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How do you think the events of September 11th changed things in the world? Do you think there will ever be a time when we don't have to be afraid of terrorist attacks?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

At first I thought it was 9-1-1.:P

I was born a year afterwards, and luckily nobody in my family died that I know of. I'm sad about it, it sounded like hell. D': My mom would hate me for cussing but it's really the only thing to describe it.

whene i was 6-7 years old my dad died it was a very bad mounth for me and im 9 now its still like im not supose to you this but it was like hell i would have like 9-11 beter than my dad dieing and i 5 siblings that live with me plus more i wasint envin born then i know it was very sad for ppl but idk coment if you like ;( FROM:MISSCUTE

Hmm..I wonder if they planned it to happen at Sept. 11.. see, 911. September (9th month) 11th day..so witnesses call 911? LOL. IDK..

I was 1 year old at that time..it was caused by terrorists..it's so tragic how soo many tragic people died..

i think it made everyone more cautious when traveling but it also was the source of a lot of violence and discrimination against innocent people. i was only four years old when it happened and i have friends whose dad died that day. very very sad <3

I'm happy it happened; no idea why!!!IO

Hey ferretlover217,thanks for standing up for us muslims.im a muslim and im just an innocent young girl! Can i be ur friend?

I was 4. My dad was watching tv downstairs at the time and told my mom to come down and watch the news. Because i was only 4, i had no idea what was going on. This year on 9/11, i watched a documentary about it, and it was much more tragic than i imagined.

I do, ferretlover217!

I hope there would never,EVER be a time like this again where hundreds of innocent people died for nothing.We live in a sinful world...All the more reason to be a light,and shine where there is none,to be the icing on a tasteless cupcake,to be the ones to make things better instead of worse.This world,and other people,counts on one another to live.Why can't we live in peace?Because we're different,that's why.We have a hard time accepting one another for who we are.But that's gonna change.IMLers,will you please teach your futer IMLers not to judge?To be kind,generous,considerate?We are all people.We need to work with eachother,not the opposite.Who agrees?

I was a year old. Vary sad.

I was near the city.I was just in the car on my way to the town and then i saw something fall and i said(ok,Shouted)WHAT IS THAT!!!!!MOMMY! DADDY! when we got to the town, the crash was over but there was so much damage!i was SO SCARED!

guys. really? 9/11 is one of the saddest moments of history and I'm 11 years old and i think its sad. thousands of people died, even a guy jumped off the building. and now remains a place with trees and with all their names. It was so sad i almost cried ='(

i was one month old but it was so odd that i can almost remember it. my dad said somthing about TV and new york, (probably turn on the tv, something happend in new york) and so my mom did. i remember seeing the news. they just played a clip over of the first plane. i learned what happend when i was older. so sad :,,(

Miami613! seriously! this is a horrible event and yes they can build another one but COME ON! It changed the U.S.!

Omg! i am so sorry. i thought the planes were driven by terrorists not taken over by them. only the terrorists on those planes really deserved to die! those other people died brave and strong.

I hope so. I think that it changed the world. i wish my school would reconize it more. even though we're in Oregon and it happend in new york, we should still learn about it. I love the people who tried to stop it and died. i'm glad that the people who did the attack died when they ran into the building. i never say someone deserved to die, but they kinda did...

Littlest Pet Shop Gal, TOTALLY RIGHT THERE WITH YA', LPS SCOUT!!! LittlestPetShop Saviors, UNITE!


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