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How do you think the events of September 11th changed things in the world? Do you think there will ever be a time when we don't have to be afraid of terrorist attacks?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I was just about to turn 1

I was… I think not even a year old when this happened, so I don’t remember. I did learn about it though, when I was about 7 or something… And it basically broke my heart. All those people died… They never even did anything. I hate stories like that. They always just make me feel so empty. I watched it on TV on the 10th Anniversary. It was so sad. And all those people panicking… Man, look what that simple terrorist organization did to us! But we didn’t give up.

dragongurl00- bin laden is the terriorist who was in charge of the attacks on the twin towers on 9/11. XxGingerxX- yeah I remember when I was in 5th grade our teacher pointed that out to us. Pretty sure it wasnt a conicidence that it happened on 9/11. misscute02- im so sorry that your dad died! <3 (thats a heart by the way) I underestand that it must've been a VERY had time for you and your family, but understand that on 9/11 thousands of people died and they were all people's mothers, fathers, and family members as well. They were killed in burning buildings by terrorists, so its a very hard time for people in america. Again, I just want to say I'm soo very sorry for your loss, and of course anyone who lost a family member or friend on 9/11. <3 <3 <3

i was born on that day like oreolover540 and we go to the same school. we talk about it all the time!!! my b-day,her b-day. soo fun, but again, sooo sad.

who is bin laden

i was born that day but it is soo sad...when we talk about it in school i cheer up my classmates by saying 'i was born and look where i am now!'

I was like 3 months old and I was laying on the bed while my dad was in the shower. And I think that now that bin laden is dead we can relax a bit more.

jtwte,yea Osama bin laden got what he deservd

i thought it said 911 oops! :P

I thought it was 9-1-1 sorry i have nothing to say but i wasn't born yet...

they built a statue at the twin towers property.we need to stop this complaining because it is going to make america look bad.your making yourself mad,angry,and upset.america paid over 10.9 trillion dollars to make this building.our suspect is not alive anymore

some one said that something was going to make america mad at bring us to war.i can prove it.i feel sad that it got on fire.osama bin laden started the 9/11 attack but was not at the crime.he also destroyed the pentagon.

A teacher's sister at my school was on the 9th floor of the north tower of the world trade center, on 9-11 she heard an explosion and just left the building in 5 minutes,

I was only 5 when this happened, I'm 15 now. I think we should rebuild the Twin Towers but stronger, an inch smaller than the originals, some sort of protection cage with alarms if any planes come near, and an inch by their original spots. We cannot let the terrorists win anymore! Bin Laden is now dead and gone but we still are fighting back what's ours! Brooklyn3990, I totally agree with you! We need to come back stronger and better before 9/11! Natashaton, you SHOULDN'T be happy! It was a very tragic day! I don't know why you say that. Anyway, may God bless America! Land of the free, home of the brave!

I was one year old in tx when it happened. Now whenever I go to a public place most of the time ppl r staring at me, because I am Muslim. Thank goodness i go to a Muslim school.

WHY do people hate Muslins? Because a few killed a lot people. The Muslins are not in a big club together! What do you think? Muslins are people, just like you and me! They have feelings to, you know!

No one has to be scared! No one has to be worried! I think God is in COMPLETE control! Yes, I think that means he was in control of what happened on 9-11 but so many people have been reached through the situation so it turned out for good! Everything happens for a purpose.

I think I sorta remember the day it happened...This is back when I used to live in CA. My Daddyo was watching something on tv.He had just made a PB&J sandwich.When all of a sudden,before he even took a bite,he put it down,leaned forward,and looked at the tv,troubled.I didn't know what was going on so I used this opportunity to steal his lunch and run away.I did,and hid it under my bed in our dear little apartment that I remember so well.But then I remembered how solemn my Dad looked,and since he's usually a goofy guy,I had this weird feeling something was wrong.I don't even remember if I even ate the sandwich...😢👎 What a sad,sad day for both Americans 👱 and Muslims👳...

when i saw this i was 7 and im like I know everything about cops LOL not 9 11 911!

no i dont theoretically were not safe here when it comes to terrorists. i think wht happend on 911 is unforgiveable and unforgetable. u cnt erase that memory becuz that wnt bring our fellow americans back

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