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What types of volunteer work have you done, or are you doing now? What's the best part about it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I just helped out my church for VBS last week...It was so fun.^.^ My guy friend who doesn't even go to our church helped out,too...He was a big help and never seemed to have an idle moment.;D Some girls only volunteer so they can be with their friends or see ONE SPECIFIC KID and follow them around the whole day...-.-" One of my friends barely helped at all;she just helped one little girl and one girl only...X( But it was fun anyways! I helped out in the craft section,since art is my speciality.😊

I'm helping out residents at a retirement community

I used to volunteer at a daycare center, and help take care of little kids! They are just sooo cute!!!

i love to help out my local spots i think its very important to give back...i mean your community gives a lot to you why not give back by volunteering. show that you want to say thank you.i find that it is important.i volunteer at a local nursery home. and i recently became a girl scout so i do that now five times a week because it is me girl-scouts me me me. also i help out by planting new flowers around my town #volunteer4life

I deliver mail at a retirement home, which is cool. It's good to help in your community.

according to the poll 83% of IMLer's think voluntering is not important at all That's sad

how many of you guys recycle ? if not you should

I volunteer at a vets office even though I only 12 the people still let me clean out the cages and exercise the animals that are well enough. It's really fun. (even cleaning the cages)

I wuv babysitting FOR free. The kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOO AdoraBle

i love doing all kinds of volunteer work because it makes me feel so good!

a bracelet of me's to Unicorn Gal! you rock girlfrien'!!! that still helps a lot !!LOL XD

I volunteer at the local animal shelter too. Those poor caged up animals need exercise so I take them out and play with them. Usually I walk them but it's way too cold outside now so I just give them some love and attention until it's warm enough to walk them again. :)

It's fun!!

I volunteer at the Regional Animal Services of King County animal shelter! They are so great that I think they are a better rescue than the Tacoma Humane Society near by! Never buy animals from Pet Stores, they are most likely from inhumane breeders like puppy mills!!!

I am sooo happy my mommy finaly let me make an accout :) Who else is on this right now????

awesome newcreater wow! keep up the good work!

i volunteer at the local equality nonprofit. i am bisexual, and proud of it and i want others to feel the same way. :D phooey on those anti-LGBTQ D:<

newcreater,that's really selfless.It feels like the younger generation are doing more then adults.Have you ever thought of helping the victims of Hurricane Irene?Merlene1,I recently checked my secret box and saw that you deleted me.May I ask why?

@ferrertlover217 I am 12 but on that video game page I accidentally put 8 and I was like oups that is bad so I am really 12. :) :) You're friend, Newcreater :)

Ok I forget how long it was will you tell me?

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