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What types of volunteer work have you done, or are you doing now? What's the best part about it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I really want to volunteer. I'm old enough but I'm pretty sure my parents won't let me do much. all I can really do is sell cookies and lemonade and donate it to charity. But I want to do more. Way more. What do I do?!?!?

I have vollenteered three times at the local library. It is great to help others. I love it!

VanillaIce75 are you sure you're not old enough to volunteer at your library? at my library you only have to be 12 to 18 to be a kid volunteer look and see it might be the same for yours

I'm not old enough to volenteer,but I can't wait untill I can,I would volenteer at my local library and hosptial.

I volunteer with the disabled kids in my school but I`m not allowed to push their wheelchairs because I don`t have a license. No fair right?

I signed up to volunteer at my local library I hope they pick me for the job, I love it there!

I work at a local animal shelter PAWS!

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