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What types of volunteer work have you done, or are you doing now? What's the best part about it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

That sounds awesome ferretlover217 I really should of done that at my church.

newcreater,WOW!!How old are you?Wasn't katrina a while back? Yesterday I was a volunteer at my church for its Fall Fest.All the J.R. Highers were too old for the games and stuff,so they could sign up to help out if you wanted.Yes,you could dress up if you wanted,too.I was assigned to this game where the little darlings throw a frisbee through square holes in a wooden wall.There was three of us operating that game,but it was hard work!!!There were,like,50 kids throwing frisbees everywhere,and I had to sneak to the back,grab the frisbees,(they get three of them to throw.)and go back to the front,give them to the kids,and start all over again!There was alot of running,cuz you can't take your time or else the next kid in line will get impatient,and there is a lot of bending down,cause they so little and the frisbees fall on the ground.Poo!It was fun,but it was sweaty,hot,tiring work.We did this 4 hours!My legs are soooo sore!OWWEEEE!

wow rock on newcreater!

If u guys saw hurricane katrina you said it that is true I remember doing it wth saving 19 peoples lives and 119 animals. But It was scary. I went to a hospital and helped. It was actually fun. When they offered my reward I said no. But it was not really me. Because Jesus Christ helped me.

yeah surviving good job!!!

Surviving, That's awesome!!! You rock!

@surviving, that is so cool!

I read to kids with disabilities, I help out at daycare, I do fundraisers for food for the homeless, and when I was 13, I went into this Big sister\big brother program and I adopted a 5 year old from Africa. He had VERY poor conditions. I only got to keep him a year. God bless that child!

BUCKSPRETTY: She doesn't want to volunteer. She keeps yelling saying: They're garbage! And I'm not sure it's supervision, she might just not want me to make friends (-_-!!)

I have been volunteering in an organization that provides pedagogical support for visually-impaired people. I have taught the disciplines of Math, Physics and Chemistry for the students assisted by the project. The best part of been a volunteer is when we realize that we are really making a difference.

I like to volunteer with my family or friends it is always more fun that way. The are 100s of ways to volunteer, i like to help out at school. You can help clean up at lunch, or pass out/get papers for the teacher. Even help pick up trash on the playgrond

UnicornGal- Why do you think your mom won't let you volentor? If she is afraid about supervison, you can volentor with her. VanillaIce75- Every place is different.If you can't volunter on your own,maybe you can do it with an parent.

I was a Book Buddy at the public libraey all summer.It was fun and goes along with 1 of my intrests : reading. I loved working with kids and will do it next summer.

~bat4, thnx! I will check!

I already said i help out at a Womens care home in another page but here is the stuff i forgot to say. If you stay at the same place volenteering for some time you'll get attached to some of the residents. I remember just recently one lady (she had dementia. did spell it right?) i used to talk to alot so often i had to tell her what was my name constantly but she was still really fun to talk to and i havent seen her sit in the spot she always did and i asked my aunt where she was and my aunt said she had passed away. I'm still alittle sad but talking to the other people there made me feel alot better.

i want to work to help dogs in puppy mills

I'm volunteering at a local horse-rescue place

I'm in a class at church.and we all are going to start raising money for the homeless shelter

I also volunteered in a Jamaican orphanage for ten days when I was 10 years old. The experience was great. Just to see how much we have in America and how little they have there broke my heart. If you have the opportunity, I would suggest you go to another country. You will be very thankful for what you have.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter, PAWS! BTW, I am MK19BA!

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