course theory she made up. Later that evening, she ran towards the salon. "OUCH!!!" She yelled as she hit... "A cloud???" She clawed at it, scratching the salon, the peasants' houses, the air. Soon she could see a glare, and under it, a no-fur. She ran back to the castle to tell her mother, Queen Peach, and her father, King Edwin. Their response was, "The Handra/They trapped us?!" ~~~~End of part one! This is a Peach Fuzz side story! Sayonora, all!

I'm thinking of starting a story. I'm going to call it Everlasting. It's going to be about a girl who has a brain disorder that the doctors can't explain, and it causes her to black out at random times. Her name will Isabella, but Bella for short. She has to go to the E.R. a lot, and she has to go to doctors on a regular basis. Bella can't attend school because she could black out at any time, and she would miss so much school, she would fall behind. It's called Everlasting because everything seems to be everlasting to her; her relationship with her big brother, Bryce, her relationship with her friend, Emma, who is in the hospital being treated for cancer, the never ending tests and doctor visits and E.R trips, and her unexplainable disorder that makes her feel so alone. What do you guys think about this? I'll start working on it later, and post the first chapter when it's done.

FERRETPALOOZA!!!!!! Sorry if it's spelled wrong.

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